Instructions for 16 October 1978 (Edited Version)

Instructions Given Monday 16 October, 1978

Our rain should have been over the first of August. It’s now 2 1/2 months a and it’s still raining so we must follow the advice and counsel that’s giv[en].

The Venezuelan operation of the general is a perfect front. He is a candidate for the next presidency. There’s hope that he will be defeated. If not, we have a perfect ground then to say we are going to the Soviet Union and the Soviet Union has said they’ll take us. They’ll cause us no conflict with Guyana because Guyana will have nothing to say about this land. We will just get out because we didn’t make any agreement with them — with Venezuela — and the Soviets have promised us protection against any kind of an invasion or an attempts on the part of reactionaries that would take over Guyana. But it’s more serious than some people want to see. We have several enemies. We had enemies that sent that little man who was here — the detective (Joe Mazor) and he told us all. It’s all written up in affidavits under penalty of perjury what he was going to do if he had not seen that our faces looked happy and he saw no guards and he saw no barbed wire. Fortunately he saw no television things looking at him, cameras. And he saw determined people that looked to him like they were voluntarily (which we were) encircling our community to be free. That caused him, and this is a testimony from the mouth of the detective himself, that caused him to withdraw from the situation and then later through our contacts we broke him, he talked through someone that Dr Lane and Dr Freed (attorney Mark Lane and author Don Freed) knew, he broke and talked and spilled all the beans and there were lots.

Stoen (former Jones lieutenant and then leader of Concerned Relatives, Tim Stoen) had been stealing money at a secret bank account in England. Stoen was also being funded by high levels members of the conspiracy, so now he’s a class enemy. He had been a member of the CIA for eight years, according to this man’s sworn testimony. He has been a class enemy, not just an enemy but a class enemy. This man once bitterly despised us for Socialism and Communism and still does not accept our views politically, but nonetheless he admires our care for one another and he has given us services free. That shows how much belief he has in what’s happening here. So I’m saying please follow advice to be in the pavilion, under the theatre, under the library, there’s no danger to you. We have means of protection. There’s no danger to you if you will stay where you belong. And the security is to rove constantly: That is the rule of the day. Don’t stop them and engage them in social conversations long. It is absolutely essential that you follow the rules. Either be in the library studying news, sign in at the theatre pavilion or in your homes resting.

Moreover, anyone that has any problem — a feeling of suicide — please give your name in the radio room because it’s a grave and dangerous thing that you are doing to yourself. I wish you could get out of this life — the ones that want out. The ones that don’t want to fight the enemy. I never wanted to give the enemy, capitalism, racist pigs like Ku Klux Klan white bullying cops — I never wanted to give the satisfaction of killing myself. But if you don’t have those checks, put your name in and we will help you by some mood elevation medication that will help the situation. Write it. You will not be brought on the floor. We are trying to stop good socialists from laying down their lives and having to go back 500 generations. It’s expensive to us. I would think there would be enough motivation. We will not mention your name whatsoever if you’re needing some kind of attention because you want to commit suicide. You could just say for my eyes only.

Don’t forget that when you try to commit suicide, when you try to do harm to your own body that could be used against the common enemy, you use the energy of Jim Jones that could be used against the common

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because of scepticemia, bacteria disease in her lungs. She had fainted three times and went into total coma, and the doctor said it would have been a short time before she had died. The other lad had the serious kidney infection. Another involved one. He was too close to disaster and we had no plane available and he was healed — both of them — within five minutes time. Remember what I said. The next person I revive from suicide, I will see that it is not meditation spent on you if you haven’t taken advantage of my offer now so I can help you. If you’re in that state of depression, I can’t help you. If you feel like running away or you feel like committing suicide, just imagine how Timothy O. Stoen who had Chris Lewis murdered would feel. How much he’d laugh. Imagine all of those white devils like Deanna Mertle and her husband and all that evil like Liz Forman, that element that never would do anything for the cause. Grace [Stoen] one one occasion alone stole 5000 dollars (previous word lower case). And you’d want to give them the satisfaction that you’d taken your own life. Let them smear in the press that you hated socialism — that you didn’t believe in equality and justice. Would you want that written? That’s the way they’d write your epitaph. Not that you were a hero but that you did not like brotherhood, socialism and you preferred capitalism which turned into outright fascism. It’s turned into outright fascism already in the USA. Get politicized more. Remember my heart was broken when I was a child when the panties of my only girlfriend — best girlfriend — were dropped on my desk only because I wouldn’t screw her. Then my best boyfriend wanted me to screw him, my buddy, ad I wouldn’t do it. He does it and drops her panties on my desk. I’d helped him with tests and everything. There have been thousands who have sought after me because of (Previous word lower case) being a leader wanting me for sex or whatever. But one thing I learned from that experience — people only use you until they become communist and I’m glad for that experience. Now I’m glad for that painful rejection when I went out and cried for hours and hours over the pain that that girl Marilyn Kircher brought on me. And I cried and thought I would die of heartache. But the heartache was worthwhile. It made me trustworthy. Never again to fall for anyone. Only be in love with you as a family. Communism above all. Everything happens just if you’ll look at it. Take every knock and make it a boost onward in communism and socio-centric behaviour on your part. Away from ego-centrism: if you’re socio-centric, put your ego down. You’re not going to care what anyone says to you, what happens to you, what you go through. You’re going to be interested only in the cause of one day fighting the vicious enemy.

If we were to go to the Soviet Union that would be very possible. We could volunteer for Africa — he (presumably Feodor Timofeyev at the Soviet Embassy in Georgetown) assured us of that. You could do a lot of things that some of you want. Some of you want to go to university, some of you would be able to fight the class enemy. We would be allowed the privilege if there was a vain chance, just a bare, bare risk that there was a chance to help build socialism in America. With the nuclear war, the S.U. [Soviet Union] was able to get such a bomb that would stop US’s ability to or such a defense system that would stop U.S. bombs before they ever got anywhere to any part of the world. We will be given the opportunity, he assured me, of going back and helping the revolution. So, you have everything before you. Protection here in a warm beautiful climate. And remember the importance of living in the highest conduct and building this to the best degree.

Let’s study our language and our current events with one reason— that we can defeat the class enemy, that we can stand up as one for black liberation, for social justice, for economic equality. Don’t be so silly as to lay your life down as to give the fascists a laugh and the newspapers a headline. Suicide is silly and it is a waste of your own potential. Your whole potential. Think of what you could do if you would not internalize that violence by self-destruction and think towards the enemy. Don’t forget that Stoen’s still walking around that asked for Chris Lewis. He deserved a chance to live. He was kind to older people. He helped us many times with many important endeavors to help other people. Even though he didn’t stay here and listen to me like I wanted him to stay here. Surely, surely you are consumed enough with a passion to see that Stoen and Mertles and Liz Forman who demanded that man be put out of the way before they would cooperate with the authorities of the conspiracy. That’s another thing that was told to us by the conspirator that stepped forward. So we’re fighting a real enemy. So be careful about following the rules and keep yourself alive to register a lethal blow when the time comes on the enemy called capitalism and fascism.

I am very sorry that I cannot relate to how personal romance could be taken to the issue to hurt little babies and cause shame on a movement. I don’t know. This situation baffles me. There are capabilities of being self-centered that a person could try this sort of thing when I appeal so strongly to the young lady last night not to feel bad about all of it. It must be that you are manipulating something you want to do. Well, when you can prove yourself responsible, then we’ll let you have whoever you want no matter whether we feel that the person may be good for you or bad for you. We’ll not interfere with your sick love affairs. But if a person volunteers to me now rather than tells me after the fact that they’ve tried to do something, we can give you assistance that will enable you to walk about. But you will be for awhile sleepy and drowsy.

If you feel suicidal, write me; maybe I can take off some of the tensions. But we’re the only group. Marcus Garvey died trying to see this day on a lonely island trying to see this day. A group of people leading [leaving?] America and shaking the dust of capitalism off their feet. This has been the dream of black people since W.E.B. Du Bois. No one followed him — Great communist he was who really knew colonialism and gave Lenin his inspiration, a great black scholar. Many of Lenin’s works were based on the previous work of W.E.B. Du Bois. But W.E.B. Du Bois could get only his wife to leave America with him because people were so sick and so attached and so to the venomous octopus America who reaches out and kills innocents so that you can eat popcorn and soda pop and go to a bebop dance or disco. I don’t know how anybody could lust after that place. I don’t certainly don’t.

I would think you would think about the number of people. If you don’t think about the Chris Lewis who was shot down, think about the Wilmington 10. that they won’t (previous three words lower case) even give a trial to when all witnesses say they’re innocent and they’re still being held in jail of upwards of 400 years. When all the witnesses couldn’t live with their consciences and stepped forward and said they are not guilty of burning down that empty garage. If you don’t relate to that, I don’t know what4 else to do but to try to help you through our doctor.

We understand you’re getting tired and weary of life, but we are one of the very few communities that can help in the world outside of the Soviet Union that can do something about it, T that can help those that are struggling those to be free, like Ethiopia, Namibia, Zimbabwe. We have the opportunity to go to the greatest place on earth & get training that would equip us well & ably to defeat the common foe.

I have no desire to lay my body down and let it rot when I could make an impact against the fascists in USA if nothing else. And that’s our whole motivation, people want to have rest and not live on so badly, so that’s why I’m sure the religionists are right— not the way they think it, but we do survive the grave. And then your principles. If I didn’t know I wasn’t going to live on, I would not give, I wouldn’t give the enemy satisfaction. I can’t understand this at all. I would stay alive to be one body, one American, they can use your you on Radio Moscow, they can use you on our own radio broadcasts here and we do it every day; we talk to every visitor that comes in here about socialism and racism in America. We tell them the story. It’s a n chance to produce a model until the door is open for us there, and he wanted to us to keep this door looking the best — working it hard and I would think that that would be enough motivation and please talk to your neighbor. Couples talk to each other on the subject until you understand. You are betraying Chris Lewis who died for us. They murdered him for trying to protect you. Please if you can relate to that, relate to the Wilmington 10 or Patrice Lumumba, R Steve Biko and on we go, on we go, Victor Jara, How many, how M many do I have to name? Sad stories of black people. Paul Robeson— homeless all of his life, forced out of his home and then he had to come back to America to take care of affairs for his sister, it got to be too much and it caused his mind to snap. This is horror. This is horror of horrors that wew would let down people. Like that. I can’t imagine it.

You’re not thinking, you’re not caring, you’re feeling too sorry for yourself. What don’t you stop for a moment and think about” the little baby that’s laying someplace in the night screaming. 2 out of 3 in the world screaming for hunger, screaming to have something put in its mouth. If we help the Soviets, if we help socialism, we can change all of that. The Soviets are on the brink of a special kind of defense weapon system to defeat capitalism. They will defeat capitalism as sure as I’m talking to you.

Stop that day when little babies with the skin dried up around their bones and crying for hunger and the mother has nothing to give them, not ever water.

Be careful with heavy equipment because of that revolution— It’s the full moon, so be careful on the full moon cycle.

We saw such a miracle last night. Mary Griffith was dying in rigors and her tongue had gone back in her throat and she was in the last quivering motions of death. She was saved last night miraculously. And then before that miraculously Teri Smart went into a coma due to septicemia. Septicemia of the blood. Impossible to cure until I came up to her ear and spoke the word and now she’s doing normally. And I don’ t know how many miracles. The miracle of this young man who drank the gasoline [Ricky Johnson]. One teaspoon would have killed you — just the breath of it. If you breathe gasoline you will die. James Baisey who was dying with something rare. He shouldn’t deal with kidney infection. We couldn’t have got him out of it at that hour of the night.

Attention! Anyone coming near my abode, don’t touch my window or my door. You might find yourself in a lot of trouble — It’s meant only for mercenaries.

Instructions/ Revelations 16 October, 1978

There are dangers. Marianita Langston just fell head first out of a loft. You will have to watch your footing. You will have to watch getting in and out of lofts. No children are to be in lofts. (The following sentence, which was underlined by hand, had a marginal note, “Instruction to Construction”) The lofts that are like Marianita’s where they tilt to one end — they should go straight up to the middle so no one can fall head first through them. She fell head first. If I hadn’t had a revelation that about it, as I was going on that she would be O.K., I suppose it would have been my undoing. Fortunately no harm came: but I am warning you we had a child who had a coma for several days as you know & we had one that had been healed after several hours like the Evans child, so we’ve got to be extremely careful. Everything with equipment, industrial and so forth.

Also it’s a full moon and the 16th. Most people it affects positively. We are 98% water and we rise like the tide. Most people it affects positively and some it affects negatively. So we have to be more aware for dangers to our life or crippling disorders or diseases around the 16th and the full moon. Please remember that fact & regard it for your own safety.

(The following paragraph had a marginal note, “Instructions to Security”) I demand — it’s going to be a matter of observation by the people, the observers and even the citizens of JT if people do not smile and give encouragement to people as they pass. By friendly greeting and a pat on the shoulder occasionally or warmth. We need to quit clique-ing and share love of all people. I demand it. You will hear it next from the floor if some of you don’t change your patterns in this way. All of us owe at least friendliness to each other.

People are not appreciative enough. They have so many things going for them. Whether you are appreciative or not, I want to see you speaking, because if you come up for not speaking or not showing a friendly smile, you will be given a warning, and you know 2 warnings means P.S. (Public Service Unit, a disciplinary unit assigned to onerous tasks) So please all of us start showing love to the children, some kindness and love to the children. I’ve said this before. To give them that kind of love, hug them every now and them and show warmth as you pass them. It will help them like flowers grow. Even plants respond to love. (The second half of this paragraph, underlined by hand, had a marginal note, “Preschool, Primary School”)

I would like to remind the women that go in to different ports of duty such as GT [Georgetown] or up-river, Karen has had several [men] come on to her. Karen’s a good looking woman, a good looking woman indeed, Karen Layton. But she knew their games, and all the other women have told me the same thing. She said, “If you’re looking for someone to get you to the States, I can’t do it.” And then the men right there on the spot would say, “Do you have a friend that could; do you have a girlfriend that might help me?” That’s why they’re interested in you. You’re going to have the good sense and judgement to understand that. & not be an ass and think that they’re interested in you because of your beauty or they want to give you money. [They] Want M to marry you which will give them an opportunity to become a U.S. citizen. GT workers — not one hasn’t told me something of these experiences. So keep it in mind that no matter how beautiful you think you are, that’s all the Guyanese males out there want from you because socialism hasn’t got down to the grassroots yet.

Some Guyanese guilty of reverse racism. One rather high in the party said to us yesterday, “You know, American blacks are lazy. Blacks here are lazy,” they said. “Well, aren’t you black?” “Yes, but I’m mixed with white.” So this idiocy goes on until we come socialist. This [text ends here]


Instructions and Warnings Given Monday 16 October, 1978

woman did have theoretical socialism but she wasn’t a practicing socialist.

Never call the Soviet Union “Russia”.

Never speak of the “Warsaw Pact”. Say Warsaw Treaty (It is the alliance of the great socialist nations with the Soviet Union.)

Don’t worry about language. We will be a community intact. We will be allowed to speak English.

To those of you who have fears, you will have more freedom than you have here. If you did not like it, you could go back and live in fascist America.

There may be some scholarships offered to us because of Guyanese do not take Soviet scholarships. By the first of next year, if you have university ambitions, we’ll have more opportunities for the university. It does take a few months; we have to get scrutinized.

To those that want to stay on the project, we can maintain both.

To those that are worried about my health, I will long outlive you. It is quite obvious that I have gone through the Valley of the Shadow and ret[urn]ed. You have nothing to worry about my health because I did not bring you this to this point to leave you without a future, without someone who loves you, who will plan and care for you.

(The rough draft of this last page appears below)

woman did have theoretical socialism but she wasn’t a practicing socialist

Never call SU “Russia”.

Never speak of the “Warsaw Pact”. Say Warsaw Treaty ( The alliance of the great socialost nations w? the great SU.

Don’t worry about language. We will be a community in tact. We will be allowed to speadk English.

To those of u that have fears, you will hav more freedom than you have here. If u did not like it, u could go back and live in fascist USA.

There may be some scholarships offered to us bcz Guyanese do not take Soviet scholarships. By first of next year. Soo if u have university ambitions, well have more opportunities the univ.

It does take a few months. We have to get scrutinized.

To those that want to stay on the project, we can maintain both. If you’re (last two letters of previous word in lower case) having difficulty, we can manintain both.

Those that are worried about my health, I will long out live you. It is quite obvious that I have gone through the Valley of the Shadow and returned. ?You have nothing to worry about about my health because I did not bring youto this point to leave you without a future, with out someone who loves you, who will plan and care for you.