Lynetta Jones will & death certificate



[p. 1 – File folder note: “Lynetta’s will: very important: do not lose: do not lose”]


[p. 2 – Handwritten will]


To whom it may concern:

I, Lynetta Putnam Jones, declare that this is my last will and testament. I hereby revoke all prior wills and codicils. I give all of my property to my son James W. Jones. If this Will is probated I name him the executor to serve without bond.

Lynetta Putnam Jones
San Francisco, California
on this seventh month,
28th day of nineteen seventy-seven


[p. 3-5 – 3 Handwritten copies of death certificate]

Death Certificate
Jonestown, NWD, Guyana

This is to certify that on or about 6 o’clock AM on the 9th day of December 1977, Lynetta Jones passed in her sleep peacefully, in Jonestown, NWD,  Guyana.

Cause of death: Cardiac arrest, secondary to chronic congestive heart failure complicated by atrial fibrillation.

Larry Schacht, MD
Joyce A. Parks, LNP
Cert. Sick Nurse & Dispenser, Guyana, S.A.

Received from Johnny Jones on this 9th day of December 1977 at 7:00 PM one copy of a Death Certificate issued by Dr. Larry Schacht, M.D.

Vernon Sarkin, Sgt 5515
Matthews Ridge Police Station