Statement of John Harris


Report for JJ

My companion is, and has been Mary Helen Garcia for the last 3 years. She could not come because of 2 teenage children 15 & 16 yrs of age, which Julia Sanchez, ex-member and Mary’s mom, filed a charge of abandonment with the LA District Attorney office against Mary, who was living and working in Oakland, CA. Mary moved back to LA to stop the complaint Julia had filed against her regarding the children, but it didn’t stop the proceedings. Mary is scheduled to go to a hearing about Julia’s complaint and concurrent application for child-support payments in her (Julia’s) name for Mary’s children.

Mary intends to come over even though her teenage children stated they are not leaving LA. Mary should be told that Jim said they (authorities) will frame her and perhaps she should leave the teenagers.

John Harris



p. 2

Georgetown should be informed that all luggage for Sonja Regina Duncan and John Harris should be forwarded on the next boat.

Signed JJ/John Harris

PS: JJ has keys for 14 pieces