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Notes and calls of Mae Janaro and Frances Muchnick


[Editor’s note: The opening document in this entry is a transcript of a call between Temple member Claire Janaro and her mother-in-law, Mae Janaro. The main edit to this transcript is the insertion of the names of the speakers.]

Claire Janaro to Mae Janero, May 7, 1978


Claire Janaro: Hello Mom it’s only me again.

The City called and they wanted me to write down in more detail of what exactly Tim [Stoen] said about the petition and the prime minister because I was excited too when you told me, and I didn’t really want to quote you wrong you know. I thought that I had just better call you and write it down.

Mae Janero: He said that he is collecting as many petitions as he possibly can. That is why he is having this rally in front of the San Francisco Temple because the Prime Minister of Guyana said that if he could come up with a lot of petitions he might be able to do something.

Claire: Oh I see, okay. That’s exactly what I needed.

Mae: Did you understand that?

Claire: Yes, that’s when… that the prime minister would be able to do something if he came up with a lot of petitions.

Mae: If he came up with a lot of petitions, then he would be able to do something, or confront Tom Jones and get to the bottom of it. This fellow claims that Tom Jones is insane.

Claire: Tim Stoen actually said that Jim Jones was insane?

Mae: Yes, he actually said that he’s insane and a maniac.

Claire: And what did you tell me he said about who he was like?

Mae: What?

Claire: Did he compare him to Hitler?

Mae: Yes, he said that he’s insane and a maniac like Hitler.

Claire: … a maniac like Hitler

Mae: and he’s insane

Claire: Wow. Okay, did he…

Mae: he’s insane. He wants to – let’s see now – he’s insane and a maniac like Hitler. He wants… He’s a… He’s a… He’s coitizing? to gain a lot of power



Claire: Okay, did the Prime Minister say that he was working with Tim, or did Tim Stoen say that he was working with the Prime Minister?

Mae: Tim Stoen said the Prime Minister requested him to pick up as many petitions as he can and then he’ll work with it, and then he’ll do what must be done.

Claire: Did he say how many people he needed to sign, or any…

Mae: No, he didn’t say that. He told me that he was getting as many as he possibly could and he was going to contact everyone he could think of.

Claire: Did you say anything to him at all that you can remember that might have given…  to Tim Stoen himself…

Mae: No, I asked him who he was, and I said “Aren’t you the fellow who was in the newspaper about this child, this 6-year-year old yours?” He said yes, so I said I read all about that. I said that I read that in the paper. I don’t think it sounded too good – that’s what I said. And I told him that I was familiar with it because I think I have two articles about what’s happening. I had a couple of articles…

Claire: Did he say that the prime minister…

Mae: And he also said that he took away everybody’s passport and everybody is surrounded by armed guards.

Claire: Okay, that’s what I wanted to remember.

Mae: Yeah.

Claire: Did he say anything else that was bad or defamatory like that? Anything like that? Any other statements like that that we could certainly prove that they aren’t true?

Mae: Well, God, whatever he said was bad enough.

Claire:  Yeah.

Mae: He said that he was with Jim Jones a long time – many years, so he knows the man is insane, he knows the man is a para? [likely “paranoid”] maniac and he is trying to get all these people, brainwashing them telling them America are a bunch of fascists and… Oh, he condemned America very much.

Claire: What did he say about the armed guards and shooting to kill?

Mae: That if anyone is thinking or trying to run away from them, they ought to be shot.

Claire: Well, he is something else…

Mae: That nobody could even make an attempt to escape because he would make sure that they would be shot



Unknown party: That’s ridiculous…

Claire: Well, okay, that’s helpful. I got a lot of it down.

Mae: What are you going to do with it?

Claire: You see, I called because I was upset and I couldn’t tell them exactly.

Mae: Who did you talk to?

Claire: I talked to one of the secretaries there.

Mae: Well, at Timothy Stoen’s?

Claire: No, at our Temple.

Mae: Oh, I see.

Claire: See, and I just want to get this information to them because to see if they are getting other calls. I’m sure that other relatives are being called.

Mae: I’m wondering about that.

Claire: Right, so if he is telling the same story or what’s he saying?

Mae: Yes, see and I didn’t want him to… He got in touch with me, and I didn’t want him to get in touch with Judith. I didn’t want to

Claire: Yes, that’s a good idea.

Mae: I’ve got something to tell you.

Claire: What?

Mae: Judith is pregnant.

(Left out is the part about Judith and Prop 13)

Claire: You call me and let me know if you get a call tonight or tomorrow.

Mae: You know, he might call me again, because he wants my petition, but I’m going to tell my family to tell him that I’m not home.

Claire: Just tell him you’re not interested and you consider it harassment if he calls you or anybody in your family again. And call me and let me know if he calls.

Mae: Okay.



Claire: Did he leave a number or give you any way to contact him?

Mae: Yes, I have two numbers.

Claire: Okay, what are those?

Mae: Here, just a minute, I’ll get them. Don’t let this guy come after me.

Claire: Oh, he won’t come near you.

Mae: Now wait a minute… I wanted to know who I was talking to… Timothy Stoen and he has two telephone numbers: 391-8038 you would get that around nighttime. Daytime you could get 391-5020.

Claire: Did he say if that was San Francisco or Los Angeles?

Mae: I think that is where he lives.

Claire: But he –

Mae: That’s his office.

Claire: But you don’t know if that’s Los Angeles or San Francisco…

Mae: I’m sure it’s San Francisco… Because he called me… Wait a minute 415 is San Francisco.

Claire: Yes, 415, right.

Mae: 415. He gave me that. He was on the phone a long time.

Claire: About how long?

Mae: Oh, I’m sure he was on the phone almost a half hour.

Claire: Wow.

Mae: And he is making a lot of phone calls. He is getting in touch with a lot of people and possibly trying to get all these petitions and he’s asking some people to come to San Francisco.

Claire: Did he say anything about money or collecting money for this?

Mae: He said… No, he didn’t say anything about collecting money. He said that he did want to, you know, tell people to go there with the money to pay their children’s fare if Jim Jones doesn’t want to give them the money – they are willing to collect the money to pay for the children’s fare as long as they get them out. But Jim Jones won’t give them a dime.



Mae: Did they tell you down at the Temple that they expect a rally there?

Claire: Well, I don’t know what he calls a rally, but if you get a chance ask him when it is. Ask him when it is, in fact Mom, try to lead him on – get as much information as you can, without giving him any information.

Mae: Okay.

Claire: Okay, fine.

Mae: Okay.

Claire: Because you’re a smart one – I know you know how to do that stuff.

Mae: Okay, dear, be careful, don’t be too upset, be careful.


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[Editor’s note: Handwritten note of Mae Janaro]

Mr. Timothy Stoen telephoned me at my home May 7, 1978 – explained to me that he wants to reach as many people as possible to talk about Jim Jones. He went on to say that he was with Jim Jones a few years and claims he discovered that he is going insane and is a power maniac, and Jim Jones wants to get control of thousands of adults and children, not only brainwashing them but removing all their personal belongings and finances also their passports so that it would be impossible for anyone to get away or come home if they want to. Also he threatens them with armed guards all around their village in order that no one could get out – also to shoot anyone if necessary. No outside relatives or parents are permitted to come to see anyone under any circumstances.



Mr. Stoen claims he is getting as many people as possible sign a petition. Also if the petition is large enough the claims can be brought against Jim Jones, that the Prime Minister of Guyana will step in with the law, and help to free all of the adults and children.

Mr. Stoen claims that in the brainwashing this scholarly, Jim Jones is telling them that America is full of fascist and political powers to destroy them and they must forget about coming back to America.



5/8/78 TOS & MJ [Tim Stoen & Mae Janaro]

Mae called to find out any time of rally

  1. Rally Wed noon at 450 Golden Gate Avenue, we expect between 50 & 70 people
  2. Is there anyone I can talk to LA – no, people are just scared to death – JJ didn’t build strong leadership in LA. We had a meeting there and only about 10 people showed up.
  3. Are any officials going to be at the demonstration – no, but we have had help from DA Freitas [San Francisco Dist. Atty. Joseph Freitas]. He wrote letters on Nov 25 on my behalf to PM [Prime Minister] Burnham & P. [Pres.] Carter.
  4. Who else could I talk to in LA? He then gave names & numbers of media persons.

Linda Douglas, CBS Television, KNXT – 5 PM. She would like calls & lots of mail
Phil Tracy, NW Mag [New West magazine] [2 illegible words]
SF Cronicle Marshall Kilduff
SF Examiner – Tim Reiterman




We are doing this now because there is no time before Jones cracks up

Only 3 people got out last June & nonsense last August

One person was insane & is in a rest home death threats didn’t mean anything to him. Who are the others?

Rosemary Williams 826-2921
Yulanda Crawford 392-1860 ex 397
Crawford –  Ukiah
Lawyer doing manual work – scared to death because of threats. He doesn’t want to get involved, refuses to talk.

I’m the most conspicuous they don’t bother me anymore.


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[Editor’s note: The following transcript is of a telephone conversation between Tim Stoen and Frances Muchnick, the mother of Claire Janaro. This document also appears as BB-31-a-63 – 65.]

I Frances R. Muchnick, declare under penalty of perjury that the following is true and correct:

On Sunday, the 7th of May, 1978 around 7:30 PM, I received the following phone call from a Mr. Timothy Stoen:

TS: Mrs. Frances Muchnick? I don’t know whether you remember me or not, what I net you some years ago at the People’s Temple Church in Redwood Valley, and I’m calling to let you know of a mass Protest Meeting to be held in front of the Federal Building in San Francisco on Wednesday, May 10th.

FM: What kind of meeting?

TS: We are a group of 25 parents who have children or relatives in the Agricultural Mission in Guyana, and they are being held there incommunicado. There is no way you can reach them by phone or radio or get to see them. Five parents have traveled to Guyana and came back without seeing their children. I understand that your children and grandchildren are there also.

FM: Yes, my grandchildren are there, and my son-in-law is there, but my daughter Claire is still here in Redwood Valley. By the way, how did you ever get my number to call me?

TS: Oh, I didn’t know that Claire was still in Redwood Valley – I got your number from Mr. & Mrs. Janaro, at 763-4119, and they asked me to call you. They wanted you to know what was going on.

FM: Did you know my Claire and Richard?

TS: Oh yes, very well. I was as dedicated a worker for the Temple as they are, five years ago. But then I began thinking that things were not going exactly as I has contemplated they would, because the more power that Jim Jones possessed, the more he wanted to use. I tried to break away from the church two times – I went as far as London to get away from it all, and try to think things out clearly for myself – but Jim sent someone after me and begged me to come back. I decided to give it another try. For some reason, I was told to sign a paper saying that Jim was the father of my child (TS didn’t say what the reason was), and now I want my child back. I have a suit going on in the Guyanese courts.

FM: Have you ever been to Guyana?

TS: Yes, I spent about 3 months there.

FM: What did you find there?

TS: It was a very beautiful spot – and good food – a little starchy, but good. When I was there, there are only about 75 people there, and now there are about a 1000. So I don’t really know what the conditions are there now.



FM: I understand that Jonestown is in a remote region and difficult to get to.

TS: The difficulty wasn’t getting out of there, once you get in. Now, no one can leave. The mail is definitely censored in Jonestown. I know that firsthand.

FM: If the people in Jonestown are being held captive or against their will, how come you don’t go to the government for help in getting them released?

TS: Oh, I did. I spent two weeks in Washington, trying to get through some of the bureaucracy there – trying to get people to listen to me. I spoke to (or THEY, meaning the group), Prime Minister Burnham about investigating Jonestown.

FM: Do you know Lt. Governor [Mervyn] Dymally?

TS: Very well. In fact, he was on the plane with me when I went to Guyana.

FM: Well, it is my understanding that Lt. Gov. Dymally was very favorably impressed with what he found there, and came back full of enthusiasm with the progress and the lifestyle program that they are accomplishing in Jonestown.

TS: He was very impressed at that time, but we have been talking to him and he is weakening in his opinion of Jonestown since we have been informing him and putting on some pressure. Jim Jones is a master at mind control, is power mad, it has gone to his head, is paranoid and can’t take criticism of any kind. Claire and Richard are completely under the influence of Jim, and are very loyal to him and would do anything he asked – Claire would even kill someone if he asked her to.

FM: I have complete confidence in the intelligence of Claire and Richard and their ability to judge what is right for them and their children!

TS: People are afraid to come forth and expose Jim and the Jonestown situation for fear of retaliation by Jim or his henchmen – several people were threatened that their houses would be burned – but when they came forth – nothing really happened to them or their homes.

FM: Have you ever witnessed any physical violence against members of the church, or anyone who tried to leave the church?

TS: When I was a member I saw, (I think he said Jim) paddle people as punishment.

TS: I just wanted to let you know what we are trying to do. We are asking Jim to please let our children come back here for one week (at our expense) so that we can see them again, and then let them decide for themselves whether they want to return to Jonestown or not. If they decide that they want to return to Jonestown, we will send them back.

FM: Well, that sounds like a fair enough request.



TS: Also I want to let you know that Jim wrote letters to all of our Senators and Congressmen, saying that he would rather die than be harassed from continent to continent. Jim has strayed so far from the original concept of a better world to live in – is so inflated by his power, that if things don’t go Jim’s way, Jim could get his followers to partake in a mass suicide action if he so decreed.

TS: If you want to reach me for any reason, or any further information as to the progress of the group, new free to call me at my law office in San Francisco, on Montgomery Street. The number is 391-5020.

FM: Are you calling from Los Angeles?

TS: No, I’m calling from San Francisco.

FM: This really is a long toll call. I want to thank you for calling me and telling me about your group, but I still have all the confidence in the world the judgment of Claire and Richard.

The above pieces of conversation may be out of sequence, but considering the emotional distress I was going through hearing all these things, and knowing that they are out to destroy this miraculous achievement by a group of valiant and courageous people under the leadership of a man they dearly love and respect, Jim Jones – the above is as near as I can recollect. It may not be verbatim, but it is to the best of my knowledge and memory.

Executed on May 8th, 1978 at Los Angeles, California.

/s/ Frances R. Muchnick
Frances R. Muchnick