The “Oddball” Link Between the Shakahola Forest and Jonestown Massacres

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In March of 2023, gruesome details of men, women, and children exhumed from mass graves in the Shakahola Forest near the town of Malindi in southern Kenya spread quickly around the world. The victims were members of a suicide sect that was led by a man named Paul Mackenzie. Shocking information soon emerged about the charismatic Mackenzie instructing members of his sect to starve themselves to death to transition from this life to the next.[1] Apparently, parents willingly instructed their children to die first as part of a three-stage suicide pact: children first, women second, and men last.[2]

As the investigation continued, government officials came to understand that members of the sect had been brainwashed.[3] Homicide investigators uncovered several religious tracts published from Jeffersonville, Indiana named “The Spoken Word,”[4] a phrase Peoples Temple leader Jim Jones used during his days in the Latter Rain movement.[5]Investigators came to the conclusion that Paul Mackenzie had used the tracts, which included transcripts from Indiana cult leader William Marrion Branham, to brainwash his victims.[6] Little did they know at the time that it was this same William Branham who helped launch Jones’ ministry in Indiana,[7] or that Jones was a leader in Branham’s sect called “The Message.”[8] All they knew at the time was that the horrific scene reminded them of the tragic end of Jones and his followers in Jonestown, Guyana in 1978, an observation made by several news outlets covering the tragedy in Kenya.[9] By August, officials in Kenya uncovered almost 430 bodies.[10]

One of the Spoken Word tracts and sermon transcripts recovered from the scene of the Shakahola Massacre was a Branham sermon entitled “The Oddball.” In 1964, Branham sanctioned another splinter group that developed in Prescott, Arizona under cult leader Leo Mercier. About the same time that Jones began working with Branham in May 1955,[11] Branham also began working with Leo Mercier and his partner, Gene Goad.[12] The two men recorded Branham’s sermons, which eventually were transcribed and published as the “Spoken Word” tracts that Mackenzie used to brainwash his followers. After Mercier and Goad had established “The Park,” their commune in Arizona, Branham preached his blessings in a sermon that he entitled “The Oddball.” It was a theme he used often, giving listeners the notion that behaving according to the cult’s unusual rules and behaviors was to be praised.

And then thinking of—of this group, no doubt, that, in the eyes of the people on the other side, you’ve become a fool. You have become what we would call, today: The Oddball. No doubt but what people think that of you. And remember, that, on the other side, they’re oddballs, too. See? 23 So—so you have to be somebody’s fool, so I’d rather be a fool for Christ.

– William Branham, The Oddball[13]

What happened at the commune, however, was not praiseworthy. Though the commune’s tragic end was not so deadly as other splinter groups of Branham’s “Message” sect, it bore many similarities to its more destructive counterparts. Like Mackenzie’s sect, children at “The Park” were victimized, and parents were brainwashed to either support or participate in their abuse. Children in the commune were brutally beaten by multiple elders under Mercier’s command,[14] some bleeding through their underwear,[15] while others were stripped naked and forced to march around the compound.[16] Some children were mutilated or molested, also naked, and forced to run the camps with sand forced into their rectums.[17] In severe cases of abuse, elders stood over children, alternating the lashes between men.[18] Fortunately, ”The Park” imploded before the splinter group radicalized to the point of having a climactic end and collapsed with Mercier’s death.

Many people in William Branham’s “Message” cult of personality and its various splinter groups are not aware of the evils that happened in “The Park” and other communes led by ministers radicalized by Branham’s teachings. Though Mackenzie himself may have been aware of this history and harnessed the power of the neurolinguistic programming contained in Branham’s speeches,[19] it is very unlikely that any of his victims were. As it relates to the radicalization of ministers and their followers, however, this particular sermon, “The Oddball,” is interesting only due to an unfortunate parallel: One splinter group of Branham’s “Message” cult was radicalized through a Branham sermon praising another splinter group on the other side of the earth.

In his sermons and educational videos, Paul Mackenzie taught Branham’s Serpent Seed doctrine,[20] which was derived from Wesley A. Swift’s Christian Identity doctrine. According to both Swift and Branham, the Biblical Eve from the Garden of Eden mated with the Serpent, believed to be the devil, to produce a second, evil bloodline into creation. The descendants of Eve’s son Cain, according to this doctrine, were “Children of the Curse,” sometimes referred to as “The Curse of Ham.”[21] due to the genealogy described in Swift’s doctrine. This doctrine was used to radicalize white supremacists of the 1960s and beyond,[22] through the belief that that this “curse” was black skin. Mackenzie and his followers – all having black skin – were likely unaware that they were being radicalized with theology developed for white supremacy.

When William Branham rebranded Swift’s doctrine as “Serpent’s Seed,” he did so very strategically. Branham removed the words “black” and “Jew” from Swift’s doctrine, and convinced his converts to believe the pseudo-archaeological and pseudo-genealogical history of the “two seed doctrine.” By gradually and covertly introducing Swift’s teaching to participants in his revivals, Branham was able to push the idea held by Swift and other white supremacists of impending race war.[23] Although Branham initially removed the racial elements of Swift’s theology, he traced the genealogy of the “evil bloodline” through Ham, son of the Biblical Noah,[24] which many Christians of the era believed to be the origin of the black race. Once this was established, Branham introduced his “hybreeding” doctrine, restoring the racial component. According to this doctrine, a white person who produced offspring with a black person had produced a “hybrid person,” and that person could not enter the kingdom of heaven.[25] Branham was eventually sanctioned for spreading this doctrine, and 300 ministers denounced it as abominable heresy.[26] It also appears that the Serpent Seed doctrine was the reason that Jim Jones abandoned the Latter Rain movement.[27]

Understanding the timeline of the intersection between Jones and the formation of Peoples Temple as it relates to Branham’s involvement with the Latter Rain movement is critical to understanding how Paul Mackenzie’s suicide sect could seem so vastly different from Peoples Temple. Both were splinter groups of the “Latter Rain Message,” commonly referred to as the “Message” sect of Pentecostalism in the mid to late 1950s. While both were results of splits from Branham’s healing revivals, core doctrines and interests within the two splinter groups were not aligned. Branham used multiple versions of a stage persona in an attempt to appeal to very different crowds, and when those crowds began to sanction the minister, his stage persona quickly shifted. In one version of the stage persona, for example, Branham accepted the doctrine of the Holy Trinity to appeal to Trinitarian denominations of Christian faith,[28] but in other versions, Branham denounced the Trinitarian doctrine as being inspired by Satan himself, the doctrine of demons.[29] By doing so, Branham could appeal to the Oneness Pentecostal crowds that had rejected the Trinity.

From its inception, the Latter Rain Movement was doctrinally aligned with Branham and Rev. Franklin Hall.[30] Hall was recognized for his book, Atomic Power with God Through Fasting and Prayer, which appears to have been closely aligned with Paul Mackenzie’s suicide sect. Mackenzie believed that fasting could achieve the ultimate power with God; for Mackenzie, fasting was the vehicle that would transfer a convert from this life into heaven. In 1978, Jones denounced the practice of fasting as a worthless spiritual explanation for not having enough food.[31] Jones was somewhat aligned with Mackenzie[32] in that he threatened fasting as a weapon of protest in March 1978,[33] but obviously did not chose it as the means to escape life on earth. By the time Jones joined the Latter Rain healing revivals and fell under Branham’s influence, the version of Branham’s stage persona had shifted such that it was against the widespread fasting practices.

And I want to forget all this foolishness of all these forty-day fasts and see if I can get closer to God, and all this, that, the other, all this nonsense.” Stop it! There’s nothing in the Word tells you to have a forty-day fast. Not a thing. There’s nothing in the world telling you to fast, ’less God would tell you. If you fast, you ain’t going to get hungry, and go all these things. As you are fasting, brother, you’ll be joy and happy all the time. Said, “Don’t appear before men like hypocrites do, with a long, sad face. ‘I’m on a forty-day fast. My plates won’t fit me anymore. I’ve lost thirty pounds, and they told me I look better after this is over.’” Oh, nonsense! It’s enticing spirits of the devil.[34]

– William Branham, 1955

This was not always the case, however. When the fasting doctrine of Franklin Hall was extremely popular among Latter Rain leaders and converts, Branham frequently advertised fasting as a spiritual experience.[35] According to that version of Branham’s stage persona, the blood flowed to the brain and opened the door to a supernatural experience.

If your—if you keep your stomach empty, the blood is at your brain, and you must be ready. And if you’re all full when you’re…That’s the power of fasting. When you’re—when you’re full, the blood goes into your stomach to digest your food. You see? And then when you’re empty, it’s in your—in your brain.

– William Branham, 1950[36]

In the mid 1960s, long after Jones had separated from Branham, the stage persona shifted once more. Branham was more aligned with the fasting doctrine in the years leading up to his death, claiming that members of the church should join in fasts for powerful supernatural experiences. In fact, Branham claimed that if an entire church joined in fasting together, such power could result in raising a dead person back to life.

You’re, each one, set in God’s economy, just for its place. One fasts all the time and communes with God, while another one casts out devils because this one is fasting. But it’s the whole Body of Christ working together, the unity.

– William Branham, 1964[37]

If we had a little girl here in the church, or a little boy, or somebody that we love real well, and life would go out of them. The whole church would get together, and they’d go to pray and fasting: “Lord, have mercy on that child.” See? God could raise it up.

– William Branham, 1964[38]

Another example of Branham’s ever-changing doctrinal foundations resulting in very different influences on Peoples Temple and Paul Mackenzie’s sect is that of Branham’s doctrines about education. Jones was very vocal in support of education, especially among the African nations.[39] Paul Mackenzie, on the other hand, strictly forbade education. According to Mackenzie, education was satanic.[40] While both sect leaders are polar opposite in their positions, both are fully aligned with Branham’s theology based upon Branham’s timeline. When preaching with Jim Jones at the Cadle Tabernacle in June 1956, Branham praised education, and announced that he wished that he had a seminary degree.

And so, but in the audience tonight is many real men deserving who are doctors of divinity. How I wish I had their education and had their ability to do that they can, but I haven’t got it. So I just have to depend on God to work on your hearts that to believe what I say, that’s all, only way I know.

– William Branham, 1956[41]

The 1964 version of Branham’s stage persona, however, took a firm stance against education and seminaries. According to Branham, ministers trained in seminaries were given instruction “interpreted by Satan.”

If he doesn’t, then he’ll send you off to his own seminary, to be taught by his own theologians, see, where Satan is the interpreter. “Oh, the days of miracles is passed. That people down there, I got…well, that’s a bunch of heretics. They, they’re not, see.” He’ll send you there.

– William Branham, 1964[42]

This is largely due to Branham’s close ties with leaders of white supremacy during the 1960s as the Civil Rights Movement began to push for equal opportunity and racially integrated schools. William Branham was ordained by,[43]mentored by,[44] and kept close connections to[45] the second-in-command[46] of the 1915 Ku Klux Klan, Rev. Roy E. Davis. While working with Jones, Branham admitted that he first came in contact with the Christian Identity doctrine in Davis’ Pentecostal church through elder George DeArk, though in that version of his stage persona, Branham claimed to have rejected it.[47] Long before working with Jones, however, Branham taught the fundamentals of Christian Identity. He claimed that the Jews were “servants” and to be separate from other Christians.[48] He taught Wesley Swift’s genealogy of the “two seed doctrine,” pointing to the offspring of Ham (believed to be the nations of Africa) for the evil “seed” as early as 1953.[49] Though Branham appears to have concealed his personal beliefs towards the superiority of people with white skin while working with Jones, it is clear that the Klan had a deep influence on Branham’s doctrine. As Roy Davis rose through the ranks of the Third Wave of the Ku Klux Klan to become the Imperial Wizard,[50] Branham’s white supremacy doctrine became more openly taught in his revivals.

In 1959, Roy Davis was chosen to be the Imperial Grand Dragon of the Ku Klux Klan in Dallas by Imperial Wizard Eldon Edwards.[51] Davis was widely discussed in national news media during this time, and Branham frequently dropped Davis’ name in his healing revivals. Branham wanted his listeners to know that he had a long history with the Imperial Wizard.

Well, I remember Dr. Roy Davis, a—a—a personal friend of mine, who baptized me the only time I’ve ever been baptized. And he said that John was meaning, I remember this in their school, he said, “John knowed that he had never been baptized, himself, so he… Jesus. John suffered Jesus to baptize him.” Well, that, I— I different with the—the great Doctor there. Not for controversy, but for the sake of Truth I might say this. No, there was two men, the two leaders of the hour, the Messiah and His prophet met in the water.

– William Branham, 1963[52]

As the Klan and other white supremacy groups in the 1960s rose against the education system for the push towards racial integration, Branham began shifting his doctrines towards alignment with the agenda. Branham claimed that “education, civilization, and the modern trend of the day” was “of the devil.[53] He claimed that the school system was producing a large percentage of “mentally retarded” students.[54] He openly declared himself to be a “segregationalist,”and taught that one cannot be a Christian if they were not.[55] His “Hybreeding” doctrine transitioned to include the public school system in the theology, blasting politicians for trying to “ruin the race of people” because African Americans “got better schools” than whites.[56] Branham labeled Civil Rights Leaders such as Martin Luther King, Jr. as “communist,”[57] and was very outspoken against students such as Air Force veteran James Meredith who fought for equal opportunity.[58]

Prior to this, the versions of William Branham’s stage persona were vastly different and influenced a wide range of people and movements. Like Jim Jones, Children of God founder “Moses” David Berg was a Latter Rain convert deeply influenced by Branham. The Children of God was infamous for their “Happy Hookers for Jesus,”[59] women that recruited men into the cult through sex. Berg was a Christian & Missionary Alliance minister ousted from the organization due to allegations of sexual misconduct.[60] After Berg was defrocked, Branham issued a prophetic blessing on his ministry – just as he had done for Jones in 1956[61] – and inspired Berg to teach junior classes.[62] This eventually led to the formation of the Children of God sect. Until his death in 1994, Berg continued to promote Branham’s prophetic ministry, publishing literature about the “Life Story” accounts Branham used for his stage persona,[63] teaching Branham’s doctrine about UFOs, spreading news about Branham’s “halo” photograph and “angelic commission,”[64] and more.

Some of those doctrines, such as the doctrine of other-worldly dimensions and UFOs, carried forward to the same version of stage persona in use when Jim Jones worked with Branham in the Latter Rain revivals.[65] Like Berg, Jones remained fully aligned with those extra-terrestrial doctrines.[66] Berg, however, was converted under an earlier version of the stage persona than Jones, and was aligned with white supremacy. Berg openly stated that he was “an anti-Semite because God is! Yes I’m a racist because God is![67] Interestingly, splinter groups of Berg’s Children of God sect, such as the “Jesus Christians,”[68] openly showed their support for Paul Mackenzie’s doomsday theology[69] during Mackenzie’s arrest in 2019 for radicalizing children with Christian extremism.[70]

Jim Jones was clearly not aligned with Branham’ white supremacy agendas, however, and had separated Peoples Temple from Branham as the racist themes began to emerge. This is not the case, however, with many splinter groups of Branham’s “Message” cult. As unusual as it sounds, Branham’s doctrines of white supremacy are widely adopted among converts in the nations of Africa – including converts with black skin – and some openly teach the racist version.

In the Ivory Coast, for example, black “Message” sect leader Kacou Philippe prides himself in being fully aligned with the latest version of Branham’s stage persona, and openly teaches the white supremacy doctrines. Philippe is fully aware that they were intended for purposes of discrimination against people with black skin and instructs his converts to accept the discrimination. It is, according to Philippe, the “divine decree” of the “white man” for “peace and stability.”

All the gold, the diamonds, all the petroleum and all the subsoil and the fertile lands and the woods of Africa and everything on the soil of Africa is the original property of the white man, who has the right to deport them to America to work in his cotton and sugar cane plantations. Learn to comply with this divine decree for peace and stability.

– Kacou Philippe[71]

Philippe was introduced to Branham’s teachings through Latter Rain leader Ewald Frank and considers himself to be a disciple of Frank rather than a disciple of Branham. Frank was instrumental in helping establish various sects devoted to William Branham’s doctrine in multiple parts of the world, including South America. Frank has deep ties[72] to the infamous Colonia Dignidad where hundreds of people were killed and buried in mass graves.[73] In Africa, Frank’s influence reaches as far west as Ivory Coast and as far east as Nairobi, Kenya, near Paul Mackenzie’s suicide sect.[74]

Philippe claimed that Branham laid the initial foundation of the doctrine, which he called “the Evening Light,” and that Frank furthered Branham’s doctrine with “the Midnight Cry,” for which Philippe’s sect is named.[75] That foundation includes the Christian Identity doctrine of Wesley Swift, the same racist theology used by Paul Mackenzie to brainwash his sect of converts. Like Jones and Berg, Phillipe adopted Branham’s doctrines of dimensions and UFOs.[76] Philippe is recognized, however, for the hate speech, and has been arrested multiple times.[77]

We know that there are two seeds on the earth! A seed of God through Adam then Abel and a seed of the devil through the serpent then Cain, and that’s what I want to talk about this evening. But to begin with, I would like to say that if a sister insults or says an offensive word to her child, you must call her out to order on the fact that the Message prohibits that! If she persists, the elders must hear her! It is an act of insubordination!

– Kacou Philippe[78]

There are literally thousands of similar sects spread around the world that are dedicated to Branham’s teaching or influenced by Branham’s doctrine. The vast majority of them are somewhat benign when compared to sects led by Jones, Mackenzie, Mercier, Berg, Philippe, and Colonia Dignidad. Some have radicalized, but in much different ways. Some sects terrorize women on the streets for not adhering to the Pentecostal dress code.[79] Others abuse their power over brainwashed converts to have sex with them,[80] often through polygamy[81] but sometimes rape.[82] Leaders of splinter groups use their power for financial schemes, money laundering,[83] and organizing assaults on members of other faiths.[84] There is no way to predict when or how the radicalized sects will lead their members into a climactic event such as the Jonestown Massacre or the Shakahola Forest Massacre, but one thing is for certain: All sects that have been radicalized by Branham’s doomsday theology are at risk.

I’m glad that there’s something to get us out of this pesthouse. There’s an open door, and it’s called death. Jesus stands in that door. Amen. He’ll guide me over the river. He’ll take me through that door. There’s a great door standing yonder, called death. And every time your heart beats, you’re one beat closer to it. And someday I must come to that door. You must come there. But when I come there, I don’t want to be a coward. I don’t want to scream and back off. I want to come to that door, wrap myself in the robes of His righteousness (not mine), His.

– William Branham, 1965[85]


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