Jones family power of attorney designations

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These first three pages are powers of attorney for the sons of Jim Jones – Lew Jones, Stephan Jones, and James jones Jr., respectively – and other than the names, birthdates, and the boys’ relationship (Stephan was Jones’ natural son; the other two were adopted), the text is identical from one to another. There are other important differences, though:

  1. The birthdate of Lew Jones is incomplete (he was born in 1956);
  2. The signature on the first document does not appear to be that of Jim Jones; and
  3. Stephan’s name is spelled as “Steven” on the second page.



State of California
City and County of San Francisco

I, JIM JONES, hereby depose and say:

I am the adoptive father of Lew Jones, a minor born November 23, 195 [blank].

I hereby name and appoint TERESA BUFORD my attorney-in-fact with full power and authority to take all steps, exercise all powers and rights, that I might do in connection with my said son. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, I specifically authorize her to procure any and all medical and hospital care that may be necessary or desirable; to apply for passports or other travel documents on his behalf; arrange for intertribal or travel with her out of the country; place him in any public or private school that she may deem appropriate; and do any and all action that she deems appropriate for my said son’s well-being.

Executed on October 29, 1975 at San Francisco, California.

/s/ Jim Jones
Jim Jones

[Notary seal of James R. Randolph]



Jim Jones’ appointment of his wife, Marceline Jones, as his attorney-in-fact, dated March 27, 1977 and witnessed by Timothy Carter as the notary public. His only addition to the standardized form was the line, “My said attorney in fact shall have the right to substitute another at her place and stead by written instrument.” [See also, c-8 below]



Lynetta Jones’ appointment of her daughter-in-law, Marceline Jones, as her attorney-in-fact, dated March 19, 1977 and witnessed by James R. Randolph as the notary public.



May 25, 1974

To Whom It May Concern:

In the event of my death, I, Marceline M. Jones, would like for Carolyn Layton to take over the mothering responsibilities of my children. I would, in fact, hope she could move into the house and fill any void my absence might leave.

May 25, 1974

/s/ Marceline M. Jones
Marceline M. Jones

Witness: Name: /s/ Esther Mueller
Address: 7600 E. Road

Witness: Name: /s/ Joyce A. Parks
7750 East Road
Redwood Valley,
Calif. 95470