Exia Marie Duckett affidavit on David Wise, July 1977


Affidavit of:
/s/ Exia Marie Duckett
Exia Marie Duckett

Jonestown, Port Kaituma
Northwest District, Guyana

I, Exia Marie Duckett, duly sworn declare that I observed David Wise in the process of inserting foreign components into the third-floor office telephone systems of the San Francisco, California Peoples Temple church’s phones.

This happened to be during the first part of the second service on Sunday evening. I was on security on the roof ledge overlooking the back parking lot of the church at about 6:30 PM when I observed David walking down Fillmore Street in the direction coming towards the church. I thought to myself what is a white man walking through the Fillmore on Sunday evening – there were no stores open in the direction he was coming from. So it seemed beyond me why he was on the dangerous streets with no purpose in mind but walking. He did say, when asked, that he was coming from the store! In summary, David Wise bugged the Temple phones on the third floor of our church and was observed in the process.

July 29, 1977
Witnessed by:
1. Shirlee Ann Fields
2. Janice L. Wilsey
3. Russell D. Moten
Edith E. Bogue
Chris Rozynko

Subscribed and sworn before me
a Notary Public for the Republic
of Guyana or Commissioner