Declarations of Acknowledgment of Gifts


This document comprises 22 handwritten pages of declaration, statements and acknowledgment of gifts.  The text of the 21 declarations is virtually identical. Only the names of the donors and the date of the meeting of the parties are different. With the exception of the first declaration – listing the donee at Carolyn M. Layton, and the amount given as $12,500 – the donees are listed as Jim and Marceline Jones, and the amount of the donation is $20,000. Carol A. Stahl witnessed each, except for the statement of herself and her husband, which was witnessed by Timothy O. Stoen.

The text – with the slight variations – reads:

Declaration Acknowledgment of Gifts

We, the undersigned, are husband and wife and are referred to herein as donors. We first met Carolyn M. Layton of Ukiah California hereinafter referred to as donee, in January 1965 – From that time until the present we have periodically made irrevocable cash gifts out of our community property funds to Carolyn M. Layton. These gifts were made out of love and affection for her and in the deep knowledge and belief that such gifts would and will be used as she sees fit for humanitarian good.

No tax deductions were claimed by us of any of these gifts, and no restrictions were put on the use of these funds by said donee.

The total amount of these gifts by us to said donee has exceeded twelve thousand five hundred dollars ($12,500.00). These gifts were spread out so that during no calendar year did the amount of such gifts exceed $3000 to said donee from either one of us.

I declare under penalty of perjury that the foregoing is true and correct.

The donors are:

Page Donor Date of First Meeting
b5 Helen & Cleave Swinney January 1965
  Missing page  
b7 Alice L. & Jimmie C. Inghram May 1968
b8 Patty & Walter Cartmell April 1961
b9 Rosabell & Archie J. Ijames May 1954
b10 Claire & Richard Janaro April 1970
b11 Timothy O. & Grace L. Stoen Dec 1969
b12 Lee Ingram & Sandra L. [Bradshaw] Ingram July 1960
b13 Karen Layton August 1967
b14 Stephen M. Addison July 1959
b15 Bonnie & George Donald Beck January 1970
b16 June B. Crym February 1971
b17 Laura R. Johnston February 1970
b18 Jean Forrester Brown January 1971
b19 James R. Randolph July 1969
b20 Carol A. & Alfred R. Stahl June 1968
b21 Richard D. & Kathy [Barbour] Tropp February 1970
b22 Richard A. & Barbara J. Cordell August 1959
b23 Rheaviana & Jack L. Beam [blank]
b24 Deanna M. & Elmer J. Mertle September 1969
b25 Linda Sharon Amos August 1968
b26 Edie & Denny Kutulas [blank]