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Letter to radio host from Concerned Relative Neva Sly

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Envelope addressed to Ron Owens, KGO Radio, 277 Golden Gate Ave., San Francisco, CA 94103; from 1550 Bay Street, #307, San Francisco, CA 94123



Re: People’s Temple

Dear Ron:

I called your show the night Charles Garry was on the show with you.

I said that my 16-year-old son, Mark, is in Guyana illegally. By illegally, I mean he is there without a legal guardian, and without my permission.

I saw Mark a year ago in October, at which time he asked me to let him leave the Temple and stay with me. He didn’t want to go to Guyana.

At that time, I still felt that I was a traitor, (brainwashing a la Jim Jones), and Mark was still better off in the Temple. Since then, I realized the jeopardy I have put him in, and I have asked that he be returned to me, without success.

I called Mr. Garry’s office, and Mr. Garry told me that because of the static they were having trouble making telephone contact with Guyana, and that it might be the weather

I have been told that Mark doesn’t like it in Guyana, and he is giving them a bad time.

Therefore, because of the sadistic nature of the discipline, I am worried about him.

Please, Ron, help us! We are desperate with worry.

We are unable to get the Jim Jones legally, because he doesn’t do the dirty work, his followers do.

Please stay with it.

Thank you,

Neva Jean Sly
1550 Bay Street, #307, San Francisco, CA 94123
(415) 921-8138