Sidebar: The Identifications

Numbers, Names, Details

Here are the identifications I was able to make, along with other details I observed:

Page 38. Top right photo. Knife labelled 23B, the ID number of Donald Edward Sly, better known as Don Sly, aged 42. The knife was found on his body. Most likely the same knife he used to attack Leo Ryan on the day of the massacre.

Page 53. ID number 7J, the body of Samuel Lee Johnson, aged 26.

Page 54. Top photo. ID number 50E, the body of Rose O. Sharon, aged 71.

Page 58. ID number 30E, the body of Toi Fonzelle, aged 23.

Page 61. Top photo. The foot of Laurence Eugene Schacht, better known as Larry Schacht, aged 30. The ID tag has the misspelling “Lary Schatt” as noted on his autopsy report.

Page 65. Bottom photo. This photo is printed on the page in reverse. When viewed the correct way, the ID number reads A006, the body of Maria S. Katsaris, better known as Maria Katsaris, aged 25.

Page 66. Bottom photo. ID number 96F, the body of Ruth Whiteside Lowery, aged 57.

Page 68. Bottom photo. ID number 38H, the body of Christopher Newell, aged 17.

Page 69. Bottom photo. Another photo of A006, Maria Katsaris.

Page 72. Bottom photo. The same body seen on page 73, which is Don Sly.

Page 73. Top photo. ID number 23B, the body of Don Sly.

Page 73. Bottom photo. ID number 31I, the body of Pauline Louise Simon, aged 46.

Page 74. Bottom photo. ID number 54I, the body of Larry Schacht.

Page 75. Bottom photo. ID number 3H, the body of Janice Owens, aged 58.

Page 77. Bottom photo. ID number 28I, the body of Ruby Jewell Caroll, aged 41.

Page 78. Bottom photo. This one stood out at first glance due to the body’s appearance. It does not resemble any of the other Jonestown remains. It has missing parts and a bloody, mangled appearance, placed on a table without a bag or sheet, and identified as single number 7. That is when I realised it is does not match the Jonestown IDs. All bodies recovered from Jonestown had both a number and a letter. In the introduction to this book, slides from plane and helicopter crashes are referenced and were located at the same time as the photos from Jonestown, which means a slide from one of those accidents was accidentally mixed in and printed in the book. ID number 7 is *not* Jonestown related.

Page 79. Top photo. ID number 38C, the body of Chris Mark Cordell, aged 21.

Page 79. Bottom photo. A body part belonging to 23B, Don Sly, is shown with stitches.

Page 80. Another photo of 30E, Toi Fonzelle.

Page 82. Top photo. ID number 26A, the body of Ruby Lee Johnson, aged 56.

Page 83. Top photo. Another photo of 6A, Maria Katsaris.

Page 84. Top photo. ID number A024, the body of Violatt Esther Dillard, aged 51.

Page 85. Top photo. ID number 51C, the body of Lossie Mae Lang, aged 72.

Page 85. Bottom photo. ID number 2A, the body of Carolyn Louise Moore Layton, better known as Carolyn Layton, aged 33. A tag with her full name is placed in the body bag, as noted on the autopsy report. Missing fingers are apparent, also mentioned on the report.

Page 86. Top photo. ID number 43E, the body of Betty Karen Moore, aged 28.

Page 88. Middle photo. Another photo of A006, Maria Katsaris.

Page 89. Top photo. Close-up of Don Sly’s stitched body part, as seen on page 79.

Page 89. Bottom photo. ID number A001, the body of Ann Elizabeth Moore, better known as Annie Moore, aged 24.

Page 90, 91 and 92. Several photos of A001, Annie Moore.

Page 94. Photo of an unidentified piece of flesh that does not look to be Jonestown related. It appears that a slide from the accident scenes was mixed in with Jonestown again.

Page 95. The begining of a section dedicated to the deaths in Georgetown. Sharon Amos and children. Their autopsies (on and around 22nd November 1978) had already taken place on these photos.

Page 96. Top and bottom photo. Casket 3, the body of Linda Sharon Amos, aged 42.

Page 97. Top photo. A partial look at a body labelled Casket 1. The head, hair and part of the face is visible. The appearance of this body matches Sharon’s eldest daughter Liane Harris, aged 21.

Page 97. Bottom photo. The body is identified in the book as Sharon’s son, Martin Laurence Amos, aged 10, but the appearance also matches that of her youngest daughter, Christa Wayborn Amos, aged 11.

Page 98 and 99. The begining of a section dedicated to Jim Jones. The photos were taken shortly before the full dissection of his body, the official autopsy on 15th December 1978 conducted by Kenneth Mueller and Robert Thompson.

Page 98. A head and shoulders side-view of Jim Jones with forensic examiner. This photo is not printed on the page the correct way, it is reversed.

Page 100. Top photo. ID number 13B, the body of James Warren Jones, aged 47. Embalmed and covered in a white preservation powder. The powdery substance is also seen on page 98. It is partially obscuring an incision that was made during an examination in Jonestown in November. The intestines were protruding through the stitches for some time. That particular examination was not an official autopsy as sometimes reported. It was really a pointless incision made by Leslie Mootoo, hastily done and did not penetrate far enough to reach organs. The powder, embalming and previous incision are noted on the autopsy report, along with the detailing of decomposition.

Page 100. Bottom photo. A head and shoulders side-view of Jim Jones, printed in the book incorrectly. The triangular shaped gunshot wound was the entrance wound on the left side of his head, but is wrongly seen here on the right. Trocar stab wounds from embalming are visible, along with a cut where a tooth was extracted during the identification process. All mentioned on the autopsy report. The white powder has been washed off here.

Page 101. Top photo. Jim’s face is partly obscured with B13 written on a piece of paper. His earlobe folded upwards (possibly due to positioning in the body bag) is seen correctly on the left side as the photo is not flipped.

Page 101. Bottom photo. The exit wound is shown, but the photo has been flipped and placed on the page incorrectly.

Page 102. Top photo. The hard contact entrance wound is shown graphically, with part of the folded earlobe visible, but placement of the photo is incorrect, flipped the wrong way and potentially confusing.

Page 102. Middle and bottom photos. Jim’s skull fragments are shown here, all printed correctly. The ID number is the correct way. “Left” and “right” are also written on paper to indicate the entrance wound (left) and exit wound (right).