FF-1 1963 Malmin reference letter for Jones


May 7, 1963
Belo Horizonte, Minas Gersis


This is to certify that I have known the Rev. James W. Jones for about one year and that I have the highest regard for him. He and his family have been in my home and I and my family have been privileged to spend several days with them at their home in Rio de Janeiro.

Rev. Jones and I have cooperated in meetings together and have prayed together. I have the utmost confidence in Rev. Jones and believe him to be a man of outstanding character. I would trust his word of honor implicitly and can recommend him for any position of trust.

Rev. Jones has been engaged in practical missionary work in Brazil since May of 1962, and, among other services, is engaged presently in working with the children of the Escela da Favola in Rio de Janeiro.

If further information is desired, please write me at the address given below.

Sincerely yours,
/s/ Rev. Edward J. Malmin
Rev. Edward J. Malmin
3050 W. Neenah Ave.,
Chicago, Ill.  or
Gaixa Postal 23, Belo Horizonte,
Minas Gersis, Brazil.