C-11-d-5a – 5b • Peoples Rally, July 4, 1978

[Editor’a note: Original document in all caps]

[Handwritten heading: ”Dad”]

July 4, 1978
(by Carol Dennis)

The new system of troika [troika] was explained down thru all the indiviual depts was explained.

There was no agricultural part partly due to the fact that now the new system is underway Dad feels that the reports should start changing and that they will be more to what is really happening.

He did make mention that poultry should be turned into a major area of the farm and that anything that could be thought of to step up the pace should be turned in and considered. Rob [Gieg] needs more bldgs and the chipper to make chips for the chickens health factor. The chipper will be in on the Albatross and Dad said to put the bldgs high on the priority list.

Jan [Jann Gurvich] mentioned that the Cuban black beans are just about ready for harvest and that picking all started in the next day or so. The green dryer is being put together by Albert T. [Touchette] should be ready to go by the time Jan needs it. That is what they are hoping for. No plans on how to build the dryer, but they think all the parts are there.

Dad said all supervisors must know to the minute where all their people are. Anyone that has to have a medical excuse to be off of work will have to spend the time in SCU or nursing center. They must rest with temp [temperature] taken every 15 min!!! Only high elevated fevers will get people off from work. If for some reason you feel you can’t do your job and you will be assigned to another (more to the kind that you don’t want).

Tower – Muggs cage is to make sure that they have total view points at all times.

Children are to be taught in classes about the danger of being around the backhoes, the Caterpillers, tracors. (Steven [Stephan Jones] told about how people will stand in the way or just keep sitting by the side of the road when they see one of the equip coming, or how they will run and walk along side of it or even hold onto the cable pulling the logs)

Dad said 120 more are waiting to come and he wants to know who they are, where they have been keeping theirselves, what they have been doing with their money and maybe even stand out on a corner with a cup for a while, before they come.