the jonestown report, Volume 25, November 2023

Children of Peoples Temple in the peace symbol • Photo courtesy California Historical Society
  1. The People of Peoples Temple
    1. The mystery of Sharon Amos, by Heather Shannon
    2. A Life-Long Spiritual Quest: Remembering Barbara Hoyer, by Martin Scharlemann
    3. Carolyn Moore Layton & The Extreme Madness of Love, by Jennifer Louise Sullivan
  2. Special Reports and Investigations
    1. The Single Seniors of Jonestown, by Sarah Rex
      1. A Listing of the Single Seniors
        1. PDF
        2. Excel
    2. The Drama of the Park Hotel: A Lesser-Known Aspect of the Jonestown Aftermath, by Aliah Mohmand
      1. A Listing of Known Survivors Who Stayed at the Park Hotel
      2. A Timeline of Events at the Park Hotel
      3. A Listing of Press Interviews with Survivors
      4. The Importance and Challenge of Preserving Jonestown Survivor Interviews: A Commentary
  3. Personal Reflections
    1. What in the World Happened at Jonestown, Guyana on November 18, 1978?, by Laurie Efrein Kahalas
    2. The Military Assignment That Turned Historic, by Paul Storm
  4. Articles, the jonestown report 2023
    1. The “Oddball” Link Between the Shakahola Forest and Jonestown Massacres, by John Collins
    2. The Academization of the Jonestown Experience, by Edward Cromarty
    3. The Hidden Role of Malignant Narcissists in History, by Bazil Cunningham
    4. Survey Indicates Lack of Student Knowledge of Jonestown, Peoples Temple, by David J. Jackson
    5. Donald Trump: a political cult leader?, by Célia Vamiller
    6. Archival Articles
      1. Suicide for socialism?, by Maurice Brinton (1979)
      2. People’s Temple and Jonestown: A Corrective Comparison and Critique, James T. Richardson (1979)
      3. Making Sense of the Nonsensical: An Analysis of Jonestown, by Neal Osherow (2003)
      4. The Controversies About Peoples Temple and Jonestown, by Rebecca Moore (2014)
      5. “Verbal Orders Don’t Go—Write It!”: Building and Maintaining the Promised Land, by Heather Shearer (2018)
    7. The Foreign Language Section
      1. Jim Jones som karismatisk leder (Dansk), by Ida Pedersen
      2. Der Sommer 1972, by Glenda Randolph Bates, ins Deutsche übertragen von Heidi König-Porstner
      3. Nine translations of Q 042 (The Death Tape), prepared by Russell Urbaine
  5. Commentaries and Opinion
    1. The Death Penalty, The Death Tape & The Modern Murderous Path of Jim Jones, by Rev. Dr. Jeff Hood
    2. Transmitting Jonestown – Exploring the Shadows of a Tragedy, by Shannon Howard
    3. Two Commentaries by David Ballard
      1. Meet the New Boss
      2. One Must Consider Context
    4. You Meet the Strangest People…, by Gregory Curtis
    5. About Family: Just Be Kind…, by Craig Foreman
    6. Reflections on the 45th Anniversary of Jonestown, by Michael Gangitano
    7. Beyond Lynetta, by Jolene McDonald
  6. Jonestown in the Arts 2023
    1. Arts and popular culture notes (2023)
    2. Books
      1. Six Unique Books, by Jolene McDonald
      2. Jonestown: An American Family
        1. Jonestown: An American Family: A Review, by Judy Bebelaar
        2. The Tragedy Never Ends, by Katherine Hill
      3. Paradise Undone
        1. Persistence Pays Off for Jonestown Novelist: An Author’s Journey, by Annie Dawid
        2. All Are Punished: A Review of Paradise Undone, by Jennifer Kathleen Gibbons
        3. Paradise Undoing: A Review of Paradise Undone, by darlene anita scott
      4. The People of Peoples Temple, by Sarah Rex
      5. Jonestown: The Forensic Photos, by Chase Mehan
        1. Shedding Light on Jonestown: The Forensic Photos, by Jolene McDonald
          1. Sidebar: The Identifications
        2. Jonestown: The Forensic Photos: A Review, by Jason Schwechter
    3. Film
      1. The Rectification of Jonestown, the Place, by Lydia Moyer
      2. MGM Acquires Option to Road to Jonestown, DiCaprio Slated to Star as Jones, by Jeff Guinn
    4. Theater and Opera
      1. De Tempel Invites You In: A Review, by Jeffrey Krul
        1. Seduction to the extreme, by Fay van der Wal
      2. Combing: A Recollection of Working With Adrian Hall, by James Reston Jr.
      3. Avant-Gospel Jonestown Creation Informs Subsequent Works, by Andrew Barnes Jamieson
    5. The sixth annual Peoples Temple Podcast Review, by Jason Dikes
      1. Podcast Brings Peoples Temple to Germany, by Wim Orth
  7. News from the Archives
    1. The Peoples Temple Photo Identification Project, by Frances Kaplan
      1. An English Historian’s Visit to the California Historical Society, by Connor Ashley Clayton
    2. SDSU Digital Collections Upgrades Photo Database, by Rebecca Moore
    3. The Jim Jones Archive: An Introduction, by Jolene McDonald
  8. Website News
    1. Introducing Our Volunteers, by Rebecca Moore
      1. “An assessment as to what happened”: Bonnie Yates
      2. Exploring Jonestown’s Family Roots: Emily Yaden Schneider
    2. Website Adopts Responsive Design
    3. Wikileaks Fragility Affects Jonestown FOIA Releases
    4. FOIA Documents Continue to be Added to Site
  9. Obituaries 2023
    1. Gerald Parks: My Father, My Hero, by Tracy Parks Diaz
    2. Remembering Dianne Feinstein’s Choice, by Jean Brown Clancey
    3. And Then He Was Gone: Remembering Ron Cabral, by Judy Bebelaar
    4. Lowell Streiker: A Voice of Responsibility, by Rebecca Moore
  10. the jonestown report Archive