FF-1 Affidavits on Tim Stoen


Affidavit of Annie Moore

I am a registered nurse currently practicing in Guyana. I have been a member of Peoples Temple the Disciples of Christ since 1972 and have known Timothy O. Stoen since that time.

Over the years he gave me legal assistance on a variety of matters. These included several traffic citations in 1975 stemming out of a traffic accident, an insurance claim arising out of the same accident, a claim stemming out of another collision.

I was also present on several occasions when he gave advice to my sister Carolyn Layton Prokes, and several other members of the congregation.

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By profession I am a nurses aide. I had been a member of the People’s Temple of the Disciples of Christ since 1971, and I have known Timothy O. Stoen since that time, and until the beginning of 1977. He was introduced to me as the attorney for the church.

In 1973, to the best of my recollection, Tim Stoen gave me legal advice about a divorce proceeding in the community property laws of California. He contacted my attorney, Mr. Allen Williams, in Pittsburg, California about the case, and wrote him on my behalf.

I heard Tim Stoen, on many occasions speak as the attorney for the church and give legal advice and opinion on church affairs in church services.

[Handwritten footnote: “OK. E.C. [Eugene Chaikin] 9/5 [September 5, 1978]; OK, HT, 9/5”]