What I Would Do If There Was A Final White Night

To: Jim

From: Rita Lenin

Helen Snell: I want to die a revolutionary death.

Luna Murrell [Minnie Luna Mae Murral Buckley]: I will do anything to keep one person free from the imperialist. I will use my life fighting for the freedom of all people. Life is not worth living if you have to live under oppression.

Lucille Taylor: I don’t mind dying. I want to fight for this land and also die for it. I sure don’t want to go alone. I want to take some of the traitors with me as many as possible. Tie a bomb on me and let me walk or run into them, or revolutionary suicide.

Gail Chaikin: I am willing to do any mission. Including killing any traitor or myself. Grace Stoen said I was the favorite person she used to take care of. I would like to personally kill her. I could attach myself to a bomb. Burn myself in front of the US Embassy. [I] Could tell Maiser [Mazor] that I wanted to destroy the church, and ask for a meeting of all those who have left the church, then kill them.

Tish LeRoy: Age is against me, I know, could do more if I was younger, I have considered what I could do back in the States, or in another country. It would be easy to set up a big banquet of the most important officials… then kill them all. I would find a poison that would be immediate, but tasteless. I would use this on the mass of them. In the process I would kill myself, because I would eat it too. Then no one could trace who or what or why. No one would ever know, but the socialist would be left in a position to move in. Should I perhaps establish connections, then they perchance might know I was a socialist, and block me, this would satisfy me, just knowing my children were fighting hard in the cause. If I am imprisoned, I would hold out as long as I could, then I would dig into my juggler vain [jugular vein] or at the side of the neck where you bleed to death in two minutes. I would see that I had plenty of time to accomplish this so I would not be stopped before I started it. I would prefer on taking a batch out with me. I have also considered being a walking bomb. In SF in the federal building I was always asking, “Where are the tax forms please?” This way they never searched me. There are always ways in and I would get into a place or places and take a lot with me.

Jackie Rochelle: I will take orders if necessary and do anything in my power to get all babies aside, then lay my life down to fight until the end, kill myself if it takes place so as not to be left for the fascists. I will not leave no one else either. I will kill them off, if they are not dead already.

Wanda King: I feel that we should let the world know we are communists. Also let them know that Russia and Cuba are behind us. Next we should form a committee to plan and develop a program for guerrilla warfare. We should plan to kill [Temple antagonists] Tim Stoen, Mertles [Deanna and Elmer Mertle, aka Jeannie and Al Mills], Olivers [Howard and Beverly], by bombing. Later we should move on to help other countries. The bomb will have to be bought or made in the US. It would take three people to make hits at the same time. I would like to be one of the three. The reason I feel I will not live so long is that the entire world is fighting for socialism and freedom. There will be no peace until we win. I would like to help spread socialism throughout the world.

Aaron Hendricks: I plan to die by fighting in a war against the capitalist and getting shot by a machine gun.

Eric Baker: I am not afraid to die, [be]cause I have to die anyway. I would want to go down taking my enemies with me, kill as many as I can, then kill myself, take care of those who killed Chris [Lewis], then kill myself.

Shabaka Baker: I would like to scare shit out of the enemy for months. If they try to leave the state or country, I would be there right under their nose and then have one disappear one by one, then go to the main one and kill him and kill me. I would disguise myself as Lenin did.

Bessie Wesley: I am willing to lie my life down. To make sure some of these capitalistic dogs get what is coming to them. Kill every CIA, destroy the whole works, fight as long as I have breath. Why be a sitting duck like the Jews, die with meaning.

Rose O. Sharon: I have given my life to you. [I] Don’t care about my life.

Thom Bogue: What I would do if I was sent to kill someone, I would have a vessel of nitroglycerin along with a full screen spark strike, then I would walk up to [a] person and pull the string and blow me and the person up. And if I were caught along the way I would put out a do-or-die threat. If you give in my path or try to stop me, I will blow you up. If you don’t, I will walk on, and if they shoot me I will blow up anyway.

Kirtis Smith [Kelin Kirtas Smith]: I want to die a revolutionary suicide or take poison, get my head chopped off.

Joe Beam [Joseph Leo Helle III]: I want to die fighting the fascist.

Shirley Baisy: I can give my life, my children[’s] life or any member of my family. I don’t think we were put here to live forever.

Barbara Walker: I want to die fighting some honky, Uncle Tom, or Aunt Jane. I don’t care how or when I die. As long as I can return some of the pain that has been done to our people.

Martin Amos: I hate life, and any time you want me to, I will go kill Grace, Tim, Olivers. I’d rather stay and fight than go away. If one could not get into Cuba, I would stay on the boat and die.

Geraldine Bailey: I have no fear of dying and no desire to live any longer than is necessary to help this cause. I would be willing to die today, but certainly want to take our enemies with me, as many as possible. I would like to kill Grace Stoen and Tim, then as many others as I could, then I would shoot myself.

Elfreida Kendall: I would like to be employed in the house of one of these bastard enemies with a small handgun (with silencer), and as each one comes into the door to attend their get-together, I let him have it, then shoot myself.

Edith Roller: [I] Would like to teach, and write. Write about people I have known in our country, and cause, and in the Philippines, Greece, and India, all of them of great worth and charm. Some short stories, even poetry, to make money. Want to do more to give children the love they need. Want to plant rows of vegetables. I would like to raise a kitten. I am willing to die if this can’t be. If the future is to be denied to us or if it is necessary to save us, I’d be glad to give my life. If there is some way I can better serve dying than by living, please tell me, and I will go.

Cliff Gieg: I would like to go back to US and get as many enemies as I can. And when I see myself about to get caught, I will make my last successful assassination taking my life with the enemies. If you would have to leave us, I would follow and die for that person without a second thought. I will do all in my power to subdue my (our) class enemies.

Terry Carter [Jones]: I would like to go to South Africa and fight in the struggle there, I could kiss ass up to someone to kill them, or I would very much like to go back and get some of our traitors. Particularly Tim S., Suzanne C. [Cartmell] or Grace. I realize this is more vengeance and emotions on my part, but it will be they who took part in destroying what we might do for liberation. If we are stopped, if time did not allow, I would burn myself in the US Embassy down in Georgetown. If invaders came to this soil.

Clara Johnson: I would like to give my life in the cause of freedom. I do not mind dying as a communist. I plan to kill a few capitalists before I die. I have begun to come to terms with death.

Sebastian McMurry: I know I am not going to live long. I don’t want to live for no hundred years. I would rather die going into a camp or building and kill the motherfucker who is in there who went against this movement, by my hands, feet, and teeth.

Elsie Bell: I want to die. I would take some [of] our enemies with me. I would like to get them all in one place, and throw a gasoline-filled lamp in the building, maybe one will come and get me, but one thing sure is I will die honorably for socialism.

Phyllis Bloom [Phyllis Chaikin]: When I imagine my death, it’s not far away. Revolutionary suicide or fighting in Jonestown.

Caroline Thomas [Carolyn Ann Thomas Kirkendall]: My life is committed to the demonstration and implementation of communist principle. I am ready to do whatever is necessary. I will kill enemies of this principle, fascists. I will commit revolutionary suicide or go to jail. I am ready to die today or anytime.

Jewell Wilson: I would like to die, I would like to kill all the fascists I could. I would like to help free some more of our people out of the States into Guyana.

Mark Boutte: I want to go to the States and destroy our enemies. I would hook up a bomb or cut some brake line to the car they drive. Or run them off of the road. I know enough about machines to destroy cars. I can be trusted to take a drug to do away with my body in hours after I have done what I came to do. I would be on the front lines here. Gun or bomb or explosives. I would run towards the enemies. I could go into a camp of our enemies and kill them, have my life taken (light myself on fire). Anything that is called for duty.

Garnett Johnson: If I am to die, I would take an enemy with me. With a gun or rifle, or anything.

Novella Sneed: I would like to carry some CIA before I go, then shoot myself.

Ray McKnight: The only reason I would want to live is to kill all the traitors who have started a lot of trouble. Then I would die.

Nevada Harris: Lay my life down for the cause when it is time. No one will take my life.

Ron Sines: I want to die in some revolutionary cause. Strapping a bomb to myself and walking into Congress (US). This has appealed to me for a long time before I joined PT [Peoples Temple] to assassinate some leader of [a] large international corporation, Standard Oil, Westinghouse.

Gladys Smith: I would get some gasoline or something that would explode and burn myself up. I feel I have lived long enough.

Jim Murrell [Jim Bogue]: I would like going to US and killing our enemies in a way as to help the movement. Like bombing or setting a fire, blocking the doors of a meeting place, shooting them off the highways, in their cars, putting poison in their punch bowls. I would like to make a plan to set off a munitions storage in a way so as to make the US government look bad in the eyes of some to rebel against the US government.

Dorothy Brady: I am anxious to lay down. I think Peter W. [Wotherspoon] should be sent to US to do away with our enemies. He could be sent with someone else who could get the bomb attached to him over there. Some more would have to go too, as I don’t think he could be trusted. I would like to be one. I feel I could best serve the cause by doing that. I don’t think Peter will ever change. My brother made me suck him off when I was eight years [old], and he never changed, raped my sister when he was older. I saw Peter look at a young boy the way my brother looked at me, and I should have reported it.

Denise Johnson: I would like to stay here and fight for our country. If I am the only one left I would fall on my cutlass. I would [want] for the children to go to Cuba, instead of having them run and fight. I would not want to live and be tortured.

Shirlee Fields: I would like to help eradicate hunger throughout the world and preserve a communistic life for children, and that is what I would fight for. If I were to die tomorrow I would have no regrets.

Brenda Warren: I would like to fight. I would like to torture them. I would commit revolutionary suicide.

Joyce Douglas: I would like to die fighting for Jonestown. I would like to kill the oppressors.

Carl Hall: ***I have not made any plans as far as dying.*** [asterisks in original]

Heloise Hall: I am no longer afraid to die. I have not been for a long time now. How I plan to die is another thing. If I find it necessary to commit revolutionary suicide, I shall have to do it. According to the circumstances. I know I would die to save you, that is as far as I can see at this time.

Claude Goodspeed: I am willing at any time to lay down my life for what this cause stands for.

Lue Dimple Goodspeed: I would like to die.

Ollie Harrington: Revolutionary suicide. Put some bombs on my body and set up a meeting with Tim Stoen or any enemy and blow up. Or be set on fire in one of our White Nights to get the job done.

Jocelyn Carter: I am willing to do anything. To eliminate the enemies, I would like to organize those who are capable of doing the job. Myself along with others form ourselves into a group like the Temperanos or the Red Brigade, to get the very top ones. I know our time will be short, and we would have to enter countries (enter from) countries other than Guyana. And at different times. I would find all of their worst fears and do them in slowly so they can feel like our children feel at times during White Nights. I would do this without any doubt of not following through (I would be under the guilt of our dead children, including mine). If they were still alive, I would be even more determined to succeed so they might still have a chance, and saving from more White Nights. Also to take the burden of White Nights off of you. If we were picked up I would kill myself, or someone on that end could kill us the minute we were picked up. I would explode myself after we had finished our work someplace in Washington. If I were to do something here since [Guyanese official Kit] Nascimento left. I would go to [Guyana Minister of Development Desmond] Hoyte and any other reactionary or CIA over here. I would disown this group, if everyone was still alive, and kill myself in Demerara or a car accident, if I had those I wanted to take with me.

Casey Finney: I would want to take care of my enemies or fight with my last breath. [I] Would use some kind of explosive. Would like to stick Tim Stoen with a poison needle. Then inject one into me after I knew Tim Stoen was dead.

Toi Fonzelle: I would like to take care of Liz Foreman [Forman], Tim Stoen, and Mickey T. [Touchette]. None of them would recognize me, so I have a good chance to get to them, but should I not made it through customs, I am not afraid to kill myself. Poison in my vagina would be my way out. If unable to get it, I would make them kill me.

Mary Rodgers Sr.: I will fight until they kill me. I would like to get one or more of them before I die.

Keith Newsome: Go to the States and try to get some enemies.

Dorothy Buckley: I would fight, go to Georgetown and get the big cats. If I had to, I would sacrifice my ego and have sex.

Yvette Muldrow: I would be prepared to die and give my body in any way necessary to be used. If they were coming for our children, I would not let them take them, I would kill those children and then myself. If they were to come up the road, I will stay there and fight and if I was killed, that’s fine also. I’d die for something I believed in. I don’t think I will live forever. I came here to help, and dying is in the process.

Doug Sanders: I can give the press negative statements about PT. Make sure I was easy to contact. I am sure one of the traitors would contact me, I could meet with them after knowing I have an alliance where they trust me even very slightly. I could put explosives on my body and get them all in a meeting. They could have electrical interruption. I could use a hardhat and other electrical clothes and go check all the wires and circuit breakers in the block that they are in. When I get to the house or building, I could use a bomb in a bag or a machine gun to get them. It is not important that I get away but it is important that I get them, then maybe the children can grow up in peace.

Cleveland Newell: I would want Dad and the unabled [disabled] ones to flee to another country, and the children too. Leave the rest of us to fight it out, tell no one where you are going and by some chance if we defeat the enemy we can join you. You can come back.

Marion Campbell: I will die with a shot from a gun or give me poison that works quickly, but I really want to be near our dad.

Bruce Turner: [I] will die fighting the SOB’s. I am ready to die any day.

Constance Jones: I would like to get our enemies that caused this mess. Throw a bomb in the midst of them, or put poison in their food or drink, get the IRS. Near as to the US White House as possible. Throw a bomb that would blow it up. Have one on me that would go off at the same time.

Alma Thomas: I don’t mind dying, if I could take some enemies like the CIA with me, and policemen, some of our enemies, anything, anybody against us, then I will die with a smile.

Vern Gosney: I am not afraid of death, and I now have a reason to die. I would like to fight in the African liberation struggle.

Anthony Hicks: I would go back to US and get some of the traitors, then I would kill myself.

Oliver Morgan: I would die for this socialist communist cause, because of the truth of socialism. I would kill the enemy coming into the area or the surrounding in order to protect the people and our leader.

Lori Fields: I would have someone drop me in the middle of Calif[ornia] in airplane in the night. I would write notes to Tim Stoen, Grace, Mertles and others. The note would say to meet me in a certain place at a certain time. I could set a bomb to the place and blow them up and me too. I could disguise myself as a dentist, than I could drill in one of the traders [traitor’s] teeth and put a beeper device.

Glen Moton: I think of dying since we are in a revolution. Dying does not mean anything to me so long as I die for a cause.

Gloria Griffith: I would do anything when the time comes to fight. If I was captured, I would not say a word and if they didn’t kill me, I would kill myself.

Clevyee Sneed: I would want to be in the front lines and take as many enemies with me as possible.

Odenia Roberson: No personal statement.

Emma Kennedy: I am ready to die right now or just any time is okay with me. I don’t care. I want to take some enemies with me. When we drank the drink, the only thing that bothered me was I was going to die and not take anything (anyone) with me.

Kay Nelson: I have often thought of suicide, but since that is counter-revolutionary, I would like my suicide to have meaning in the best and most feasible way possible. In causing the death by my hands, by many, or a selected one or two or more.

William Jones: I would set a bomb to myself and go to a fascist house and blow me and him up. I would go and get a gun and shoot an enemy, and then he would kill me.

Corrie Duncan: I am willing to lay my life down for this cause.

Burger Lee Dean: I would like [to] lay my life down fighting for freedom.

Mary Morton: I would like to die fighting for this land. I would like to bomb as many places in the US as possible, would like to bomb large companies like Chevron or Coca-Cola. Bomb the KKK while they are holding their meeting. This way I could get a larger number. I would like to have a machine gun or some other type of gun that could wipe out a group in a very few seconds.

Marlene Wheeler: I would gladly take some enemies with me when I die. Grace, Diana M. [Mertle], Mickey. I would like to stab the first three, and give poison to Liz F. in a health drink. I would like to tie Diane up and stick her with pins as she watched pictures of children she had abused.

Daren Janaro: Go to the States and kill all our enemies. I can then kill myself, if they have not already done so.  I would like to go to a Third World [country] and fight if I can’t go to the States.

Vera Talley: I will fight until I am finished or killed.

Mary Tschetter: I don’t want to live any longer. I hope the revolution will be soon. I want to die taking some of our enemies with me. If it be in a revolution or fixing a nice meal and invite Grace, Tim, Mickey, Jim Cobb, and all the rest, and after they’ve eaten and after making sure they were dead, eat the food myself.

Mary Canada: I am ready to fight until I die for socialism.

Bob Rankin: The way I would like to die if I could or have a choice at the time (not finished).

Ida Mae Clipps: I am not afraid of dying. I would like to die the revolution suicide death.

Najuandrienne Darnes [Velma Lee Darnes]: I plan to kill my enemies, then kill myself. If this cannot be granted, then I would commit revolutionary suicide along with the group. I will take somebody down when I go, I will.

Rita Lenin [Rita Tupper]: I would be willing to use my body anyway deemed profitable to the advance of the revolution. I would give my body sexually to get information, give someone a chance to get away, or to install bombs etc. while the person or persons were being detained with this diversion. I would be used sexually to keep somebody from defecting and becoming traitorous to us, or to keep them from talking, to allow time for someone to get children out, or to deter a guard etc. to take the burden from one person, if someone needed a fuck. I am not young or pretty, but men don’t always care if they just want a fuck. I know no one likes me or wants me, so that is not important, all I want is to do all I can for a revolution, no emotional involvement, only that I can help the revolution. I learned a lot from Rick C. (I mean there is not anything I could not do after being with that asshole). In many ways it was a good learning experience, as if an enemy tried any shit like that, it would not blow me away, and I am glad I had the experience as vomitous as it was, ‘cause I found out I could handle a lot of things. I could kill someone while they were fucking me, if it was in the plan to do so. I know I am not considered young enough or pretty enough to be considered, but I am willing to do anything. All I can do is offer myself to the revolution, I can do no more – I am not interested in any emotional relationship, as it is counter-productive.

I am willing to go after any enemy of the people, and I’m willing to be trained to do so. I can be a mean bitch when I let my feelings come out, I mask a lot of them until the proper time comes to use them on the enemy. I would like to take a lot of our enemies with me, I am willing to become a walking bomb and go to our enemies and blow them up. I would like to be trained and become a part of a group like the Red Brigade, this is what I would like to do with my life, and use any means needed to kill the bastards. You can shoot me as an example to the people that the enemies mean business, and perhaps this will shock them into the stock [stark] reality that this is serious business and the enemy is serious, perhaps they would get their heads together and realize there is nothing in romance and the only thing they got going for them is the revolution. I would like to be trained to go to other countries and fight in their liberation struggles, or to the States and rid us of the oppressors there. Some of the sellouts of the people. I think teams should be trained to go out and further the work in all areas, if we get the opportunity. I would of course stand here and fight to the end, and if it happened that we would have to make a stand by revolutionary suicide, I would do this too.

As Mary Lenin [Mary Tupper] said to me one day, “Mom, if I don’t make it one day and something should happen to me, then you go on and do what you must do for the revolution.” I said, “I will.” She said, “Good.” If we were sent out on missions, maybe we could have strychnine pills on us, just in case something happens so fast one does not have time to kill themselves another way, then they would be sure of getting the job done before the enemy could stop them. One thing in my favor, I can sit for hours and not say anything, and I am so damn stubborn, that I would die before I done what someone told me to do. My kids may have to die too, but goddammit they have to go someday, and at least they are living for the cause, and dying for it, so I am at peace. Hurt it will, but all of life is a pain, and this is our destiny to do whatever we can for the cause.

It does not have to be no big intrigue thing for me, just whatever will help the revolution. I do like the Red Brigade tactics however.

Tony Walker: I would like to die by going to South Africa first of all. I would like to wait until he would (Ian Smith) make a public appearance or even take a drive and tape a powerful bomb to my body, and if I couldn’t get him in the open enough to blow him and myself up I could jump in front of his moving car and get his ass and maybe somehow with the fascist out of the way that people could unite while the position of prime minister was in an uproar and a revolution could be sparked.

Juanita Bogue: I feel I could do anything I was asked to do. I also feel I could think of some things on my own. I would like to go to the Capitol of US, and blow the White House up and leave a note someplace telling them how the Third World feels about them.

Linda Arterberry: I think it is time for me to lay myself down for what I believe. We have been through enough. If I ever have a chance to get the top man who started this shit, I would like to do so. I would personally like to tie his ass out in the sun and let him die a slow death. And while he is slowly dying, I would let horses stomp on his head (his ugly body). Another way to be to find one of the most poisonous snakes and take the poison from the snake in an IV bottle and let his ass go like that. I would not give a damn how I would die after that.

Margarita Romano: I expect to be shot, but I expect to take some enemies with me. I want to prepare it always (my life) for a revolution and a revolutionary death. I want to help the children while I am here and give them the love they need. I want to resume my post on S.A.T. Security to the best of my ability, with further training, in combat.

[Willa] JoAnn Johnson: If I had to die because of White Night, I would like to take some enemies with me. I would prefer to do so with a bomb and take as many with me as I can. I would leave some alive and maimed.

Chris Talley: I would like to kill several enemies before I die. One by one a whole room full.  I would like to disguise myself up and shoot or stab each one until I am caught, then I would kill myself.

Addie Jones: [I] Would die for the revolution.

Emma Hill: I would like to die fighting for freedom. I am not afraid of death. I would like to kill Liz Foreman [Forman]. I would like to take Tim Stoen with me, and die on the front line.

Paulette Jackson: I would like to spend my last moments taking care of the enemies of the people. I would convince them that I was with them, and have some plans they could use, and while we were talking, a bomb would be going off.

Earnest Jones: I would like to kill some fascist enemies before I die. I would die fighting for socialism.

Betty Gill: I would like to get Mrs. Stoen and a lot of them.

Nena Herring: I would like to be shot right in the heart.

Allie McClain: We will fight until the death. I am willing to give my life for the cause.

Lovie DePina: I will fight and die for this cause with my comrades. Give me liberty or give me death.

Lossie Lang: I would like to die fighting the enemy. I sure want to take 4 or 5 along with me.

Edith Delaney: I would like to be ready to go onto the battlefield and fight the good fight, to be ready to die if necessary.

Amelia Tardy: I would not mind going blowing up the White House.

Adeleine Strider: I am willing to die at any time, maybe I could be a decoy in some way.

Lillian Malloy: I shall fight to the end.

Michael Daniels: I would fight and die for what I believe.

Margrette Jeffery: I would love to face the enemy and let them know that they may kill people but the name of communism will go on forever, then throw nitroglycerin on the whole lot, knowing that I would go down too.

Jerome Simon: It does not bother me to die. I must take more than a few fascists with me. I know I can plan and carry out a mission.

Darell Keller: Note, says I have no excuse for not writing the news, I do have my own notes that I almost know, I am at fault, I will learn more by listening and asking questions. No personal statement.

James Edwards: I would like to be in the front lines in any struggle or fight. I could kill any number of our class enemies with a knife, and dispose of myself by a bomb in Standard Oil building. I would go out with [a] bomb.

Kelly Grubbs: I would like to go to the States and I would shoot, stab, smother enemies. Cut my throat.

Odell Blackwell: I will work and die to save this beautiful future.

L. B. Reeves: [I] Will fight and die for this place.

Rebecca Beikman: I will gladly take my life. I would spit in the fascists’ face so they would arrest me, and then I [would start] a rebellion among the prisoners as I could. I would drink my urine, and refuse to eat, but as long as there was life I would spit in their faces and try to make others rebel against them in prison, put a bunch of poison in hot bread, watch them eat it, then slit my throat. I am willing to give my body in any way.

Rochelle Kemp: I would like to die going down with some of our enemies or die fighting.

Mom and Pop Jackson: Will stay with you and fight, if they take one they take all.

Michelle Touchette: When you are gone the way, I want to die is if I am unable to go back to the US to kill Mickey and all the traitors, then I would like to go to a country that is in a struggle to become socialist and fight with them.

Jerome Anderson: I will stay on the line and fight, will either win or die. Seniors and children will have to be taken care of.

Sharron Jones [Sharon Rose Cobb]: I am ready at any time to give my life, whether it be in the States taking traitors with me, or in a country fighting a revolution, or here in Guyana defending our land.

Mary Cottingham: I will stand and fight. I want to carry out as many honkeys with me as I can.

Joyce Parks: Strap explosives to myself. Poison myself and several others at a social gathering food, drink.

Beverly Livingston: ***** I would like to drink some poison or whatever. I am still concerned about Billy who doesn’t say much and is scared to die. He is immature. If he can be taken care of with the children, I would feel free to go and blow myself up with some traitors. Dad, my fear is not being killed, not dying. *** [asterisks in original with marginalia, “Please note”]

Bob Christian: I want to carry our fight to the enemies. I am willing to go anytime to the US and only kill our former members such as Stoen, but I would make my stand in some public event and be equipped to take thousands of lives if the equipment is available. I would be willing to work with another person of your choice.

Linda Mitchell: I would like to die fighting in the struggle. I am willing to die for this cause.

Liz Ruggiero: I would like to die fighting for the cause on the battle line, helping the sick and wounded.

Yvonne Morrison: I want to kill off the enemies, then commit suicide if we can’t live in a socialist society.

Edith Cordell: I want to die fighting for the cause of socialism. I would like to help kill the enemies in SF.

Callie Mitchell: [I] Don’t mind dying. Fight for our rights. Whatever happens I am willing to go.

Fanny Ford: I would fight like hell and kill as many as I could, and if I was captured I would take enough nitroglycerin that could burst the heart.

Dessie Jordan: I will die on the front lines.

Pam Bradshaw: I am ready to die. But don’t want to waste my life. If I go it won’t be without taking several capitalists with me. Life is nothing but pain.

Stephanie Swaney: I would like to die for socialism and do revolutionary suicide.

Wanda Swinney: I hope I can kill some of our enemies, if necessary kill myself at the same time.

Carlos Bell: [I] Want to fight taking down some of the enemies.

Michael Heath: ***** I would like to die now, then I would not have to worry about having enough to eat and what people think of you, but I would want to die fighting for the revolution. *** [asterisks in original]

Mattie Gibson: I would like revolutionary suicide.

Essie Mae Towns: No personal statement.

Eartis Jeffery: I would die fighting.

Charlie Touchette: I toy with suicide quite often, but then that is the coward’s way out and would do nothing for the movement. I hope someday we will be able to fight to the death somewhere in the world or fight to the death or victory [over] the mercenaries sent in to destroy us.

Mary Mayshack: Father, I will give my life to the cause.

Joicy Clark: I want my life to be used for socialism. Send me or part of my limbs. What ever death.

Kay Rosas: Whatever happens, I will go along.

Berda Johnson: I am willing to lay my life down for the cause.

Alvaray Satterwhite: I said I wanted to go to Cuba, but I do not want to go without you. I do not mind dying.

Don Bower: To get my enemies I will become a microbiological bomb, I will purposefully become infected with some extremely contagious disease, then locate our enemies and take care of them by whatever means necessary, to infect the whole lousy bunch. There are a few diseases there are no cure for. If not, I’ll find one.

Diane Wilkinson: My wish is to lay down with capitalist (lay down my life) enemies and kill how many I can. To me it would not be just to leave enemies to live and grow old.

Rose McKnight: I would like to put poison in the enemy’s food. Then come back here for the final White Night and fight. Fight them with an explosive strapped to me. I want it to be the kind I could have time to set my clothes on fire, run into their midst to catch them off guard and the bomb would go off. In the process I would be committing revolutionary suicide.

Helen Love: If I have to decide how to end my life, I would like to be wired with enough bombs to explode when I run into the enemy and take as many as I can with me.

Diana Marshall: I would want to die trying to kill an enemy and getting shot or stabbed several times and dying.

Helen Swinney: I will lay my life down in any way on front lines, on assignment, behind lines, you name it. Use my life as you will. I owe it to you.

Otis Mitchell: I wish to help free other countries and die trying. I feel I am a leader, just have not taken the role. Let me die fighting for a black country.

Regina Jackson: Inviting all the traitors to a party. Planting dynamite around the building and blowing them and myself up. Let them think we are all dead, send message saying that we have died because we just couldn’t make it. They would probably get on TV. Step in on them with automatic weapons, let them know all of us hadn’t died yet, then set bombs around the building until they have told the story, but everyone out of the building but them, and shoot them. (unintelligible) would not kill them, let them have pain for hours, then when the police would try to break in and stop us, push the button on the bomb and kill the police with us.

Joyce Lund [Annie Joyce Rozynko]: I am scared of dying though I don’t want to live a long life. I am scared of dying a long painful death, however I still want to go with you, and the family, so if it is to death we go, I still expect to be here a long time. I don’t want to place a burden on you thinking you have to keep me alive. I can’t believe after all the struggle and pain we will all die. The movement vanish, history or no.

Jessie Johnson: Anything worth living for is worth dying for. Want to fight.

Becky Flowers: Use my body for sexual reasons to get what we need. I would be frightened in a final White Night, but I have discovered when I am frightened, I think and act better under those conditions and act really cool. I would request to go back to the States and take care of people like my sister Lena [Flowers] and Wayne [Pietila], Jim Cobb, Terry [Cobb], Mickey, the light way people. I would destroy all of the traitors. When the worst cases woke up in the morning and find the puppets gone that they used, they would be scared and I again would be there with a handful of potassium and give them an overdose in their food, drink. This drug is supposed to cause a heart attack with no trace of the cause. If I am caught then I will take the chemical too, go to the prison and free some political prisoners. By slipping them guns, bullets, and a key through the bar. I will make flirting passes at the person in charge after checking the prison system and security out thoroughly to get the key or information to free them. I could divert them by exploding my body into tiny pieces and getting their attention away from the prisoners so they can escape. Car, clothing could be waiting outside for them. I can starve, be beaten, fight for what I believe.

Keith Newsome: [I] Would like to go to the States and get some bomb equipment. And put a bomb in the big White House building and I’ll be in there too and I will get killed too. I could take off my clothes in front of a government office and get more people to do that or I could cut off my ears or something if that did not work.

Chris Morrel: Would like to have a bomb put on him.

Rochelle Halkman: I will be willing to go on the front line and fight until I am dead. I am willing to take my son’s life too.

Charles Williams: I would like to die fighting for socialism. I would like to kill as many capitalists as a human can.

Yvonne James [Eyvonne Paris Hayden]: I would like to stay here and fight, fight the capitalist running dog. I also would like to head stateside to rid us of some enemies. This would be a beautiful death.

Cheryl Wilhite: I could throw hand grenades to kill enemies.

Bea Jackson: I want to die fighting for the cause.

Bonnie Simon: I am ready to die for socialism. I want to be sure I take some with me. I don’t care if I am fighting with a cutlass on the front line or if I go back to the States to kill someone, to myself, I offer myself to help this cause in what way I can be beneficial.

Vellersteane Jones: I don’t care where I die as long as I die for this cause.

David Chaikin: I am willing to die in any way to get back at traitors and the big people that are setting them up and funding them.

Jerry Smith: Sometimes I say in my mind (if I had a gun) I would not give the enemies a chance. I would blow him right in his head quick. If I were in the States I would go in Mertles’ house and blow them up, blow their brains out. I am for revolutionary suicide for myself. If I had a bomb I will go into the police station for this is the way I feel when we have a crisis.

Lawrence Bright: I would like to fight for socialism as much as I can. And if I feel we are losing I would commit revolutionary suicide.

Annette Jones: Before I die, I would like to be able to do something for the revolution. I think [of] our people in different parts of Africa and the people of Chile and other countries that are being abused and tortured. I could do anything whether with bombs or guns or using my body that would be used to destroy any port of fascism and capitalism. I feel for me my life won’t last much longer.

Billy Bush: The way I would want to die is to go back to the US during our last White Night and kill all the traitors and come back here and commit revolutionary suicide by taking poison with the rest of the family.

Wesley Breidenbach: I would attack a multinational company such as Ford, Firestone etc. Arson would be the way I’d destroy these promoters of misery, pain, and discrimination and death against the Third World countries. Gasoline is easy to come by, and big factories have tours and would be easy to get in and out unnoticed. Also large numbers of people work there and new faces don’t draw attention. I would like to help organize a group to carry out some extortions, bombings, and executions to help tie up and scare the ruling elite.

Kim Fye: I would like to go and kill some of the enemies like tying some bombs on me and blowing the enemies up.

Judy Houston: Go to the States, have bombs tied on me, run into the enemy’s meeting and blow me and the sellouts up. If I can’t do that, I would make sure all the seniors and children are put to sleep then fight on the front lines.

Stephanie Chacon: I want to die for this cause.

Roberta Wade: I will die for the cause fighting on the front lines.

Youlanda Smith: I would like to die fighting in a revolution.

Karen Carr: I want to die fighting.

Flora Sanders: I would go to Africa or to the States and fight until I die.

Robert Paul: I want to destroy our enemies. I want to die for this cause. Don’t care where I go to get them.

Gloria Rosa: I want to get even with all our enemies, died fighting.

Roosevelt Turner: I would like to go down fighting against the capitalist.

Rory Bargeman: Likes Jonestown, but no personal statement.

Leslie Fortier: I would not accept liquor but would stand as expected. If it was revolutionary suicide that I want to go last, not out of fear but would want to make sure others were taken care of, hopefully I could assist in any other way.

Tommy Anderson: I would like to die fighting capitalist.

Eileen Jackson: I would like to die fighting for this land and every other communist country as well as this land. [I] Could find all the enemies and kill them, then kill myself. If the bomb is dropped and it is all over, then I would like to live and die of old age.

Nedra Yates: A human bomb and take some of the enemies with me. Let me be burned or a flaming torch or poison or be shot.

Dee Dee Smith: I want to die as a sniper with a rifle to kill all I can.

Jack Barron: If I live a few years then I will help promote our program. I would like to be a sniper and I could get them before they get me. I wish to be ready at the drop of a hat to go where ever I am sent.