A Listing of Known Survivors Who Stayed at the Park Hotel

Note: This list was prepared in conjunction with an article and timeline examining the events that occurred at or with survivors who stayed at the Park Hotel in the aftermath of the Jonestown tragedy. The survivors are listed in alphabetical order, with their ages in November 1978.

There are three groups, all of whom began the day of November 18, 1978, in Jonestown: Those designated with the prefix “a-” are those who accompanied Rep. Leo Ryan to the airstrip at Port Kaituma[1]; those designated with the prefix “b-” are those who left that morning as part of the so-called picnic group; and those designated with the prefix “c-” are those who were still in Jonestown as the deaths began.

a-Monica Bagby 18[2]

a-Edith Bogue 39

a-Jim Bogue 46

a-Juanita Bogue 21

a-Teena Bogue 22

c-Mike Carter 20

c-Tim Carter 30

b-Richard Clark 41

c-Stanley Clayton 25

a-Harold Cordell 41

c-Grover Davis 78

b-Julius Evans 30

b-Sandra Evans 30

b-Sharla Evans 7

b-Shirelle Evans 5

b-Sonya Evans 11

b-Johnny Franklin 33

b-Diane Louie 27

a-Chris O’ Neal 21

a-Brenda Parks 18

a-Dale Parks 27

a-Edith Parks 64

a-Gerald Parks 45

a-Tracy Parks 12

b-Robert Paul 33

c-Mike Prokes 31

c-Odell Rhodes 36

c-Hyacinth Thrash 76

b-Leslie Wagner-Wilson 21

b-Jakari Wilson 3


[1] There were four other Jonestown residents who left with Ryan: Patty Parks, the only defector who was killed at the Port Kaituma airstrip shootings; Vernon Gosney, who was seriously wounded in the shootings and who evacuated to a U.S. hospital for medical treatment; Thom Bogue, who also had been wounded and was hospitalized for 30 days in Georgetown before flying back to the U.S.; and Larry Layton, who was in police custody for his role in the shootings, including his wounding of Vernon Gosney and Monica Bagby.

[2] Monica Bagby was reportedly the last known Jonestown survivor to arrive at the Park Hotel, arriving a week after the arrival of the 29 other survivors.