Annie Moore’s Last Letter to Rebecca Moore

Dear Becky;

How have you been? I am doing fine and so is Carolyn and Kimo. I have been busy as I could be, enjoying myself here in the jungle. Mom and Dad have probably shown you the latest about the conspiracy information that Mark Lane, the famous attorney in the M.L. King case and Don Freed the other famous author in the Kennedy case have come up with regarding activities planned against us – Peoples Temple. They both were out here to visit, both enjoyed the place and want to return. A lot of new and interesting things should be coming out soon that will show the different attempts to destroy our group. Dick Gregory and Ralph Abernathy are on their way over to visit, also. What’s interesting is that it is all coming out before we are all dead, not the case with JFK, RFK, and MLK. So whatever comes, all the treacherous lies that have been printed and publicized about us don’t really bother me because I am having a grand old time here. I would think those telling the lies back there must be miserable themselves with such vast attempts they try to make the rest of us miserable. At any rate I have been playing my 12-string in a Country Folk Blues Band here and we have a good time. I also have a Classical $300.00 Aria of my friend Larry, who is head M.D. down here and it is a beautiful guitar. There’s also a honky tonk group which we sometimes get together and boogie on the piano with. One of my friends works in the art studio which is a building with one wall which blocks the tropical rains and the rest is open, overlooking citrus orchards and banana trees. It is a beautiful sight. Mom and Dad must have some pictures for you to see. It is a perfect spot for an art studio – very picturesque & inspiring. The thick bush is further back beyond the banana trees and is so lush I really can’t describe the beauty. It would be hard for me to live in any city after living here. The children are so happy. They have a creatively made playground plus acres and acres of outdoors to play in and no muggings or car accidents to worry about. I sometimes wonder how they ever made it, living in the cement walls of San Francisco. One place they really love is the swimming hole. (It is almost like watching a Tarzan movie.) Young & old alike love it. Mom and Dad should tell you about it sometime if they haven’t already. Well take care – I’m sorry it’s been so long since I have written. My nursing responsibilities are also keeping me busy and I am learning new things daily.

Love from,
Annie, Carolyn & Kimo

We wish you the best with your new husband.