x-3-f-35 – 36b • Coded messages to “Dr. Henderson”


Dr. Henderson –

Here is a list of financial alternatives. Please let us know which if any would be suitable. There is a code sheet here so it should cover any situation – Margaret and I both have copies – was out of the country I guess we will be giving messages to Jean Brown – so that we don’t have to call her at work. Somehow Julia needs to tell Martha where we will be staying and Martha can call their leaving the number of the payphone she will be calling us from or what time (her time) she will be [illegible word] at that location.

(The codes are complete enough that if you have different financial alternatives, that they can be relate with some ease.



x-3-f-36a – 36b

Dr. Henderson –

At this point we are going to leave cash at Rus[sian] Embassy and get a receipt for the funds. We will let them read the will so they know it is theirs in our death –

– We will then go to Pam and either pull the funds or change D.B.’s [Debbie Blakey] name – whichever you decide – we will go to Sue’s and do the same.

– If we pull funds we will either put them in safekeeping in Russia to be theirs on our deaths or else we will put them in a numbered account in Sue’s – whichever you decide –

Hopefully the codes and alternatives we have sent you will allow us to communicate comprehensively with ease –

– If Mrs. White visits you all funds will be given to Elenor and we – after checking to see that Baker, Lauras and  [illegible name] are gone will go on to visit Stennis to give some politicalization to the end –


[Editor’s note: While most of the names here are in code, the name “Mrs. White” is known to mean the final White Night.]