FF-1 Notes to Jim Jones


[Handwritten testimonial]


Dear Pastor Jones:

I am so glad to be [a] member of Peoples Temple. I would have been dead a long time ago. He have heal me of heart trouble, keep me from worrying all the time, keep me from auto accidents. He healed my mind, he kept my daughter from getting burned up in her apartment, he will be from operations I had for arthritis. I am so proud of Pastor Jones. He keep my son on job when everybody was being laid off. I am so grateful & will stand with Pastor Jones day or night, just ring my number 836-0481. I can’t stand long, just be this give my support, yes, he fed me when I was hungry and he gave me clothing. I am with Pastor Jones to [the] last.

Geneva L. Williams



[Handwritten testimonial]

Five years ago I suffered from a nonfunctional digestive tract; I could eat nothing without getting sick or regurgitating; doctors examined and x-rayed by stomach to no avail. I was blessed to be in a healing service of Pastor Jim Jones; he relieved me of that condition and I have been eating everything without any suffering. Thank you my Savior!

Pastor Jones is one who gives his time, energy, and resources to help others in need; He has sacrificed himself, family, and position to help feed, clothe, shelter, rehabilitate, educate, people of all age groups, all creeds and all nationalities. He is the greatest humanitarian I know; to me His work denote a true Living Savior!

Thank You Pastor Jim

Sincerely, Girlee S. Parr



To whom it may concern:

Jim Jones cured me of throat cancer and arthritis.

My neck had been hurting me. One day in the service Pastor Jones called me out and told me I had throat cancer and he was going to heal it. All the trouble went away.

I have been going to the doctor for years for arthritis. It affected both knees and my right arm. The doctor could not do anything for it. One day Pastor Jones was going through



the audience shaking hands. He shook hands with me and then came back and took my hands again. All my arthritis disappeared. My doctor was surprised that all my arthritis had gone away.

Ollie Riley
Ollie Riley
713 – 53 St.
Oakland, Calif.



July 12 78

Jim I am sorry I wrote that letter to you at this time when it has been so many years ago & was not quite like it was after I wrote it I could see & think of part I left out. What caused me to write it was I did some little foolish thing when I was cleaning & getting ready for Marcie & I made some remark to Terry Buford about forgetting or knucklehead something like that & she said dad doesn’t trust you. So I was just trying to let you know I had some experience on that line of being questioned. But I did it in a poor way. Terry didn’t mean any harm when she said it, she smiled. And being forgetful as I am I don’t blame you. I want you to know if I was afraid to tell on a criminal for fear it would hurt my family I am



quite sure I am going to protect the cause. I would take revolutionary suicide before that happened, I do not use the word love, only you know how a word so missused.

Esther [Mueller]

I must get more involved I have been working on hot pads that Patty [Cartmell] & Rhovenia [Rheaviana Beam] can sell & make money. They both said they would sell. I take care of snooks & clean house &  for Marcie. I could do your wash & mending if you have some. I would be happy helping out in any way I can, and do something for you. So let me know, if I can.





Dear Pastor Jones,

I do not know how to thank you for the Blessing I have received since I have been following you and your advice. The first time I came to the Temple in 1972 you called me out and told me that I was having a heart attack. At that moment my heart was all right. Also you said I had chronic stomach trouble. I had it 26 years and many nights around 2 AM or 3 o’clock I’ve had to walk the floor, beat my back and chest many years. And thanks to you dear pastor you healed me of that terrible thing.

You healed many of us one night of arthritis when you said all who had it to stretch out our hands to you. I did and my finger would swell and be so stiff I could not make a fist. I couldn’t rest at night. Now I do not have [arthritis] in my fingers. I got this in 1972 when my child was born.

In 1973 you called me out and healed me of cancer in my chest. And 74 you healed me of a growth which I had surgery for in 1952. It has not returned.

Many times I know you have healed me of different things which I did not know about. It’s a miracle how you look on us and see things we never could not imagine.

Thank you Pastor with all my heart.

Ida May Nichols