FF-1 Larry Schacht request for transcript


PO Box 15155
San Francisco, Ca 94115
Aug. 8, 1977

Susan Callahan
Office of Medical Student Affairs
Bldg. 53, Rm. 103
101 City Drive South
Orange, Calif. 92668

Dear Susan & Penny,

How are you? I am doing fine and learning a great deal. I appreciate your dedication to the Medical students who have graduated from the UCI Calif. College of Medicine and will always have fond memories of you both.

What is it possible for you to either send me my diploma or a copy of my diploma. If necessary please send the forms or other such information required to obtain another one. I need these immediately and appreciate any assistance you can give me. Please also send a copy of my transcripts at UCI.

/s/ Larry Schacht, MD
Larry Schacht, MD