X-3-f-28 – 30d • Donna Stanfield SSA snafu


On R. Parr’s advice, I guess, Donna Stanfield refused to sign the SSA-21, the transfer document which is required by the Social Security Administration for transfer of SSA benefits from the USA to Guyana. If she plans to remain in Jonestown, this document needs to be completed and signed and returned to us here in San Francisco. She also gave us 2 different addresses: Box 336, Moss Beach, CA and 3560 Fleetwood, San Bruno, and we need to know which of these addresses her checks come.

She also gets a pension from the Emporium Department Store ($52.89/mo.), so we need a letter from her to them saying that she would like for them to stop sending her checks to wherever they were sent previously and forwarded on to her Guyana address.

The “Notice of Missing Social Security Check” is included in case you need it. As she would send nothing but her Immigration forms when she was here, we have no Power of Attorney forms, nor automobile transfer documents from her. Please have her sign the Post Office address change cards and return them to us too.

The above-mentioned materials will be included in an envelope marked for Maria. A list of her relatives, their names, addresses and relationship to her would be helpful, but not quite as important as the above mentioned things.

Phyllis 10/12
/s/ Phyllis [Chaikin]

[Editor’s note: Balance of document consists of forms listed in memo.]