Richard Janaro meeting with owner of Albatross, 11 May 78


[Handwritten memorandum by Richard Janaro]

Thursday evening, May 11, 1978

Report on meeting with Mr. Rambaran owner of “Albatross Ltd.”,  vessel under consideration for purchase.

I have to advise you of an error in the enclosed report recently evaluated by the Office and staff. It was my understanding that the designation “Ltd.” in the name “Albatross Ltd.” referred to the incorporated status of the vessel. The instruction to buy then was based on this impression. Tonight I had the owner phone his attorney to interpret the meaning of “Ltd.” for us. it simply means “Limited Liability.” The sale then would have to be arranged through Mr. Rambaran’s employer, Mr. Lall Hazarie. Mr. Hazarie would be issued a “bill of sale” by the owner, then Mr. Hazarie would issue a bill of sale to Peoples Temple of the Disciples of Christ



a California corporation. This would be transferred to our representative in San Francisco in exchange for $75,000 cash (Gene’s [Chaikin] suggestion) and the document would not mention the owner’s name. All other material would be appropriately transferred as indicated in the report.

Jack [Beam] and I believe that this is the best way to go. It is the same deal that we would have had with Alfred Gough in Florida (an American), only with an Englishman. It is our wish to proceed with this transaction and Jonestown notify Jean Brown that she will be contacted by Mr. Hazarie next Tues. or Wed. morning in San Francisco. Rambaran left tonight for Port of Spain entombment to get papers ready for Hazarie. Please radio airports “Go” or “Don’t go”.

Respectfully, Richard


Note: 5/12 Friday afternoon Mr. Rambaran will probably already have transferred title to Mr. Hazarie who will then prepare to go stateside early next week.



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  1. Trinidad employee of controlling corp., Albatross Ltd., Mr. Lall Hazarie, who has English passport and citizenship, resides in Trinidad, will be delegated to go to the US – San Francisco or any other location we designate – with authorization to issue bill of sale to Peoples Temple Corp. or any individual. Mr. Rambaran’s name will not appear on the bill of sale.
  2. Financial transfer of $75,000.00 US will then be made in the States from Peoples Temple Corp. or individual designated to the English representative of Albatross Ltd. authorized to transfer ownership of vessel.
  3. Insurance certificates, surveys, registration transfers (from Bahamas), including corporate status documents, will be transferred here in Georgetown or in Trinidad. [Marginal note: “Why not USA?”]
  4. Vessel will be made available as soon as possible and be able to accept commercial loads. [Handwritten addition: “Needs to have a fixed date!”]
  5. John Fernandes Jr., Guyana Agent 5% commission for commercial loads. Abraham Shipping Co., Port of Spain, agent, 7% commission for commercial loads.
  6. A load of rice is available under the same contractual arrangements as under present management. e.g. Load-on in Georgetown, load off in Port of Spain – $25,036.00 (Guyana) gross income. Net gain per load approx.. $8000 – $10,000. (We just lost one load by this last delay.)

Awaiting instructions

Jack & Richard

[Handwritten note] OK – Sarah [Harriet Tropp]

[Balance of document handwritten by Eugene Chaikin]

1) Why don’t we buy the corporation Albatross Ltd.?

  1. Are the shares transferable? Are there limitations on transfer?
  2. Are they bearer shares? Need the transfer of the shares be registered anywhere?
  3. Will need a guarantee that there are no corporate debts.

2) If above is OK & acceptable, then – unless a transfer must be registered in Jamaica – the stock can be transferred in SF for the cash.

3) If above no good, then we buy boat as is outlined in 1, 2, 3 above.




Instructions for buying Albatross

  1. Find out if we can buy the shares of Albatross, Ltd. We would like to do this because there is no requirement that the ownership of the shares be registered anywhere, and, of course, if the shares are transferable. If we can do this we would also need a written statement not from Rambaran but from another agent of the corporation that there are no corporate debts. If this is OK, the shares can be transferred in SF to Peoples Temple of the Disciples of Christ, a Calif. corp., at the time the money is transferred (cash), and he can hand over all the papers at that time. Then the whole lot can be brought down here.
  2. If above is not okay – then we can buy as you suggest – exchange $ in SF for bill of sale, certificate of no liens, and all other documents.
  3. Make sure we get a credit on purchase price for crew wages.

s/ Ed, Sarah

Transfer to Peoples Temple of the Disciples of Christ, a Calif. corp.