FBI Section 74 • C-6 • Guest Book

Section C-6 – which comprises the third and final file of Section 74 and which is labelled in the Guyana Index as “Guest Book” – consists of 37 pages. Because the single document contains nothing except names and abbreviated addresses of visitors to Jonestown in 1978, it has not been transcribed.

The 34 pages of entries, beginning in early January and concluding on 13 November, include 413 names. Most are of local residents, from Port Kaituma (seven miles away), Matthews Ridge (approximately 29 miles away), and other locations in the Northwest District.  There are also a number of visitors from Georgetown and its suburbs, many of whom represented agencies of the Guyana government, including nearly 50 visitors on April 24 from the Burnham Agricultural Institute.

Individual visitors of note include:

  • Two visits by delegations from the U.S. Embassy in Georgetown, one on May 10 from Richard McCoy and Richard Dwyer, the outgoing and incoming Deputy Chiefs of Mission, respectively (page 21); and one on November 7 from consular officers Dennis Reece and Douglas Ellice (page 37).
  • Two visits from the Soviet Union, including Tass reporter Alexander Voropaev on April 16 (page 16); and Fedor Timofeyev and Nicolai Fedorovsky of the USSR Embassy in Georgetown on October 1 (page 35).
  • Friends of Peoples Temple, including one at the end of April from Walter Thain from Florida, a doctor who had assisted Larry Schacht with a difficult birth over HAM radio a few months earlier (page 20); screenwriter Donald Freed on August 24 (page 30); and Temple attorney Charles Garry and private investigator Joseph Mazor on September 13 (page 34).
  • The names of two relatives who visited in November appear on the last page: Marilyn Pursley, who had escorted her daughter Cynthia to Jonestown on November 5; and Walter and Charlotte Baldwin, the parents of Marceline Jones, on November 13.

Several others known to have visited Jonestown do not appear in these pages, and it is not known whether another guest book appears elsewhere in the FBI records, or if not all visitors were asked to sign it. Among the missing names are: John and Barbara Moore, parents and grandparents of three Jonestown residents, in May 1978; Juanell Smart, a relative of six members of the Jonestown community, in early August; Mark Lane, a Temple attorney who accompanied Donald Freed in August; San Francisco physician and newspaper publisher Carlton Goodlett in late August; and Danish filmmaker Peter Elsass who has been described as “the last person without any prior contact or link to Peoples Temple to visit Jonestown.” The most glaring omission is that of the names of Rep. Leo Ryan and everyone who accompanied him into Jonestown on the weekend of November 17 and 18, including a legislative aide, several members of Concerned Relatives, several members of the press, and an American and a Guyanese government official.