FF-1 Notes from 1975 Jones sermon


LAPT 6/8/75 Sunday’s Sermon Copy page 1

000 – Father speak supporters that took place in Chile. CIA overthrew Allende.

020 – Father talks on how our police are trained how to torture.

028 – We should not have to even ask what [kind] of torture they use. We consider just by reading the newspaper or listening to the news.

042 – There are special types of torture for women, they put rats, [illegible word] etc. that go up into the vagina. They cut pregnant women open and let them die slowly.

070 – Allende gave up medicine to become the president

082 – The Christians are the ones that caused all this mess. Father is glad that he is a field nigger and not an uncle Tom.

104 – The capitalists never practice what they preach. In Cuba they have a far better govt. than we do. They have free utilities, free education, no charge on phones and the people run the factories.

128 – Father is a laten [Latin? Latent?] revolutionary ready to explode. Every devil that is or has transpired is right in the so-called Christian America.

153 – The Christians as shown that they will lie and kill. It was Gen. Custer, a Christian who said thank you Lord while killing the Indians… Jesus people were the ones who sent us here in chains.

192 – It was Father who loves socialism that heard your prayers

208 – You don’t vote corporations out you move them out.

219 – There  is only one way to move out the racist capitalists and that is by force. If the capitalist want to build a bomb the socialist will build a bigger bomb.

252 – Stalin was not a sensitive socialist but he was a hell of a lot better than anyone here in America. There is only way that they held together the way they did against the Nazis, it was our God Socialism.

279 – Every one of our Temple children should hear this.

295 – Father has been championed to the underdog since he was 4 & 5.

314 – I would rather go through hell and torture than to live next to the white racist America.

356 – The nurses and doctors and hospitals treat you like shit if you’re old or the wrong color, in the racist America.

390 – Chances of us going to jail are one in six, we poor would go but the damn rich get away with murdering people, lying and stealing.

369 [396] – Capitalism teaches you to go and make a fast buck. You haven’t got a chance even if they don’t bother you, you couldn’t walk down the street without being shot down, you would die of race genocide.

427 – What a wonderful peace it is not to be afraid of anything, being able to speak your mind and not care what anybody says.

451 – You won’t escape from any torture, no one will if you aren’t with this family. Father asks how many have been in jail, it’s a plan the rich have made. The Christians made lampshades out of Indian women’s wombs.

512 – Father tells us to train our children when they are young, there is nothing worse than a undisciplined child.

539 – Father speaks of homosexuality.



LAPT 6/8/75 Sunday’s Sermon Copy page 2

557 – Time magazine proved that Satan was a Savior, he is the one that said to eat of the tree of knowledge. History always repeats itself.

591 – The God damned racist police will help some rich people find their damned cat, but they will wait about 3 hours before they even come out to help or see us.

612 – Mark Twain’s book Letters to the Earth was burned because of the truth. Asks for a raise of hands who have been healed etc.

667 – It is fearful to fall into the hands of a living God. It will be a fearful thing for the rich to fall in the hands of a living God.

668 – God Jim Jones has a house and judgment is in the house, father is the fulfiller. No true person would carry a Bible.

724 – Your own Bible says not to trust the letter because it kills but the spirit socialism gives life.

Reads the article about the tortures done to the secretary to Allende… End of Tape.