Annie Moore’s Letter to Dad (Text)

To Dad:

I am very hostile about this and I think you should know this. In counseling yesterday with Rennie Kice  she said some shitty things. She is always taking me to counsel monthly for accusations against me which I try to accept but then I feel she does the same to a much greater degree. Yesterday she had the nerve to say that Phyllis Chaikin  preferred Terry Jones and myself being that Terry is Lew’s wife  and I am Carolyn’s sister.  Then she went on and said that Phyllis preferred licensed people. Kerry said that her case was shot then, because Terry had no license, she had no profession. Then Renée said, “oh yes you do have a profession, it’s called Jones.” Really snotty and sarcastic. Then she was talking smart assy  and said she knows Annie (me)  takes Dad’s blood pressure but she was tired of hearing about it (from me). which I’ve only told her three or four times to my knowledge for why I had to temporarily leave work. I try to never tell her that that is what I am doing  but Carolyn told me to just tell her one day that that was what I had to do. So I did and she used it. She said that I always had to go to East House (or something to this effect) and then I just used dad’s name to go and goof off and that she didn’t know if that (checking blood or whatever) was what I was doing anyway. I only have said this three or four times that I had to check but I won’t anymore. She has developed a whole big case over it now, and when I have said it I do not feel I used your name to go down and goof off. It was when you were having seizures and more recently  the terrible pain in the head. I can’t think of one time I ever said I had to check you that I went to goof off somewhere and I don’t say anything, whenever I can, because she distorts it into a big thing. When she said this about me using your name to goof around I said nothing because she seemed set in her nastiness. Everyone jumped on her for saying the profession Terry had was “Jones” (they were Lee, Ava & Kay Nelson).  Then I brought out that she talked shitty about Shanda  and said Shanda expected Renée to clean up their mess and that she didn’t know what Shanda did  Now that she was in charge of PR, that she must sit in the radio room the rest of the time. (She was snotty about this)

Renée brought Terry and I to counsel for not cleaning the bond up enough, which I agree that I didn’t do the cleaning now has been scheduled. I also feel I have had more work to do – being responsible for the nurse’s office and bond and the few hours I could get into the bond I thought I should spend on the inventory not just cleaning. Renée has a full 12 hours to spend in the bond, a much easier inventory to do than the medications and she is still not done. She is taken two hour breaks then will do her wash for two other hours in the same day. She studies news during her work hours and will still take another break. Regardless, Terry and I have checked her timesheet and all this nonwork time is not counted. Dale, Sylvia and others have said that they can’t get into the bond when they want to because she isn’t here. She takes so much advantages that I believe she would deny all these accusations. She makes a smart crack to carry wants about writing her time in, and Terry said “no, I don’t and won’t cheat on my time  schedule.” I believe Renée is always on my case because she does so much shit  herself, and she lies and says I did stuff I have not done. I have finally got tired of it especially after her hostile cracks about “Jones’s”. Phyllis wants her out of the bond but she has not made this known – only to Terry Jones that I know of and Terry told me. After hearing her hostile and treasonous cracks I think Renée could and would fuck us up  with our pills and medical supplies. She has been talking negative to Diane Louie  also, who has been a great asset to the medical department and I hate to see Diane in all of this mess. She is quiet and didn’t confront Renée at all in all of this.

I would have written all of this up sooner but I was convinced I was being paranoid about her harassment. Now I am for sure what her problem is. There is much more I could add but not enough space. I think I carry my load of work although I know I could work harder still. Compared to her lazy ass, I did not take all of the advantages she does. I heard her say to Bob Kice  the other day “I work in the bind, I can do whatever I want” smartly.  Her elitism offends me and I think others could agree to that.

I also have not written this up because I don’t think she wants to change, and I think she is evil and would sabotage the medical department. I try to think I am going to work with my comrade but after all she has said and done she is no comrade to me. I just try to be friendly to her.

Annie Moore

Also, although Bob Kice  was acting up, he took the confrontation well considering René wrote them up and he must know some of the shit  she does. I would’ve reacted hostilely if I were in his shoes.