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Daisy Lee Stroud statement on Kathy Hunter

[Editor’s note: This unsigned document was handwritten by Jonestown resident Daisy Lee Stroud, who wrote a similar account published here.]



At 4:30 I was approached by the hotel manager at the [illegible word]. He asked where I was going. I told him nowhere. He also said, “You’re not a guest here are you?” I said “No”. Then he asked why I was at the hotel. I said, “I’m here writing a friend.” He said what floor is your friend on. I said, “My friend is not on any floor.” Again he asked me why I was on my way up the stairs, what was I up to. I said “I was not up to anything, just curious about the place because it is my first time here.” Then came along 3 detectors saying I was looking for Cathy [Kathy] Hunter. My response was I denied knowing Cathy, even heard of her. Then the three detectives took me to the pool area and started asking me the same questions as above. I still refused to say anything, then one of the detectives brought up Cathy Hunter, saying he had been watching Tim & I all morning and wanted to know why I was making all those phone calls. I refused to answer. Finally he said, that the number 68787 has called to find out about Cathy’s flight. I said, “I don’t know anything about it.” He asked me my name, where I was originally from, where I’m staying – I said at Dennis



Street, and also asked for the lot. I told him I can’t remember. But he knows it’s in Campbellsville. Asked where my parents are. I said “They are in the States.” Asked when I came to Guyana & why? I told the 2 detectives I came in Sept. I came because I hear it’s a nice place. I was then asked who I’m staying with. I said, “I don’t have to answer nothing.” One of the nasty detectives said, “If you keep it up you won’t be here much longer.” I thought about them [illegible word] me back to the States which Dad won’t let them do it. That night came a White Night. Trying to prevent that I decided to answer some of their questions. I told him I was staying with Terry Carter & Tim Carter. They asked about our occupation. I said that Terry is a housewife. Tim & I are not working here – they asked how we survived. I sent my parents send us money. They asked when we let them know they want money. I said, “Couple of months.” Again they asked me what I was doing at the Pegasus. I said I refused to answer, then they took me to the police station & began writing




my statement on a piece of paper. Officer Naught took the statement. He began questions such as my name, where I was from, where are my parents, what do my parents do, where I live in the States. My responses were my parents’ names are Yew Lim Lee & Fung Trey Lee. My dad is a [illegible word] who is now on a leave of absence, and my mother is a seamstress. I live at 644 Jackson St., Apt 7. Also asked what was my occupation back in the States. I told him I left during my 3rd year in college and I had a part-time job at the San Franciscans Center taking care of patients. Also he asked for my birth date & age. I said, “I was born on Dec. 5, 1956,” which he had already asked me at hotel but by mistake he wrote on Dec. 15, 1956. After all this he asked, “where is Terry’s husband?” I told him he is in the Northwest. He again asked what does he do there. I said “he is in agriculture.” Then asked if Tim is also from Northwest and originally from the US. I said “yes.” He asked if he’s married & has any children. I told him one son she &



the child are in the Northwest. He asked for Terry’s husband’s name. I told him it is Lou [Lew] Jones – asked for his nationality – responded Korean. Again he brought up Cathy Hunter, how she is related to us. Asked if I know her – I said “no, I have never met her before. All I know is that she is a journalist write bad things about Peoples Temple. Asked if Tim has spoken at the hotel. I told him no. Then he asked if she was member of Peoples Temple. I said “no.” He then began asking about Peoples Temple. I told him we are located in the Northwest in Port Kaituma. We have started this agricultural project 4 years ago. We have a free medical clinic that opens to the public. Then he said if I got rich can I come. I said “yes.” Also I mentioned, we adopt needy children, we have adopted Guyanese Amerindians etc. He asked if the headquarters is in SF. I said “yes.” And asked who’s the leader. I said Jim Jones. Asked where he is




I said he is in the Northwest also. Ask for Jim Jones’ nationality. I said, “I don’t know.” The last question also on the Peoples Temple was the population. I said over a thousand. He asked what I do in the interior. I told him I’m a schoolteacher – teach 8-9 years of age purpose teach them read & write. Going back he asked me how long have I been in Guyana, and do I have a passport and did my passport state that I would stay here permanently. I told him in the passport it stated 2 weeks visit. After being here I decided to [illegible word]



Lastly, he said we will check it out tomorrow & give the house a call and I signed my name.

[3 illegible words] I went to immigration to help them grant me a permanent stay which they did. Just before the end he again asked why I was going upstairs. I told him I was just curious when I saw the lad going up since I’ve never been to the Pegasus before I said to him I wouldn’t have gone up if there was a sign saying restricted and I also said in the US where there’s no sign it is open to the public. I also said if it was your first time you would have done it too. Just going back once more, at the hotel I was told that I’ve been there before. I denied that strongly. About making the phone calls, I told them I have the right to, there was nothing wrong calling home but one of the detectives said the number 66787 is not my home. I yelled at him saying it is my home phone. I know I live there. But he kept on arguing it. When I arrived at the police station I was told if my statement is the truth I will not be arrested because I didn’t do anything serious wrong but don’t trespass a restricted area open to hotel guests only.