Jim Jones Affidavit on Tim Stoen, October 1978


[p. 1 – US Embassy certification of Guyanese Certificate of Registrar]

[p. 2 – Guyanese Certificate of Registrar affirming signature of Guyanese notary]

p, 3

Country of Guyana
Northwest District
City of Jonestown
Embassy of the USA

Before me, [blank line], Consul of the United States of America, personally appeared James W. Jones, being duly sworn, who deposes and says as follows:

I have been the Pastor of Peoples Temple of the Disciples of Christ (“Peoples Temple,” “the church”), and its predecessor organizations, since 1949. I am, and for some years have been, a Minister ordained by the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), of which denomination the Peoples Temple is an affiliated church. I have always been an activist, striving to make the Christian goals of equality and brotherhood and social reality through the demonstration of people caring for each other. I thus developed a large interracial church with extensive human service programs.

When Timothy O. Stoen (“Tim Stoen”) joined my church in 1969 I was thrilled. Besides the addition of another sincere, committed member, I was overjoyed to have his help because in my rapidly growing church I needed a concerned, dedicated lawyer badley [badly]. I also needed an activist associate minister badly and Tim Stoen rapidly began to fill both roles. I trusted him fully and entrusted him with more responsibility than any other single member of the organization. He was my chief legal advisor and

[Page 2 of affidavit missing]

page 3

its members than any other living person.

/s/ James W. Jones
James W. Jones

[Space for signature and seal of notary]

This document was signed by [illegible] at Georgetown, Guyana, in my presence this 11th day of October, 1978.