Writings of Jack Barron

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[The letters on this page derive from several sources, principally FBI Section 126 • EE-1 • Letters to Dad (A-F) and FBI Sections 121-123 • BB-31 – BB-32 • Tim Stoen, D Touchette.]

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EE1-AB-42a – 42e

Jack Barron Letter to Jim Jones

[Editor’s note: Letter is typed in all capital letters]

October 4, 1977

Dear Father,

Sorry for the long absence without a line to you but have been trying to see that things have move along knowing well that the morale of the people is very important. Am happy to report that morale is high. Everyone to a more or lesser degree, (the workers) are feeling the importance of carrying on our final goal.

I have just returned from the East Coast also all of the little cities surrounding the Gulf of Mixico in search of our desperately needed barge and vessel. Needless to say, on being able to observe the country and trying to find what we need, all of your predictions and everything that you have told us is vastly coming to a point of no return. Certainly America is plunging at a fast rate to the proverbial “hell in a handbasket”. I found vast misrepresentations about the barge that Gene and I had concluded had all of the various dimensions and equipment that we needed for our operations in the P.L. Upon investigating the vessel we tried to find the captain that had done the original survey. The survey is supposed to give an accurate account of the condition of the vessel. Richard [Janaro] and I found out that none of the real basic things had been checked, such as audio test and also electrolysis test. The audio is a test to determine how much of the bottom and sides have been eaten away thru corrosion or thru scraping the bottom of the vessel. The electrolysis test is to determine the welded seams of the vessel. We contacted other surveyors and were advised to make this offer. That we would put the vessel in dry dock and if these tests proved good,



(electrolysis and audio) that we would pay for the drydocking because the motors and other things had to be installed and we were aware of that and also there was a great accumulation of barnacles below the water line. We knew to get the proper tests and even to make for good preservation of the vessel the bottom needed to be sandblasted so you could get down to the real metal and see if it was adequate. I called the owner of the vessel and told him we would put it in dry dock but if it proved to pass the test we would pay for it, if not he would pay for it. Upon this he protested loudly and said not to put it in dry dock. I then offered him 8 cents a pound for the scrap it offered. He turned me down flat and told me he had other people interested. I told him I’d travelled across country on his recommendation that it was a good vessel and I had fallen over the line trying to get his vessel all the way from California. Hah Hah !!! Now the surveyor Mr. Wood that we contacted suggested many places in New Orleans where we would find a more concentrated number of barges. I have look at many barges and found out that getting a barge would be no problem, but to our specifications and our needs a real problem indeed. The self propelled types with a crane and crew quarters are few and far between. No doubt Richard has informed you of this. I contacted many ship yards one of which suggested that we build our own and informed me that he was importing steel from Brazil. He said the steel was of the same quality that we produce here in the United States at one third cheaper than it would cost here. I phoned this information back to that it could be related to you. I don’t know whether you got the information. He informed me that it wouldn’t cost too much to get a



marine architect to draw the plans for such a vessel. Since being back home I understand that Richard Parr and Ken Norton have been kicking around the idea of maybe building down there a wooden barge out of our wood, but there is a tremendous strain on even metal barges and in my opinion and from what I have observed it would not be to our best interests to take all of the time and effort for a project that would need constant repair for such heavy loads as would be required to haul.

The surveyor that we were talking to advised that I look into these different ship compnies in New Orleans which I did. As I contacted many of them I ran into the same old problem of people wanting to sell off junk that had the life used out of it (the barges I mean). On contacting one of the ship yards a man asked me if I’d heard of the Marine Exchange Corporation? I told him I hadn’t and he gave me several things in it I thought I ought to look into for us. When I informed him who we were (Valley Enterprises) he informed me that they don’t do business with anyone not listed with them. That everybody that registers anything for sale with them has to be investigated and their vessels or whatever they are selling has to be in useable condition. Also that third parties are cut out and there is no misrepresentation and all of the various things that I had run into with that other S.O.B. in St. Petersburg. In the publication that we are getting on the mailing list for, is a couple of utility ships 100 feet long and 30 feet wide and the price is between 75 and 80 thousand dollars. There is adequate space to haul quite a bit of freight and also quite a few people. Now these vessels are located here on the West Coast and as soon as we get our membership card back they will inform me on how I can contact these people and they will send me adequate information to see if we want to pursue this particular area.



You mentioned a front gate type such as an LCM landing craft type. There were no such vessels in the Gulf or lower East Coast area but I was informed that there was a concentration of such type vessels up around Virginia and the Cheasapeake Bay Area. Evidentially they are an item hard to come by as Norman has tried before. One was listed but it had been converted to a pile driver for making docks, breakwaters, etc. We are waiting for our reply from the Marine Exchange so we can get on with the project.

I put the van on the dock to be shipped over there, so it should be loaded with the rest of our stuff the last of this week. Also talked to our shipper and he was telling me that it is not uncommon for the customs to make periodic checks on items being shipped out of the country but what seemed to bother him was that these people looking thru our stuff were not local customs people. He said he told the customs people that we had shipped an awful lot of stuff with them such as agricultural etc., and if they any suspicion of us they sure waited a long time to look into anything. So he is writing a letter to the head of the customs and trying to find out why his dock and our stuff were being harrassed. He will get the information to [Jim] Randolph and you will be advised as soon as we learn anything.

A note of information. The working class blacks outnumbering whites down in the New Orleans area, last Saturday elected their first black mayor. Isn’t that ironic that at the same time eight senators were trying to get an impeachment proceeding going on in Washington to impeach Andy Young. Are we to accept this as progress for the blacks?



In the immortal words of Ma Jones, “Me thinks this is bull shit”.

I will close hoping this small report will give you an idea of what we have found and what some of our suggestions are. We will be anxious to carry out any suggestions or plans that you may have for us in any regard.

Your son,



Confessional Letter from Jack Barron to his Sister

Dear Sis,

I would like to tell you about a thing I did in Pennsville back in 1938. I killed a boy and buried him behind Campbell’s barn. I feel I have to tell you at this time to help clear my conscience.

Jack D. Barron


EE1-AB-69a – 69b

Jack Barron Letter to Jim Jones

To: father From: Jack Barron

a House was sold for taxes, and the owner a black woman received only $173. The house was worth $40,000.

When meteing out discipline it is Necessary to consider a persons ability to accomplish the task.

There exists a super secret police that has private files that even the F.B.I. cannot get to. and they are responsible to No one. Their network covers all the Major cities in the U.S. and is tied to SWAT.

Both the Nazi Party and the K.K.K. are increasing in numbers all over the U.S.

Boston is a most racist city. Among other things they had a sign over a courthouse that says “Everyone should own a Nigger”, and stayed up for 3 months.

Ambassador to the United Nations, a black man named Anderson [Andrew Young], has been very badly treated by the press and President Carter has been asked to fire him because he accused the U.S. and Britain of being Racist.

The gay crowd marched in S.F. to protest the change in the laws effecting them.

Juveniles are being treated as adults in court and are given very rough sentences for shop lifting.

A doctors son got 5 years, so even the middle class is getting the same treatment.

The super police is a preliminary to a military take over.



Jack Barron Letter to Dad on Tim Stoen

To: Dad
From: Jack Barron
Re: Tim Stoen

I suggest that many of us write to Tim, and on the inside letter itself, we address him as Brother James [Judas]. Then ask if he wants his 30 pieces of Silver. Unquote!

There might be a loss of face to his CIA supporters, when trying to answer these queries. Who would among them believe his story?


EE1-AB-72a – 72d

Jack Barron Answers to Test Questions

News test June 10, 1978 Jack Barron

  1. Social Democracy, Trotskyism, Revisionism, anarchism
  2. Prop 13 $7,000,000 Reduction in money for the poor people in California; it paid for on the job training for some and other benefits for poor and black. Transportation. Several thousand in bay area will be laid off.
  3. Armed struggle is the use of firearms by a group to empower the condition of people. Terrorism is the senseless shoot or killing of people with only fear or confusion as an end. Example of terrorism is The Zodiak Killer
  4. 1437
  5. a) police can arrest you if you have a criminal visiting your house.
  6. b) We can no longer declare the fifth amendment in several court circumstances.
  7. c) Police no longer have to tell you your rights.
  8. d) Army no longer has to pay you or return you Home if they say they need it
  9. e) [blank]
  10. f) [blank]
  11. g) [blank]
  12. I do not know cholera question
  13. Nkomo told Carter than Africans can help themselves and felt insulted that the US interferes.
  14. Religion etc. oppress people by taking their mind off work and politics which helps people get improvement.
  15. They both use religion to opress people. They both are fascist and use bigotry of all kinds as a wedge by dividing people.
  16. The police were trying to prevent the deputy & his followers by causing the assasinations working with [illegible]
  17. Mugabe and Nkomo were leaders of the Zimbabwe Patriotic organization in Rhodesia
  18. Carter stopped SALT in order to press the U.S.S.R. to get out of Zaire & Ethiopia
  19. Conflict over Boundary lines especially those on coast or in the water (islands). Purpose of Viet Nam long Range to united Indochina into a federation.
  20. I heard nothing except the Name of Esmerelda.
  21. Carter wants U.S.S.R. to stop helping in Africa and to otherwise get out of Africa.
  22. Turkey threatened to leave Nato in order to get Arms from U.S. otherwise they will get them from U.S.S.R.
  23. China, U.S. going to war with U.S.S.R.
  24. If you are arrested by police you answer no questions, sign No papers and get in touch with Peoples Temple.
  25. Andrew Young is a Revisionist. he changed his line to keep his job.
  26. Sadat-Egypt / Ian Smith-Rhodesia / Vorster-U.S. Africa / Begin-Iseal / Brezhnev-U.S.S.R. / Castro-Cuba
  27. Magazine in Z. was (Time.)
  28. Z-means (he is alive.)
  29. Don’t know Johnny Harris.
  30. Joan Little was an American Communist who quit the party because she was disillusioned with China, Stalin and the lack of unity of U.S. Communist members.


EE1-AB-2a – 2b

Jack Barron Statement on Socialism

Dear Father,

Socialism is a means to communism and communism means, (From each according To Their ability, To each according to their need.)

Also all things are shared as well as respossibility.

People have suffered without communism far too long, since time began, it is time to stand or die for [page over] the comming of socialism. It is the perfect way to live. All who think and act to the contrary are greedy and selfish persons, who do not deserve any consideration.

“To fight for what is right is the greatest sport the world affords,”

Jack Barron


EE1-AB-17a – 17b

Jack Barron Typed Letter to Jim Jones

Jack Barron Teacher

A write up on the Russian Movie and the Day of the Jackal.

The Russian movies showed the great deal of progress made since the Revolution. In thecase of the Men who started as ordinary circumstances, with thier own effort and training could be a leader in 1. Steel production items, 2. Laying railroad track in very trying circumstances and taught crews to work together with close harmony to accomplish the impossible. Also the heavy construction unit crew leader who helped to build at least three construction jobs which rank on the world scale. The air force pilot who wound up growing wheat in super large quantities and ran a freindly competition with a Manchurian who was a Family friend and celibrated together. The Women who were also members of the Soviet Government, even when thy keep thier jobs in the factory or as a writer. They do not have to come from the right families or the money families in order to get the responsibility of government.

The people in the parades appeared to be well fed and very high spirited. There was a close tie between their heroes and the people in the side lines as shown by passing out the flowers.

Day of the Jackal. The killer was definitely dedicated to his work. Even if he had no obligation to complete his assinment he did so anyhow.  It took a lot of planning and a great deal of body skills as well as know how to accomplish his feet. Super secrecy was the big asset which allowed him to time to do it at his own time. The purpose of the contract seemed to be more of revenge than to bring about change, because the political damage had been done and at this time could not very well be reversed. He was very cold blooded in all his efforts which allowed him to accomplish his purpose.

/s/ Jack Barron

I am available to do anything required of me at any time and go any place to do what is necessary for the cause. I wish to be a sniper.


I am guilty of losing my job at Masonite too soon befor I came to Guyana. I could have saved 150 dollars from unemployment. I also lost church money by making unecessary purchases while at the Ranch.

I am especially guilty of not doing what I feel should be a good days work, only on very rare ocassion have I been properly satisfied that I did a full days work. I also feel very guilty about being too Pollyanish with reports and I do not properly face the adverse side of a situation needing my attention.


EE1-AB-17c – 17f

Teacher Jack Barron

Notes on the news.

Book “Chile Prisoners of War” by Orlando Corrasco

  1. 9 million U.S. dollars paid for the coup.
  2. No one chose to leave the radio station when fighting broke out
  3. Full scale attack on government center, including U.S. aircraft
  4. Prisoners were interogated, beaten, not allowed to sleep, and very little food. Then taken to temporary concentration camps.
  5. Three years earlier Dr. Allende won the election and started a socialist government. 9/4/70 after the election the the right wing and the military created much unrest.
  6. The military would not let workers out of the mines.
  7. Forms of torture; 1. run between soldiers while they beat and kicked. 2. Beat on while questioned. 3. Jammed elevator doors on victims fingers. 4. Ate cloth. 5. Alternated with kindness and brutality. 6. Hate and fury humiliation, breaking the spirit. 7. Threatened to shoot. 8. Disorientation, not knowing where or when they are going. 9. Continuos running, fatigue. 10. Deprivatin of food and water, and opportunity to urinate and Shit. 11. Sitting motionless. 12. Physical exhaustion. 13. Beating and killing others around them. 14. Subject to cold.
  8. At the national stadium 2 days later. All detainees were brought there. Forced to jog, skip and jeered at by the military. Editor of “Horizonte” Magazine, was inspired by the sight of the workers from the magazine to continue the fight, because of the 30 years prior persicution by the rightists and comming out stronger each time. the magazine was destroyed. The “Prince” the man in charge of handling the detainees, a tall young man, carried a small whip Macho, swayed hips, gave the impression of a woman.

Officers lied to the soldiers and tricked them by saying they were going to fight the enemy soldiers.


He made long speeches where he would bury Jews, Negroes, foreigners and Marxists to establish purity of the chilean race.

We were made to go three nights without sleep. The “Prince” said that he would teach them a lesson they would never forget. A sleeping man put out leg and tripped a soldier, he was hit and he fought back, he was beat to death. The soldiers got histerical.

A 9 year old boy ran into a guard and was shot to death. Shot three times.

He shot into the ceiling while prisoners lay face down.

When prisoners treid to sleep they were made to physically move around.

Some detainees fainted from hunger. Prince gave many beatings. He beat testicals with whips, all toilet facilities overun with piss and shit.

Victor Jara was there in basement on bench calm, spent his last hours there.

Sunday began to shift some to “Estado National for processing.

One week after coup, they had been in Estadio Chile)

Mentioned his shame at hostile treatment of foriegners. Cubans and Russians mostly.

Transkei on the coast ,Union of south Africa, Gained freedom S. Africa has largest world prodiction of Gold, diamonds, Antimony, platinum, chrome , copper, vanadium, vermiculite ,manganese, asbestos, coal, iron , lead, and zinc.

Nicaragua – The Samosas ­ richest family have controlled politcs for four decades. Is in a state of rebellion as a result of six La Paz women who went on a hunger strike protesting the Facist government. The red brigade has been shooting down Facists police and fascist in Equador, Argentina, Peru and Guatemala.

Botswana also broke away from South Africa.

Namibia – Also broke away from S. Africa, no puppet, They said they would rather die than lose thier dignity. Namibia assasinated every person from South Africa put there.

P.M. Burnham hailed as hero in N. Korea. He is adamant that The Gayana Dollar will not be devalued by IMF. PPP feels that it will put too great a burden on the Guyanese.

Nigeria – Gov. officials said his contry will back Guerilla Warfare against South africa as long as they have racist police. Disallusioned by Carter interest in oil rather than human rights.

Namibia – wannts to relocate thier whites to Uraguay, Santa Cruz region of Bolivia and Costa Rica.

Red Brigade – Italy, Shot business leader in legs, Director of Fiat Motors. Red Brigade asking for release of Euporean political prisoners and money to help liberation in other countries.

Aldo Moro pleading for his life, minutes left.

Patty Hearst – Denied final appeal, and will have to serve 7 years for armed robbery. Probably in a resort- type prison.

Afghanistan – plan to unite with Warsaw Pact heade by Ussr. Recently the president of the communist party was assasinate with one of his children in bloody attack. The people rebelled and were arrested, however the airforce killed the dictator and vice-president in a 24 hour revolution.

Somalia – they have crushed a second coup backed by Cubans.

Ethiopia – much conflict in area of Somalia. Eritrea a part of Ethiopia. Is in dispute Could be the beginning of a nuclear holocaust. Horn of Africa. U.S. wants to hold onto influence in Eritrea.

Yemen, E. Germany and USSR have promised sanctuary to Red Brigade.

Davis – Racist Cheif of Police is leading 2 to 1 in the polls over Gov. Brown. He supports FBI directors lynch-mob laws.

Diggs – pleading innocent ­– they are saying that he took $10,000 of his own funds and used the money not for the payroll. He is a senoir member of congress. Adam C. Powell was simlarly charged. Many people don’t see the handwritting on the wall

Hongiusto – Cleveland attempting to help him by getting signature to regain his job.

James EArl Ray – (killer of Martin L. King) Committee of 17 whites and blacks demand new trial for Ray. They feel that FBI and Memphis police had part in Kings muder.

15 members of congress are receiving checks for military disabilities. Ranges from $851 to $1,100 a month. They also take bribes from S. Koreans to negotiate under the table deals. ( they are doing far worse than Diggs is charged with he faces 175 years in prison.

S. Korean Airplane going to Paris and they treid to spy on Russia were shot down, 2 passengers were killed. Plane was equipped with spy equipment and the passengers were unawhere It shows that fascist don’t care about anyone elses lives.

Algeria, Angola, Upper Volta, Bata, Bissau, Botswana, Burundi, Cameroon, Chad, Congo, Dahomey, Egypt, Ethiopia, Gabon, Ghana, Mali, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Liberia, Malagasy Republic ,Malawi, Mauritania, Mozambique, Niger, Nigeria, Namibia, Rhodisia, Senegal Sierra Leone, Somalia, Sudan, Tanzania, Togo, Tunisia, Spanish Sahara U. of S. Africa, Uganda, Zaira, Zambia,


EE1-AB-4a, 4c, 4e – 4f

Jack Barron Letter to Jim Jones

To: Dad

From: Jack

Subject: Self Analysis

Although I don’t have feelings that I can recognize in the form of racism, I do recognize that when a strong disagreement comes, I speak stronger and harsher to black people and by this I recognize my short commings.

Male chauvinism, an area where I have made some progress, but here again there are at least two ways I can recognize it in myself. One, the time between my name being called by a male and a female for me to answer, it takes long to answer a female. Two, when using a similar argument to a female as a male, I will argue with less respect and louder voice to a female.


Tolerance toward youth is very low. I have a difficult time allowing them the right not to have known things which I feel they should have known. Nor the ability to see and do things through a learning period long enough to be trained. I am very impatient.

Although I am able to lead in work, getting things started and even try to complete things by pushing, I find myself figuring ways to keep from getting too tired or from working too long or too hard. I use other lighter work load activities to get out of hard work. Such as school preparations or researching work problems at times when I feel I should be working at top physical labor.

[Written upside down on bottom of page] Plant tampala in a row, prepared this week.


Sexual attraction, I feel has been reduced considerably during my stay here in Guyana, partly because of abstinance and partly to age.

Regardless of this condition I still like the idea of a companion and I am waiting for Inez Wagner to get here. We have a loose agreement for companionship to each other but nothing tight or exclusive.

I do not recall ever having had any sexual thoughts involving you Dad.

In regard to hostility to you, I recently wrote you a note about the P.A. system interfering with school hours and also I have felt the need for quiet near bed time; just to collect my own thoughts. Also I have built up hostilities during meal times when quite often it is the only times I get to talk to some people and I cannot talk because we are listening to the P.A. I know these hostilities [page over]


are selfish. I know everyone needs to hear what you say to us. But these hostilities show through at these times.


EE1-AB-4b, 4d, 5

Scratch paper regarding future considerations of crops

Future Considerations Peanuts

[Note: The whole page is covered in X marks]

  1. We are considering the whole hillside North of the East garden. Have to get permission.
  2. Area at south end of burn area south of cottages is very sandy. good for possible peanut crop.
  3. We are going to try one row at top of west garden (row 205)
  4. We are going to try a narrow bed. About 3’ wide. We will make one water furrow down the middle. Plant seed 6” apart 8” and 12” apart in order to find best yield.
  5. The 2 center spikes will be used on the spring loaded cultivator for covering seeds.
  6. The 2 ridgers set 3 feet apart will be used to cover peanut plants after plants flower well. at least a second covering pass.



[Note: The whole page is covered in an X mark]

Peanut Meeting

  1. Try gubers cultivator of peanuts as well as AK62
  2. Cost of shell and manure & potash
  3. Yield vs. cost.
  4. get 10 lbs. of AK62 for good next January
  5. gather research material for next meeting
  6. Wednesday meeting 8:00 P.M. of interested people in peanuts in school tent.
  7. Wednesday get pig manure.
  8. find cost figures on shell & manure. ($70/ton) use ashes.
  9. Discuss 4 wheel drive tractor. ?
  10. First cucumber seed germinated.
  11. Write U of Florida at Gainesville for the Industry standard book on Peanuts (on radio)



Janice Banks                           15        F.
Darla Banks                           14        F.
Deanna Banks                                    13        F.
Dennis James Banks (Jr)       13        M.
Tasina Wanbliwin Banks                  2          F.
A Tropa Maza Win Banks     1 ½     F.
Kamook Banks – wife                       23        F.
Ellen Moves Camp aunt                    48        F.
Dennis Banks                         44        M.