PT Correspondence on Albatross, Oct 78


Oct. 4,  1978

Dear Dr. Alfaro,

I was unable to get the Certificate of deletion on my trip as I did not have the current registry book. However, I have since sent the Bahamian registry book to Captain Morris with your letter and instructions to send it directly to you.

Enclosed is a certified copy of the Bill of Sale between Albatross Limited and Lal Hazarie plus another document which is not certified. If you need a certified copy of the Declaration of Individual Owner or Transferee’s address is:

Lal Hazarie
Mara J Street
Trinidad, West Indies

He sent this, I believe, to Captain Morris on Sept. 6, 1978, so Captain Morris should have the original of this document.

So far we have not received the new Registry Book you were going to send.

The radio material will be sent to you as soon as it is filled out by the proper person. It should be coming in a few days.

The original Bill of Sale is back in San Francisco being legalized. You should get it fairly soon, if not already.

If you need anything further, you can write me at PO Box 893, Georgetown, Guyana.

CL [Carolyn Layton]



1- We have to get additional documentation affirming the fact that the Asociation bought the boat and that whoever sold it (Albatros Ltd. or Lal Hazarie) was (a) the rightful owner and (B) that the vessel was free of mortgages and encumbrances at the time it was barred either by the Asociation or by Lal Hazarie.

2- We can do this in one of the following ways:

* Get the original statement from the notary which I attached to the Original Bill of Sale, plus legalize the document.

* Get the information thru the Certificate of Deletion or Cancellation which I will be trying to bring up in the Bahamas. (We have to get this in any case)

* Get the Original Bill of Sale between Albatros Ltd. or Lal Hazarie and get it legalized thru a Panamanian Consulate. [Handwritten addition: “A certified copy is OK.”]

3- We also have to see if we can get Mr. Lal Hazarie to write for the certificate of deletion or cancellation.




1- The certificate of deletion or cancellation from Mr. Morris. This certificate should in some way indicate that the Asociation bought it and whoever sold it was the rightful owner. Or, it may just show that Albatros Ltd. sold it to Lal Hazarie.

2- When the certificate of deletion is obtained – see if we can get someone going to Miami to take the document to a Panamanian consulate there to legalize the document.

3- Then – mail the document to Dr. Alfaro…

or should it be handcarried back? If so, you would not get it back until November sometime.

4- We have to verify that the Asociation bought it and whoever sold it was the rightful owner and that the person selling it had no mortgages or encumbrances on it.

5- See if we can get Mr. Lal Hazarie to write for the certificate of deletion or cancellation.




You will need: 1) Consent to surrender registry or certificate of cancellation from current port of registry, authorized by port authority of flag country

2) Registered address for owner of the vessel and country of the port where the vessel is to be registered.

3) Original bill of sale to new owner, copies of all the ship’s papers including safety inspections, technical data etc.

4) All the arrangements particular to the new country of registry will be taken care of by Blair. He says it is not complex.

5) I talked to two attorneys here, one by the name of James Fagan, who was very familiar with maritime law. He asked me if the party was sure they wanted to transfer from B. to P. [Bahamas to Panama] registry because British was far the preferable in the shipping world and not possible to get from without. P. is just a flag of convenience and does not mean as much in the shipping world. Our conversation was very vague and hypothetical, so I did not get much specific information. He wanted to know all about the vessel and the owner etc. etc., so mostly I was skirting questions. He did, however, agree the above mentioned points would be requirements.

6) Talked to Blair again this afternoon, Friday 8/25, and he gave me an estimated cost. Estimated cost of registration (provisional) $1541.00 (US); registration of title of ownership for permanent certificate of navigation approximately $2000.00 (US).

7) Also, finally, he reached B. this afternoon and learned that they had granted an extension, but that the letter confirming it had not yet arrived. The extension has been granted through the end of September, in the letter confirming it will be forwarded to Charles’ office by Blair. He will be expecting a visit from someone with the original papers and to take care of the other matter he wanted to see you about. He said there are no problems, that everything is fine.

Jean [Brown]