Instructions for 17 October 1978


Tuesday 1[7] October, 1978

First line underlined, illegible

Running Away The Guyana Defense Force advised us to shoot anyone who runs away in the legs.

If the GDF finds you in government areas (and much of this land is government-owned forbidden land), they will not only shoot you in the legs, they will shoot you in the heart because they don’t know wjat [what] you are up to.

We have the option to call GDF and they will gather around and move in with their army and surround the whole area and they will catch them. After they catch them, they will take them away.

We have been advised that we can stop them with a bow and arrow or whatever is necessary to stop them, including a shotgun or rifle.

We will no longer use our workforce to search for runaways.

The next person that runs off is on his own. We are calling the authorities. The minister of Internal Affairs, Dr [Vibert] Mingo, is a personal frined of mine. The head of the Guyanese National Service is a personal friend of mine. We’re a friend fofthe [of the] Commissioner of Police. Brigadier General Price’s children have run off before.

If you try to cross the Venezuelan border, it’s very unlike;y [unlikely] that you will make it. If the infiltrators don’t catch you that come through every night, then the mercenaries no doubt have got somebody out there waiting for a weak point, so just go out there and take your chances. The GDF who is guarding the border heavier than they aever did before will shoot you.

If you try to cross the border you’ll get shot from either side. It [is] illegal to cross that border. Just face some facts and grow up.

If you try to go by way of Georgetown, the Guyana Tax Board must issue you a clearance. And they have promised to let us know if anybody applies for one. You also have to go to the US Embassy and they have promised to let us know if anybody’s trying to get out[.]

Some of these fools running away are going to cause me to be so tired that when an emergency comes, I’m not going to be able to help the person. (If your heart aches and and you love and you’re up all night and all day an[d] then the next night, and someone runs away 3 times in one night, it makes you sadder than hell)

I worry, I love you. But I don’t like people that pull on our heart strings, pull on their mothers and grandmothers.

Consequences to Yourself if you run away

You who ran away got some rare disease and it took about 2 wks to cure it. There is a circle around here like eamiah’s wall that’s protected

Additional pages missing

Heading line illegible

Friday 24 (balance of line illegible)

Next three lines illegible

[T]hat’s the way it is. We’re not going through this anymore.

RUNAWAYS FROM P.S.U. [Public Service Unit, Jonestown’s disciplinary workforce]

If someone runs off while on PSU, PSU supervisors are responsible because it costs the GDF. They send our [their] planes to us free and they have to come out here with several hundred mwn [men] searching for some maniac.

(Instructions to doctor and medical staff: I hold you and the medical staff to see that those who have proved themselves incapable of their own controls to see that they have medica; [medical] controls placed on them.)


Attempted suicides are togo to ECU [Extended Care Unit, where behavior modification drugs were used].


We do not have to give explanation as to the cause of death. Some peole [people] think they are going to get back at people hostilely. All we have to put on the death certificate si [is]the time you die.


One praise no longer cancels a warning. It will take two.


The threat of violence is comperable to violence. There shall be no thre[at] of violence or use of violence, no physical contact. We are all reasonable human beings evolving along the road to a higher ideal. VIOLENCE SHOULD DROP FROM US LIKE SCALES FROM A LEPER. Violence shoul is now a public issue.


  1. Drink more water to counteract the effect of the moon on people.
  2. On the 16th, think of all who were healed & you canstop its negative effect.

But a lot of this can be controlled by mind. People let themselves have excuses.

Originally posted on February 17th, 2013.

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