Jeff Carey Affidavit on Tim Stoen, October 1978


[p. 1 – US Embassy certification of Guyanese Certificate of Registrar]

[p. 2 – Guyanese Certificate of Registrar affirming signature of Guyanese notary]

p. 3

Country of Guyana
Northwest District
City of Jonestown
Embassy of the USA

Before me, [blank line], Consul of the United States of America, personally appeared Jeffrey James Carey, being duly sworn, who deposes and says as follows:

By profession I am a cook. I have been a member of the Peoples Temple of the Disciples of Christ (“the church,” “Peoples Temple”) since August of 1969. I have known Timothy O. Stoen (“Tim Stoen”) since that time until  Spring of 1977, in Jonestown, in the Northwest District of Guyana, South America.

In 1973 Tim Stoen gave me legal advice concerning a criminal matter.

In addition, in 1972 I was concerned with my father’s feeling about my participation in the church (I was then 19 years old) and I discussed the matter with Tim Stoen. He telephoned my father who was then a resident of Mangilao, Guam, and satisfied him as to the church, and arranged his consent for a church member, Jack Beam, to be my guardian to establish a residence for college tuition purposes.

Until I came to Guyana in 1974 where I have been ever since, I worked in the church publications department evenings and weekends. I would run errands for Tim Stoen and routinely


took all publications to him for “legal clearance.” He would normally review them in my presence, correct and delete in his own hand, and initial “T.O.S.”, and return them to me to take back to the publications department. I would also routinely take legal documents to him, for his review; I would take several files of such documents to Tim Stoen each week which he would, at times, review in my presence.

While Tim Stoen was in Jonestown, Guyana, in 1977, he was studying Commonwealth Law, so he could pass the Bar in Guyana in order to represent Peoples Temple and its members in Guyana. I used to help him with his studying in the evenings. We had several business meetings which both he and I attended where he gave legal advice on various matters. He also did legal work on two real estate transactions, a sales fraud case over a shortage in a lumber purchase. He advised me about how to act and what to say to the seller, one Mr. Baccus, and was present at a meeting with him where he presented himself as the attorney for Peoples Temple, and negotiated with the man.

Tim Stoen also discussed the matter of the custody of John Stoen, and advise how he would assist keeping the child in Guyana. He said that the child was Jim Jones’ child and not his, that Grace Stoen would be very destructive to the child because she hated Jim, that he would fight in any court and would never permit Grace Stoen to take the child, that if necessary he would remain indefinitely in Guyana to assist keeping John here. He said that Jim Jones was the only person who could


properly raise John. Tim Stoen said “I’ll die before I let Grace have that child. I’ll come from any point in the world if Grace tries to take that child from Jim.”

/s/ Jeffrey James Carey
Jeffrey James Carey

[Space for signature and seal of notary]

This document was signed by Jeffrey James Carey at Georgetown, Guyana, in my presence this 11th day of October, 1978.