Responses to What One Would Do with Their Body

To: Jim

From: Rita Lenin

Questions About Papers Turned In Last Week

  1. Here are the rest of the personal statements written last week, what would I do if there was a last White Night.
  2. The news it is obvious was all copied from the bond as it was all worded the same, with a few exceptions.
  3. We checked to see the proper amount was handed in (2 sheets for adults) (3 sheets for high school). [We] Made allowances for older seniors.
  4. [We] Have some papers without names.
  5. Enclosed is a list of inadequate papers, not meeting the required amount of news to be handed in.
  6. We did not have a roll of all the classes,  and so do not know who has not turned in papers. The lists some teachers gave us was inaccurate, as we did have their papers.
  7. Some people did not hand in papers but teachers did not give us a complete list.

Inadequate List

(Did not fulfill the requirement of 2 or 3 pages of news, 2 for adults, 3 for high school)

Cheryl Wilhite
Nancy Jones
Aaron Hendricks
Daryl Keller
Louise Shavers
Thurman Guy
Pearl Land
Roshawn Baisy
Eugene Smith
Clarence Jones (Klingman)
Luigi Newman
Annie McGowan
Ruth Atkins
Ronnie Dennis
Brian Davis
Keight Wright
Eddie Washington
LaFlora Townes
Ollie Smith
Pearl Smith

***Please answer***

Jim, do you want these papers or can they be disposed of????


Responses to What One Would Do with Their Body If This Were the Final White Night

To: Jim

From: Rita Lenin

Alvaray Satterwhite: Had said she wanted to go to Cuba, but she does not want to go if JJ [Jim Jones] does not go. I don’t mind dying, we all have to die sometime.

Darrell Devers: Would take traitors with him. He is most concerned about those who have hurt PT [Peoples Temple]. If death would not come after the first traitor, then he would continue until it did.

Ida Mae Clipps: Would like to die with revolutionary suicide.

Abraham Staten: Would like to get the enemies first. Does not want to go by suicide, would rather stand up and fight and make sure my dying was not in vain.

Millie Cunningham: No personal statement.

Candace Inghram [Candace Kay Cordell]: [I] Would like to go into one of the traitor’s places where they meet and disguise myself, and put drinks [poison] into their drinks and food. After I made sure that they were dead, then I would do the same to myself. I would like to find a place they all meet, and when they are all there for a meeting, then I would set the house on fire, and burn it down, setting myself on fire too.

Toby Mtandaji [Stone]: [I] Would do whatever is necessary to serve this cause, would see the children and seniors are taken care of, then fight until the end.

Lee Inghram: [I] Would like to strangle [Tim] Stoen and slit Jim Cobb’s throat, then if it was remotely possible, get some explosives and take some of the oil refineries around the ban [bay] and power installations and offing Rockefeller, then blow my brains out.

Lilly Victor: No personal statement.

Cris [Christine] Talley: [I] Would like to kill several enemies before I die. One by one or a whole room full. Would like to disguise myself (old woman, young woman) and shoot or kill each one until caught. Would kill herself [myself] with a knife or blow myself up.

Anne Jones (Donna P. [Ponts]): [I] Would like to die fighting in some country’s revolution. I don’t want to live very long, I would like to know more about guerrilla fighting because in all revolutions that’s the way they won.

Nancy Sines: Is ready to die, hopes her death comes in the struggle. Does hope her mom freaks out knowing she died as a communist, and not a religious weirdo.

Lianne [Liane] Harris: Would go to the States and pretend she was a reporter wanting to get the enemies’ in-depth story about PT. Rent a place for a few days, and set it up to meet the enemies there for an interview, and blow the place up when they all arrived.

Doris Howard: [I] Would like to take enemies with me before I go. Want to die fighting for this socialist cause.

Annie Mitchell: I would be ready to fight the enemy in any way I can. I would go into the jungle and hide. I would have a better chance to kill more of them, and would stand with my leader.

Magnolia Harris: Wants to take some enemy with her. If we drink the potion, I would do so. I would like to make a bomb of myself and go to the US. I really have never thought much about living or dying. I just take one day at a time.

Francine Crenshaw: No personal statement.

Gladys Jackson: No personal statement.

Clara McKenzie: Would like to give her self sexually. I would do anything to get food and money for us. I would like to go down with as many racist pigs and dogs as possible. Use hand grenades and blow up a whole bunch of them.

Jerome Simon: I must take more than a few fascists with me when I die.

Shirley Hicks: Ready to give my life, would like to die by fighting. If that is not what you have in mind, I will do whatever Dad says.

Zelline O’Bryant: I’d kill self, hang self with stocking or shoestring.

Mom [Burger Lee] Dean: I would like to camouflage and get in biggest crowd of honkeys and blow all to kingdom come.

Ida Albudy: I would try to make preparations with some kind of poisoning for self, and kill as many as I could kill. Rather take my own life than let enemy take it. Bomb and sneak in and kill a whole bunch of them.

Ever Rejoicing: I would fight to the finish.

Tish Leroy: Would go to the States and bomb a building with lots of important people in it. Would serve a big banquet with important people and poison them, eat the food herself, thus dying, and leaving no trace as to who done it, since she was a victim too. If she was imprisoned she would go for her jugular vein, or the one on the side of her neck, that allows one to bleed to death in two minutes.

Rebecca Beikman: [I] Would spit on enemy’s face, get arrested, and cause as much unrest in prison as possible, and would drink my urine and refuse to eat, but as long as there was life, I would spit in their faces and try to make others rebel against them in prison. I would bake a bunch of homemade bread and put rat poison in it, watch them eat it, then cut my throat. I am willing to give my body in any way to help the people.

Dale Parks: Will carry explosives, even put in by surgical procedure to be lit when I face the enemy of our people. We must fight until death.

Grandma [Christine] Bates: No personal statement.

Cathy Barrett: If we did not have an all and all battle, then I would like to die by poison after putting the children to sleep. This would be hard for me because I don’t like to face the fact of killing my own child.

Bea Parker: [I] Would cook enemies a nice meal, they would all go to sleep. I would not want to live if there was no hope for me (if all were gone). Would eat enemies if need be.

Lucille Payne: Get [Tim] Stoen, [Deanna and Elmer] Mertles and Liz [Forman], blow them into kingdom come, then kill myself.

Alluvine McGowan: Fight till I die. Use a cutlass, force them to kill me.

Irene Eddins: Use knife, axe, pitchfork, anything. Get as many enemies as possible. If all were gone, I would cut my throat or take poison.

Mom [Elsie Zilpha] Ross: Die fighting. Can shoot a gun, use cutlass or anything. Make them kill me, but I would probably take them.

Mary Walker: I would die fighting, strap bomb to self and do in the enemy. I would force them to kill me.

Vera Talley: I would play dead, ease on out and get them. Would force them to kill me.

Robert Johnson: A .38 special 2” barrel. Would shoot and shoot until I got killed.

Sylvester Fair: I would fight till they killed me. I would find something to kill somebody with till the last.

Mercedes Guidry: Machine gun and kill them. Torture – would take it. Would just die.

Ethel Belle: Die fighting, gun, axe, pitchfork, sneak up on them. [I] Was really afraid of death, no more.

Irene Mason: Can’t see, would just fight until I dropped.

Charlotte King: Go down fighting.

Love Life: Fight with anything I could get my hands on.

Grandma [Christine] Bates: Fight like hell.

Hyacinth Thrash: Poison some of them. Take a bomb into a bunch of them. Like the Mertles.

Mary: Strike back for the Communist, would use whatever I had.

L. [Levatus] V. McKinnis: If all were dead, I would still fight on.

Zippy Edwards: Explosives on her and blow them up.

Ruby Johnson: [I’ve] Been a fighter all my life. If they came after me, I would start a fight with one of them and make them kill me.

Hazel Dashiell: I have already asked to go in my sleep.

Georgia Catney: I would like to be bombed in the presence of Tim Stoen and his crew so I can take them with me or any other enemy.

Shawanna [Dorothy Pearl] Solomon: I would like to die on the front lines. Don’t want to get old. I want to at least take some of the oppressors with me with a gun, poison, burn us up, bomb, how is unimportant, dying is dying. Mass suicide. I am sure they won’t eat me, I am too black. I would like to catch some of them, tie them to a pole and roast them slowly or run a hot rod up their ass. Catch them in some big meeting, pour gasoline all around the building and set it afire with a hand grenade or just one tiny match. The gas would be at all exist. Windows, doors, all over the yard, let them figure a way out.

Ronnie Berryman: *****I have never experience to death. I would like to get back to a KKK leader in RWV [Redwood Valley] for trying to make me talk about the church and demanding me I had better talk, getting close to me in my face. I want him and the rest there in the fire department. When I die, I want to die fighting people like that. I never knew how much hate I had until that night. I will kill his ass. It was just me and him and he kept wanting me to talk. And he let me know how he felt. Please let me get people like him!! He was a redneck pig about 180 or 195 pounds, blonde hair, blue eyes, about 43 or 49.***** [asterisks in original with marginalia, “Please note”]

Nat Swaney: I think we may be dying in the near future because we are revolutionaries. If I could, I would prefer dying defending socialism either here or in Africa. Or I would just like to kill Stoen, Mertles and many other treasonous bastards before I die.

Leomy Wright: I plan to die in the cause, I am ready to die.

Francine Crenshaw: I would want Tiquan put to sleep if it looked like we were going to lose. I want to fight until I was killed. If I was hurt enough just to pass out for awhile, and found everyone dead when I woke up, I would go back to US, and take care of our enemies. Nitroglycerin.

Carol Dennis [Carol Ann Cordell McCoy]: Don’t know for sure what she would do if it were a final White Night, don’t think anyone knows what they would do. I feel if it was a fight, I would try hard to kill a fascist. If I saw problems with the children, I feel strongly that I would kill them, cause torture scares me more than taking a life. I will write a plan later on, as I had not thought of any. I feel strongly if the revolution depends on me, it would be fucked as far as plans. I am not a planner just a doer when the time comes.

Wanda Souder: I would like to be on the front line, to be one of the first to kill the enemy, and if I were to be killed, I wouldn’t die alone. If I was wounded and knew I could be of no more use, I would like to be set up as a trap to catch and kill the enemy. A bomb would be nice so I could kill a whole bunch of the bastards. I am not afraid to die. If I were back in the States, I would have had no purpose so anything it takes to be free and free our children I will do. The children are our future. Without them we would die off sooner or later.

Carrie Langston: [I] Want to live as long or long enough to get the enemies. I am not bright enough to tell you how I would kill them, but I know I could do it. I would try and kill as many as I could.

Bob Kice: I would give up my life to blow up the fascist elite. This would be worthwhile to me. I cannot foresee living many more years. To die without taking as many as possible along with me would be a waste. I find more and more how unappealing life is, and how the death of many would make it appealing.

Bea McCann [Beatrice Bell]: [I] Would like to explode (blow up) our enemies along with myself.

Avis Garcia [Avis Jocelyn Breidenbach]: I would like to fight in our revolution. I would not want to die so quick by committing revolutionary suicide. I would feel I did not accomplish anything by dying quick. I believe I can fight the enemies because they do not stand for justice and equality.

Tom Kice Sr.: I don’t expect to live much longer and don’t care. I believe the only way a revolution can be is to fight. I believe one of these days we will have to put our lives on the line. I don’t believe every White Night will be won over the radio. I don’t care how I die, just so I die for the cause. I would choose to go back to the States and kill Tim Stoen and the Mertles, as many of them as I could get. I will give my life where ever I will serve the cause more.

Bob Davis: My selfish side of me says if I had a nice way to go, it would be with our leader for continue life with Dad is demoralizing [Rita Lenin note:] (I presume he meant “without”??). If I will face the realization that I am a revolutionary then I will do whatever is necessary for communism (so it will spread). Specifically I can see myself going to battle in a revolutionary liberation war. If that were the case it seems to me that military training in Cuba and being deployed by Cuban forces would be helpful. I would be willing to go back to States and commit terrorist acts and kill monopoly capitalists or political enemies. Note **** No mention of former PT members, or he would do away with them??

Najahunada Walker [Najahunada Darnes]: If fascists come here, it really does not matter, it is time to give my life for what I believe. I never want to live until I am very old, but I must think of the children who are the future. I want to give my life in the line (front). I could walk naked towards the guns pointed at me, and as I was doing this, some of the brothers could come from behind and take their weapons from them, stripping naked would be to distract their attention. Could have bombs tied to my body, could move in closer and explode at the same time. They could not take me alive because I would harass them until they killed me. Death is a beautiful experience, peaceful sleep. I am trying to take as much pain as I can now to prepare myself.

Phillip Blakey: I would like to do a Day of the Jackal job on fascists. I’d go right up to fascists and shoot them, then I would shoot myself. Unless I could get away to do another in, good team would be– [page cut off].

Patty Parks: I am sorry to bring more pain than was necessary to our leader by coming here. I was just stupid like the capitalist wants me to be and did not realize the seriousness of this move. I feel guilty and responsible for Brenda [Parks]’s immaturity. I will be looking forward to seeing their growth. It will make me so happy. I am ready to die for this cause, not alone, but to take enemies with me.

Sandra Evans: I would like to die fighting with all my might, and I’d like to take a few enemies with me. I would like for my children to live and grow up in this socialist town and spread these ideals throughout the world. If it is not possible then I would rather they die than to be in the fascists’ hands.

Eileen McMurry [McCann]: I do not expect to live long, because we have these White Nights all the time. It doesn’t matter to me. I would like to be blown up as I blew up some of the enemies. I want to get as many fascists as possible. I would have to make several attacks killing off as many as I could, and when the military came after me, I would blow us all up. I would do anything without hesitation.

Dorothy Sanders: I would rather die killing an enemy than revolutionary suicide. I could do the suicide as a last resort. I would like the satisfaction of taking someone with me. I wish I had more of this consciousness. I hope the world finds out I am part of this liberation movement. Only thing I have done worthwhile is join PT. I never thought I was worth anything. I like what you said earlier, “in life or death, we will make a mark in history.”

Mary Lou Clancey: I would like to participate in an assassination plot to take care of as many enemies as possible, and to take care of myself (shoot myself in the head, whatever). I have often considered the possibility of arming myself with explosives and entering a building or a group of people – boom – as in The Battle of Algiers, the women marched down the street fighting off the enemies with their hands, sticks, obviously giving their lives in the forefront of the revolution.

Orlando Robinson (child): I would rather die fighting for this land, and kill off traitors.

Stan Gieg: I want to live just to fight for the revolution of all people or to build a society where all are equal. I would like fighting here or in another country. If I have to, I will commit revolutionary suicide.

Bill Jackson: I would like to die by revolutionary suicide by blowing myself up. I feel it would serve more of an impact.

Ralph Jackson: I would die with the enemies who have hurt us. I would try to win favor with the enemies, and give them information that was already public. Once gathering their trust, I would get them in the same room and blow them up. [I] Would write a dramatic letter of [illegible] defending Dad’s character.

Don Fields: [I] Would like to work with health care and even in other countries. [I] Would like to fight for what we know is right, especially for all the children here and in the world.

James Johnson: I would die for this revolutionary cause any day. I really don’t live to see tomorrow. I would kill some of our enemies, then kill myself, or force them to kill me.

Amanda Fair: This is the only cause worth dying for. I want to take as many honkeys with me as possible in death by human torch and explosion. I wouldn’t be suspect as I never said anything much to anyone.

Maria McCann: Before I die, I need the assurance that the children are dead, and know we done the best thing for them before we die. I would like to believe I would do anything necessary to get our enemies. I am afraid of torture, but not for the final death. I realize this is cowardly. I think once I knew our children were dead, our whole future would be dead and my will to go on living would be shot, and I’d be so angry at the fascist pigs for doing this to us, I’d do anything to kill them.

Rosa Keaton: I have learned more about being a revolutionary each time we have a White Night. I have grown stronger, and more committed. I’m willing to work, be tortured, or die for this cause.

Esther Dillard: For the greatest number, I am willing to commit revolutionary suicide as long as I know I can take some enemy with me. I am always willing to learn to shoot a bow and arrow and be on the front line.

Ken Norton [Richard Grubbs]: I don’t think I fear death. I have tried to die so many times since I was born. I don’t want to come back so I should reserve my life for revolutionary suicide. I feel I may live long as I have so many lessons to learn, I have been spared from death so many times. I can’t but help I have an obligation which must be paid.

Nancy Sines: I don’t care if my death comes tomorrow. I hope when my death comes, it will be for the struggle. I hope my so-called mom finds out I am a communist and not a religious weirdo.

Ernestine Blair: No personal statement.

Danny Marshall: No personal statement.

Eugene Smith: No personal statement.

Becky Flowers: No personal statement.

Detra Smith [Murray]: No personal statement.

Eddie Washington: No personal statement.

Alfred Bell: No personal statement.

Edward Moore: I want to die working for the cause.

Theo Williams: No personal statement.

Claudia Bouquet: No personal statement.

Christa Marshall (child): No personal statement.

Dee Dee Lawrence (child): No personal statement.

James Ford (child): No personal statement.

Ronnie Dennis: No personal statement.

Gladys Roberts: No personal statement.

Geneva Beal: Wants a long life. Would like to see our children grow up. I want to give my body to this cause, but I would like to give it fighting, to kill until I get killed.

Valerie Jones: I would like to die and bring some of my enemies with me. I am not afraid to die. I would like to go down fighting.

Anthony Simon: No personal statement.

Ellie Beam: I don’t think I will live more than two years or maybe less. I would like to die fighting on the front lines. I would go to the States to get someone. I would like to end my life taking the mother fuckers with me.

Irra Johnson: No personal statement.

Joel Cobb Jones: I would like to go back and kill the enemies in the USA. I would tie a bomb on me, walk into the room and make the bomb go off. Dynamite, about 10 sticks.

Derek Walker: No personal statement (age 12).

Alfred March: No personal statement.

Rob Gieg: No personal statement.

Jackie Rochelle: No personal statement.

Pearl Land: I would fight to kill as long as I live.

Lue Ester Lewis: No personal statement.

Debbie Jensen [Schroeder]: I don’t expect to live long. I will go and help others in their struggle. I feel Tad [Schroeder] relates to others, and I feel good about that if I ever had to leave. I want to be of some benefit to help promote communism, whatever that may be.

Marianita Langston: I would like a very high explosive placed in a test tube and I would carry it in my vagina or smaller so I can place in the back of my eyeball. When the time comes, I would blow myself and the fascists up.

Alfreda March: [I] Would like to go into the jungle, with CBS and etc. with a group of eight people, and have bow and arrows that would paralyze, then we could grab their mouth and pull them down and kill them. If caught, we would fall on the poison arrow.

Mary Bailey: I would like to fight to help kill some of the traitors. If I go fighting, it is all right.

Jerry Livingston: I would act according to what the situation was. I believe we as a group or individuals are being readied to put the final touch to the fascists with situations like the Red Brigade are doing. I am just taking it a day at a time.

Lee Inghram: I’d like to strangle Stoen and slit Jim Cobb’s throat. If it was remotely possible to get some explosives, I’d try to take out some of the oil refineries around the bay and power installations. The climax would be offing one of the leading capitalists such as Rockefeller, then blowing my brains out.

Agnes Jones: I often thought a human torch would draw attention.

Toby Mtandaji [Stone]: [I] Would give my life for this cause if necessary, doing whatever I can to help the children, seniors, then fight to the end.

Ruby Johnson: I would like to die fighting to the end, carrying some capitalist dog with me, like Tim Stoen, and others. I am not afraid to die.

Maud Perkins: I would make sure all of our enemies were taken care of in the event of your death, meaning I may have to lure them all down here. Tim Stoen would instantly die from a bad gasoline burn, like the children in Alabama, and all of the other enemies. [I] Would set up a meeting with them, make them think I was on their side. Grace Stoen thought I was always hostile, I think I could easily fool her. I would put a lot of gasoline in a lamp I was using for light, and maybe accidentally drop a match in it and blow them all to hell and back. I don’t think I could live a long time if I wanted to. Life is not that rewarding. I do understand if there’s any way out, I do owe it to their children. I will do anything I am asked to do to help bring the fascist down.

Cathy Barrett: In the event of the final White Night and there was not an all-out battle, I would like to die by poison after putting the children to sleep. This would be hard for me to do, because I don’t like to face the fact of killing my own child.

Candace Inghram [Cordell]: I would like to go into the place where the traitors meet and disguise myself, and put poison in their drinks and food. When I made sure they were all dead, than I would do the same to myself. Another thing I would like to do is find their house, and burn it down with them and me in it.

Barbara Guerava [Guevera]: I would be willing to participate in some tactics like the Red Brigade is doing, like kidnapping or killing a fascist or any of our enemies. I will give my life in any strategy to further socialism.

Ameal Staten: I would die fighting for socialism.

Shawnterri Jones [Verna Lisa Johnson]: No personal statement.

Keith Wade: I know I am going to die soon, and when I do, I’m going to take some of our enemies with me.

Mary Rodgers: I would like to have a bomb and kill as many as possible and take them with me.

Shirley Pace [probably Shirley Baisy]: I don’t want to live to an old age. I would like to take care of some of our enemies. [I] Would like to take care of Grace Stoen with dynamite tied on me. I would like to go out undercover (have my whole identity changed) and save as many children as possible. The real test will come when it happens. I am sure I will do it.

Lourece Jackson: I would like to get Liz Forman before I lay my life down, because she hurt children, and to get Stoen for all the trouble he caused. I would get me a time bomb and call up the rest of the gang, blow them up.

Kevan Smith [Grubbs]: I would like to die killing the traitors that have caused you much pain and trouble. I would like to die with my hands on the throats of these fascist devils. I would like to see the children have a future.

Daisy Stroud [Daisy Lee]: I would like to go back to the States and kill all the enemies who are causing us trouble. If I get caught by the capitalists, I will commit suicide, when they take me in to talk about this organization.

Mabel Jones: To first see if we have a chance to put up a fight. If not then we have to go into the jungle. I don’t really want to go to any other country. I would rather just stay here and fight.

Denise Hunter [Purifoy]: I hope to be able to take a few of our enemies with us when I go. I know everyone cannot get Stoens, Mertles, but I would like to wear a big coat (look pregnant), take a machine gun, or explosives. It depends on the situation. Mertles, then Stoens, Liz, Gary [Garry Lambrev], Purifoys and many more, I am sure. I will do this any time, when the time is right.

Bertha Reese: I am ready to die, and I want to be sure and take some capitalist with me before I go. Uncle Toms if they come for us. I will fight on the front line until I die with a cutlass in my hands.

Christine Young [Cobb]: We are ready to give our lives for that which we believe. I will not sell out.

Charles Marshall: I wish for our communist beliefs to go on until my death. I believe that revolutionary suicide is the most logical way to die because there is more of a guarantee that the children will be taken care of by we the people instead of anyone else.

Jim Pugh: I would be glad to be used to put to sleep the people’s enemies. I would need direction, but I am willing. I request to be put with the front lines, with a rifle, bayonet. I was very disappointed to have the cross [crossbow?] removed from my hands. I am not afraid to die.

Karl Newell: No personal statement.

Ron Talley: I think I will die within five years at the maximum. I want to die a violent death, fighting for socialism. I feel I could go into a kidnapping situation, knowing I would never be able to get out, but would have to kill my hostage and fight to the death, and get every enemy possible. I feel I can plan and carry out an operation like this alone or with some of my other comrades. I want to die with socialist purpose, not live to grow old and sits on my ass.

Karen Harms: I want to kill one of the enemies that is responsible for trying to kill us, like Mezzer [Joe Mazor]. I could go to Europe or some of the country for a while, go with a false passport, change my looks, wait for a while before I went to California. I would find out where the people hang out and go into the place with a bomb on me and blow them and me up.

Joyce Brown: I want to get the enemies that try to tear the socialist places down. Next if it came to fight on the lines, I would fight until the last breath.

Ruby Bright: I am ready to die for this cause in battle going through the jungle or going back to the US and taking someone’s life for this cause and then commit revolutionary suicide. I think one day we will have to take responsibility on ourselves and defend our beautiful land.

Lexie Davis: I would like to take Tim Stoen and Grace, smother them with gas, then inject poison in their spine. That would be an easy way to go. I would then commit revolutionary suicide before the fascists get me.

Jerry Rhea: I would like to help build the state of ours, and pass on what I know to the children. I am not afraid of dying, but then again I have not had to face death. If we had to die, [I] would do so. I would like to get many fascists before I go. To die with a leader for such a good cause is an honor.

Tim Jones (Night): I would fight the enemies that have been against us. If there was a way I could go and get our enemies, I will do it. I would like to fight to the last.

Annie Moore: I have always felt I will hold out no matter what comes down. Prison, torture or maybe even a fast death in battle. I figured the last part of my life I will end up being tortured somewhere for years. I decided not to starve myself and die, always strive to get free so that I could take some fascists down with me. I won’t talk no matter what happens, although it would be painful to me to see any of our children tortured in order to get to me. I will have to think it thoroughly but I have always thought I would like to spray gasoline (or pour) on our enemies and set a match to them. Put them out in time to make them suffer. I realize this is not too practical, so what. I’ll have to think of more practical plans and explicit plans as to how and whom I would get (enemies).

Guy Mitchell: Hijacking an airplane with well-known officials aboard, knowing full well neither you or they will make it. Our demands must be met. Also the burning of a body as a demonstration for getting money. This was done in Japan, and it brought a lot of attention.

Shirley Hicks: I am ready to give up my life every time I do security. I would like to die by fighting. If that is not the way you have in mind for me, I will do whatever you say.

Anne [Annette?] Jones: I would like to be killed when I am fighting in some country’s revolution. I don’t want to live very long. I would like to know more about guerrilla fighting, because in all revolutions, that’s the way they won.

Ophelia Rodgers: I would not mind dying as long as I can take someone with me. I would like to get those who started all of this. If I did not die in this fight, I would not mind helping some other country get their freedom.

Marshall Farris: I want to die taking as many fascists with me as I can. I want my death to mean something to the socialist cause.

Corliss Boutte: I would like to pretend I was running away from here and get into Georgetown. [I] Would like to get some of those people who have been following Bruce [Oliver] around. Tell them I wanted out, and hope they would send me back to the States. I would pretend to give them information. Once getting with Tim Stoen and others, I would slit their throats one by one. Calling them in a room one by one. If caught I could easily put up a fight until they killed me. I see using a knife because a knife is usually attainable.

Laura Johnston: I would like to take as many traitors and enemies with me when I die a revolutionary death. [I] Would like to take the super rich with me. This would be less obvious and not be connected with PT. Maybe that could be researched now and set up. I’d take Stoen, any of them too. I would fight in any country. I would have sex with anyone here. My own choice has been far worse than the worst asshole here so I have nothing to lose.

Eva Pugh: It does not make any difference to me how I die, only to do all I can to further this great cause. I think Tim Stoen, Grace, Mertles, Jim Cobb, etc. should be invited here and be killed before we die.

Gloria Walker: I would like first to kill Tim and Grace Stoen, and some of the others. I would like to take or use a quick poison or a bomb, preferably a bomb strapped to my body. Maybe poison could be put in cigarettes. I would chew one if caught.

Acquinetta Robertson [Devers]: No personal statement.

James Turner: No personal statement.

Jerry Wilson: No personal statement.

Katherine Domineck: No personal statement. News – needs help.

Teddy McMurry: No personal statement.

Shajhuanna [Dorothy Lesheene] Harris: No personal statement.

Bertha Smith: Only one page of news (but a senior). No personal statement.

Gerald Johnson: No personal statement.

Amondo Griffith: No personal statement.

Jim Arthur Jones: No personal statement.

Luella Brown: No personal statement.

Frances Stevenson: I want to die for the cause however that may be. Death is [cut off]

Vivian Anderson: No personal statement.

David Goodwin: I would like to go and get some enemies. I don’t think I will live for a long time. I would like to take some fascists with me when I die. [I] Don’t want to live over 50 years.

Abraham Staten: I would like to make sure I got all of my enemies first. I would not want to take suicide. I would rather stand up and fight, and make sure my dying was not in vain.

Darrell Devers: I would definitely take traitors with me, am concerned about getting enemies of PT.

Ruletta Paul: [I would] Like to carry a bomb device in a belt buckle made of metal, and on my way through, carry a machine gun to kill one hundred enemies. Reach the core of the problem, and blow all of them up from the face of the earth.

Brenda Cobb Jones: [I] Want to go to the States and find Jim Cobb and the rest of them, act like I was real mad at the cause, and get some dynamite or explosives and get them in the room and blow them up. When I die I want Jim Cobb and the other mother fuckers to die too, so they can’t fuck it up for the rest of the family. I don’t care when we die, hope soon.

Mary Wotherspoon: I want to die in a struggle somewhere for freedom. Many ways I have thought of in detail, depends on where I am and what is available.

Brian Guy: If I was about to be killed, I would kill a lot of enemies before I die. If they were going to torture me, I would kill myself before they got a hold of me. If I did not kill myself by banging my head on the ground until I was dead, if they had captured me and tortured me, I would not talk.

Chris O’Neal: I am going to live out my life fighting for a cause in which I believe in, the cause I am talking about is the wisdom that Jim Jones has given me. I hope to live a long life, for I can fight those who are trying to stop this great movement, and I would like to kill the big rich people and the people who don’t understand the meaning of the word “free.” And when I die, I [would] like to die after killing some of those rich assholes.

Erris Morrison: I would take my cutlass and go to the front lines and fight. And I will get one of them and I would take his gun and hide around, and when I see another one I would fire at him and hit him. If they catch me, I would make them kill me by fighting, and that means being a crazy nigger, biting, stomping their balls, dick, hair, eyes, breaking their fingers, anything I could get a hold of. If they put me in jail, I would go on a hunger strike. I will watch my comrades and make sure they do not run. (This means my relatives also) I will kill them. I will fight until death do us part.

Dorothy Simpson: I had not thought out what I would do with my life yet. I am willing to work and do anything to help get the people free, even if it means dying. I am willing to do that, but first I would like to be in a position to get a number of enemies too, by blowing them up or shooting them or poisoning them or any other way, so children can have a better place to live.

Bernice Thomas: I don’t care how I die. I would like to kill Tim Stoen. I would like to bomb the courthouse in Texas, Kania, Texas, and burn the house where I was born, as they threw my mother out of the house. I don’t care how or when I die, I am not afraid. No news turned in.

Mike Carter: When someone like the mercenaries attack us or chase them and take weapons from them, then we will have more guns for our people to use. Any time a country is to be infiltrated, if they have any type of shoreline, it should be done by boat. The CIA does this type of thing in China, so I think it would work well with us using a life raft that can be delayed and buried, then on to work. That way if there is any way to escape, you have transportation, but depending on location, it might be best just to commit revolutionary suicide.

Earnestine March: I am ready to die. I will prove it by fighting to the death. If I am captured before I am killed, I will starve myself to death, even if I have to drink my piss. I would like us to become communist to the fullest before we die.

Jeff Wheeler: I would like to die getting a bomb and wrap it around me, and while Stoen and all the other traitors are having a press conference, I would blow them all up. I would go back to the States, find a book about bombs and build one of them. Then I would tie it on my back with a real large coat, and then I would walk up to them and act like I am interested and then blow them up. I would disguise myself and do it. I would not mind doing it. I think I know I won’t live too long and I don’t care. I would like to be a revolutionary leader, and die a revolutionary death.

Lydia Morgan [Atkins]: I would be ready to lay my life down in the front lines. I have three children I am fighting for (don’t know their outcome besides our children here).

Clara McKenzie: I would go and give myself sexually, although I know I am not a young person, but I could try. Will do anything to get money or food for us. Would like to get racists with a lot of hand grenades, would like to blow up the whole bunch of them.

Renee Gieg: At a final White Night, and there was no way out, I would like to fight until death. The children would naturally have to be put to sleep, then we could fight. I don’t want to go to another country, only reason would be to kill Stoen and others a slow lingering death for them. I like to get my hands on the bitch, Yolanda [Yulanda] Crawford.

Helen Johnson: I want to give my life if necessary, maybe as a human torch, and let me loose where I can do the most good.

Anitra Greene: No personal statement.

Judy Ijames: No personal statement.

Tinetra Johnson [Fain]: I’m willing to do anything for the cause, even if it meant my death, because I feel I owe Dad and the people a lot. If I am asked to do something, I will without any hesitation.

Ben Barrett: When I die, I want it to have some purpose. I will not just lay down and die. I will either die fighting to defend this freedom land, or I would like taking some of our enemies with [me] who have been telling lies about us.

Joyce McIntyre: I would like to die fighting. If I got shot and did not die, I would pick up myself and keep on fighting until I am killed.

Kim Yoon Ai [Betty Jean Tschetter]: I would like to go back and kill some of our enemies. I would not give in to anything, would not take any bribe or talk. I would like to do as our [illegible word] did in Nicaragua. I am ready for any fighting or anything, I am ready to die. I don’t want to live long, but I want to participate in the revolution and lay my life down if necessary. Maybe I can go back and get information from the enemies. I would kill them and torture them slowly. Maybe they would think I am Suzanne [Cartmell], and they would talk.

Chris Lund [Chris Rozynko]: I would like to kill as many of the enemies as possible. [I] Would like to get me a knife and stab them to death or a gun and shoot them. Strapping bombs to myself would be the quickest and easiest way. I would do this if I could get several at one time. However if I could shoot one, there is a chance I could go on and get another one.

Annie McGowan: I want the whole world to see what I stood for. Let me get all I can, and it will be ok if I get killed and I would die happy. As I have to prove to somebody that socialism is the only life to live, this is my desire.

Jessie Jones: I don’t mind dying. I would like to put some lye up Tim and Grace Stoen’s rectum or in their eyes. I know they would arrest me, so I could make them kill me, so I won’t be tortured. I would not speak against this cause.

Ellen Klingman: When I die, I hope it will be in a useful way, like shooting my share of fascists or blowing up something or used as a decoy for whatever purpose to serve for revolutionary advance.

Lucy Crenshaw: [I] Would like to work and live for socialism leading to communism as long as I am physically and mentally alert. Then on the other hand, if I am not needed to work as much as I am needed, to make a sacrifice with my body or act as a decoy. I will count it a privilege to die as a human bomb.

Al Simon: If I get an opportunity to kill traitors I will use a knife. A knife is easy to conceal, and since they don’t know how I look, it would be easy to get close enough to do the job, this method I would have to catch them when they were alone. I will study and see if they travel singly or in a large group. If they do, I will plan to catch them when they are grouped and I will use a .38 automatic pistol, holds 10 rounds per clip. Once the job is done, I will be hunted down and killed by the police, but hopefully I will have a chance to take some of the others before they kill me. They won’t take me alive. When my weapon is empty, I will attack them, therefore they will shoot me. They like to shoot people.

Betty Moore: I would either stand here and fight, or if there was any way possible to get back into the States without being arrested, I would like to execute as many of our enemies I could by either poisoning, shooting, burning, or blowing them up and then commit revolutionary suicide.

Lydia Morgan [Lydia Atkins]: [I] Would be ready to lay my life on the front lines to defend Jonestown. I appreciate what you have done for me.

Tarik Baker: No statement. Not three pages of news, good but not required amount.

Ruby Bright: I have not wanted to live to be very old. I’m ready to die for this cause in battle, going through the jungle, or going back to the US, and taking someone’s life for this cause and then commit revolutionary suicide. You have always handled all the White Nights, and I do not think this is fair. One day we will have to take it in our own hands and defend this land. I don’t want to live anywhere unless you are there to make a movement for us.

Eric Baker: No statement.

Beverly Mitchell: I would like to stay here and fight rather than to take the death potion, because I would like to take some of the damned capitalists with us. Thank you so much for coming into the Special Care Unit when I was there.

Marvin Janaro [Marvin Sellers]: Not three pages as required. No personal statement.

Viola Moton: [I] Would be honored to die for this cause to help children. Death would seem just like going through an open door.

Patty Dennis [McCoy] (child): [I] Would like to go to the States and find Tim S [Stoen], and others and tie a bomb or explosives to my body and die along with our enemies. Would like to get her dad Bill McCoy.

Karen Harms: [I] Would like to die killing Masser [Joe Mazor]. Could go to US with someone else’s passport, new name, change new disguise might be better to go to another state or Europe for a while, and not do anything for a while, find out where they met, go into a building with a bomb on myself, blow them up and myself as well.

Ava Inghram: I could get a hold of Tim Stoen, and tell him I have some important information about PT. I would give him a false name and tell him to meet somewhere, and to only bring one person with him, that way I could kill more than one. I would get them to meet me in another state between US and S.A. [South America]. I will pay a hostess to invite them in the door. I will tell the hostess to bring the drinks. There will be poison in the drinks. I can explain this better in talking than writing.

Vernetta Christian: I would like to go to any place where there was a need to free and liberate the people from the fascists. I would like to strap a bomb or anything else around me to destroy our enemies. I don’t expect to come out alive and would not want to.

Orelia Anderson: I would like to die fighting a socialist revolution by starting the fighting first, and act like I am crazy by cutting or shooting and killing about 5 or 6. Then they kill me.

Jair Baker: I would like all Third World people and oppressed people to live comfortable, including myself. I would fight the oppressor, agent fascist. Want to free all the people in South Africa and other places.

Diane Casanova: [I] Would like to go to USSR on a scholarship. I would like to kill any capitalist, fascist in the world, Tim Stoen, Grace, Mertles, and all those bitches. I would have to leave Dad to go to the USSR however.

Louise Shaver: No personal statement, not required amount of news. Only a half page done.

Willie Sneed: No personal statement.

Sharon Kislingbury: I would die for this truth, I have no idea when, but if it is tomorrow, it makes me no difference, I am ready. I would like to die by bringing some of our enemies down with me. I could always have a bomb on me and meet with the traitors and we could all blow up together. Or I could kill them and commit revolutionary suicide. I will die fighting on home ground if a White Night occurs, and die any way by any means to get the job done. If I have to go through torture, I will endure it.

Stanley Clayton: No personal statement, only two pages of news.

Cassandra Minor: I would first of all have my child killed by me rather than the fascists. Then I would fight until my death. I would like to get Grace, Deanna Mertle, Liz Forman, the Olivers, [Yulanda] Crawford Williams before I am murdered. I would want to see them killed before I am killed by anybody. I am not afraid to die. When my time comes, I will die. I was afraid at first, but now that I see what is happening with our traitors, there is no way out.

Margaret James: I have planned my death – to lay down in a crowd of enemies with a bomb, fight like I never fought before. I am not afraid to die to save children and seniors and babies. I have no personal family.

Charles Henderson: I am not afraid to die like I thought I was. I would if necessary commit revolutionary suicide and also kill some of our enemies. If necessary I would put our child to sleep and go on fighting.

Glenda Polite: I choose to die with a smile, and behind that smile I want to have killed many of the main enemies of the people. I want to shoot the lies out of their bodies. I will go on killing until I got shot down. I want to kill anyone who would think of destroying or delay socialism from living on.

Carol Kerns (Allende): I am not afraid to die young, I would rather. I would kill myself if I did not die fighting taking enemies with me.

Thomas Kice (Jr.): [I] Would like to die a revolutionary death or kill myself and not let the fascists get me so they can torture me.

Vennie Thompson: No personal statement, news facts mixed up.

Barbara Kemp: I want to kill some of the people that caused all the trouble for us over here.

Diana Macon [probably Diane McKnight, also known as Diane Mason]: I would want the children and seniors to be taken care of first. I would like to fight in the battle so that I could take some of the enemies with me.

Greg Watkins: Make my body useful to kill the fascist or get blown up and take some with me. I would do all I could to protect this land, also get myself killed.

Shanda James [Oliver]: No personal statement.

Eugenia Gernandt: I have been thinking for some time, my heart has been acting up. I may as well go with a bang and take enemies with me. When and how, I don’t know.

Bobby Stroud: I would go to the US and kill all responsible for our fall, Stoen and others plus Stennis [U.S. Senator John Stennis], and if all that were done successfully, I would commit revolutionary suicide, making a display to cause attention. If I was ever caught, I would suicide out.

Mary Ford: I would like very much to go to the States and get some of those people that have tried to hurt this movement. Then I would not mind dying a revolutionary death, as long as I know some of them went with me or on before me.

Russell Moton: I may be fighting with a cutlass, or the front lines with a gun, whatever, I am prepared to fight. I know these two methods best. I will fight when the time comes to back up our revolutionary statements.

Juanita Green: I personally would like to grind up my relatives into hamburger meat and sell it to McDonald’s. I would like to fight and take some of the enemies with me by fighting, or tie a bomb on [my] body and walk in and blow a bunch of them up.

Eliza Jones: I would like to die for this cause, I could give my body to be burned. I could lie in front of a vehicle, let it run over me. I can attach a bomb to my body. I don’t mind dying for the cause. Thanks for everything, Dad.

Lavana James: I want to die fighting [on the] front lines or back lines, makes no difference. Dying for socialism will be a pleasure.

Gertrude Nailor: I choose to die after I have knocked Tim Stoen out and pulled his balls out, and stuck a hat pin up his back hole. I like to cut Liz F. hair all off, put her eyes out, and shoot her, then take poison and kill myself.

Harold Bogue: [I] Could sneak back to the States, meet with the enemies on the pretense of sharing information and plans. Give them some false and innocuous information, enough to win their confidence until I can get a meeting of all of them together, then I would detonate a bomb [big] enough to blow everybody to bits. I could get into the country unannounced and go around picking them off one by one, as Jackal did [in Day of the Jackal]. If the enemies of ours were all done in, I would like to help a group like the Red Brigade get money for the people’s revolution or free political prisoners wherever they may be. Living or dying in the action would only be important if I could still be of use in the revolution.

Kim Brewster: I think I’d like to die a revolutionary death, but I also know that there are good people still in the States that haven’t seen the communistic community and wouldn’t [cut off]

Julia Birkley: [I] Would like to go out in a way that would make it a little safer for our children when the time comes. If we are in a fighting revolution, I would like to be spirited to where the most bigwigs are, then go boom. I want to hit where it will do the most good.

Demosthenis Kutulas: No personal statement.

Mary Johnson: I am willing to stand and fight and die today or tomorrow, take some enemy with me. News was older news.

Rocki Turner [Lois Breidenbach]: Would like to go back to the States disguised as an old lady, get whatever enemies she was assigned to, conceal poison in section of her powder compact, use it on enemies, or have PT meet us, give us a gun and go from there. She would want to work with a partner.

Rosa Jackson: I want to live long enough to kill a few of the people that are making trouble for us.

Lena Benton: No personal statement, some facts in her news wrong.

Karen Lendo: Wants to go down as socialist revolutionary, even if this means being burned to death, tortured, fighting on the front lines. I want to fight in the struggle because it is needed for the whole world (Socialism is needed). I wish there was a way I could prove myself to prove I mean what I write.

Marie Rankin [Exia Maria Duckett]: I were like to shoot many enemies down with a machine gun before they got me.

Lena Benton: I would like to go to Oakland, and I know Mertles and Liz would come up to me and speak. I would have exposes on me and kill all those that make trouble for you and Mother. I don’t mind dying, but you and Mother need to stay on with our children.

Lois Ponts: No personal statement.

Mary Ann Casanova: I think our stand should be made here. [I] Would like to take responsibility to help clean up afterwards. I am sure you have all the plans laid for this, but I am capable to assist in this.

Chuck Kirkendall: [I] Want to kill the enemy, would go to a party and put strychnine in their food.

LeFlora Townes: I would give my body for the cause, I will go down fighting.

Eddie Washington: I want to fight for the cause and give my body in this way.

Bev Livingston: No personal statement.

Barbara Davis: I like to get revenge for some of the killings and then commit revolutionary suicide.

Bernice Thomas: No personal statement.

Florence Heath: [I] Would like to get Tim Stoen and all those that protested on the Temple steps and as many of the red honkeys as possible.

Magaline Lyles: No personal statement

Farene Douglas: I am willing to fight for socialism, or die for it. Says she talks too much, and she is a stupid ignorant woman. Help me to know myself.

Eddie Dennis: No personal statement.

Marilee Bogue: [I] Would like to go to the States and I would kill enemies. Would get them one by one as they come and go, or strap bombs on me, or get a job as janitor in the place they live, and plant bombs in home when they are not there. If I was taken I would bite through my arteries in my wrist. If I did not die before they came, I would say things to make them mad, and make them kill me.

Angela [Angelique] Casanova (child): [I] Would like to have bombs in my purse and take them into some big rich stores and hide purse there and let them blow up. Blow myself up on rich person’s door steps.

James Ford [James Ford Wade Jr.] (child): [I] Would fight the enemies, kill them and if I am caught, I would say I never heard of it, and I would start aggravation, and [they] would have to kill me, then that would be all over. If I don’t get caught, I would keep on fighting until I die.

Billy Jones [William Dillon Dean Jones]: Not the required two pages. No personal statement.

Josephine Harris: I would like to die fighting, would like to take ten or fifteen people with me. I will not die alone.

John Gardener: No personal statement.

Mary Lenin [Tupper]: [I] Want to die taking some enemies with me. She would go to the States pretending she was going back to Mr. Tupper, she would then arrange a meeting with all the enemies, serve them dinner with poison in it, telling [them] Mr. Tupper has been delayed for about two hours (meanwhile they will eat waiting for him). She of course has already killed Mr. Tupper, and they are eating him for their meal (barbecued), then she would take out a gun after the poison had begun to work, and shoot the rest, making sure of their deaths. She would also shoot anyone who might come into the house, before the police came, she would shoot herself. Good news.

Darlene Newman: No personal statement. Concerned about getting all of our family out of the States before nuclear bomb hits.

Willie Reed: I am willing to die fighting for this cause.

Lula Jordan: I will stand up and fight for this cause, and I will kill all I can.

Miller Bridgewater: No personal statement.

Artee Harper: Never remembers ever hurting anyone in her life, but I could have killed that guy last night and never felt a thing.

Cindy Newell [likely Cindy Cordell]: I prefer to stay here and fight, I don’t think we should run anymore. I feel we can’t trust any country to take our babies. I would choose to take care of Rich Cordell, not just for personal vengeance, I feel I can slip up to him. Good news report.

Jan Wilsey: I am ready at this time or any time to go back to the States. If I was stopped at the airport and asked why I was coming back, I would say I came back because that is what I wanted to do. I would tell them I liked the idea of going to a new land and meeting people, but I did not like the idea of leaving my family back here. They could have come to Guyana, but their roots are here, and so this is where I will live the rest of my life. I will then try to get in touch with all of the traitors and get it set up by saying we had to work long hours etc., tell them I would be willing to talk on TV, and in the meantime I will be at [my] parents’ home, and would get a gun, explosives together (which my dad had before I left). Hope to have Tim S. and all of them there. When time comes for me to tell my lies, I will pull out a gun and start shooting, Tim S. first then whoever I can get. Or I could walk right into the center of the crowd with explosives on me and blow us all up. If it were a knife I was using, I would use it until I could no longer use it. If for some reason I don’t die, I would take my life. I would like to adopt a baby so I will look more to the future if we are going on for a time.

Shirley Edwards: I would have a bomb attached to my body and just walk straight into the enemies and explodeit, taking a number with me. If necessary will take off all of my children and act as a decoy.

Edith Parks: Shocked how primitive and how little time we have here, but I’m willing to die. Sorry Dennis and girls would not make it or even Sandy. Michelle sent her love to you many times even over here. Believes her life led her to this.

Beverly Mitchell: If they come over here, I will die, and I bet if I die I will take a bunch with me. I will stand and fight.

Eugene Smith: I would want to fight, or to commit suicide while killing someone else. To me, suicide would not be hard if it was inevitable. I would choose to assassinate a prime enemy of ours, if I survive that I would continue to go on down the line until the end.

Shirley Smith: I would like to be sent to wherever the worst fascist is with whatever weapon will get the job done and destroy the sons of bitches would be as good a place as any to start.

Pat Patterson: No personal statement.

Edith Bogue: I am prepared to die anytime. I would tie explosives to myself and blow our enemies up. I could burn myself. I could run a car into their car with my car full of explosives. I’ll do anything.

Tommie S. Keaton: [I] Will be willing to be burned or anything for the cause. Go any place for the cause, I will die any day or do anything to further the cause.

Ruby Carroll: No personal statement.

Diane Lundquist: I would give my life. It seems that strapping explosives to the body would be [an] effective way to take a few enemies. If thrown into prison I would never tell anything about the cause. Would starve to death and find some way to do away with myself. I would be willing to use explosives and do away with our children’s lives if they came after them.

Clark Smith [Grubbs]: No personal statement.

Teresa King: I am prepared to die to further the revolution. I need time to think of specifics. At short notice, I think of blowing up some assigned bastard to bring about the liberation of some people.

Tracy Parks (child): News, but no personal statement.

Barbara Smith: No personal statement.

Ollie Smith: I would like to commit revolutionary suicide. Considering the fact that I am pregnant, no one will suspect that I am carrying poison on me. I would take a plastic bag, put poison in it and stick it in my vagina. If I arranged explosives right, I could stick them. I would take poison or I would run into the capitol building with the explosives.

Jeff Carey: A quick death of blowing myself up with a bunch of enemies. I could be killed in such a way it would look like a homosexual thing with an enemy. I really don’t care. I would do whatever I was told even if I did not die, and got my arms blown off or blinded. I could burn myself, dive off somewhere, send my fingers to different places. Send a manifesto of Jim Jones with each finger to papers, White House etc.

Regina Duncan: I would go on a mission to kill enemies. I want my death to be meaningful. I would kill the enemies then kill myself. I do not think I would withstand torture, and so I would kill myself. I would kill my baby or the person who had it at the time to do it. I would use poison to kill my enemies and myself.

Esther Mueller: No personal statement.

Keith Wright: Only one page of news (three required). No personal statement.

Susie Collins: I am not afraid of dying, I know I got to go, don’t know what way I will die.

Edward Moore: I want to die working for the cause.

Julia Guerara [nom de guerre is probably Guevera]: I would like to be some worker for some rich person (a capitalist enemy) like Tim Stoen or Grace or the Mertles. I could act like I am their friend. I have some raw eddoes or bitter cassava, and I could make it in to the food. It would kill them in seconds. Then I would get me an explosive and go to another enemy’s house and blow me and them up.

Madeleine Brooks: I would use a gun and [start] shooting until I was shot down.

Keith Guy: I would like to die if they come here, and I would try to kill a sell-out and take all the guns for our people.

Etta Thompson: I would get to my post with a cutlass or gun in hand, and I would defend socialism till the breath left my body. I would crawl on my belly and try to cut down every enemy of socialism. I would make this a White Night that would go down in history.

Odell Rhodes: I just want to die only after taking as many of the enemy with me. We can fight the war on our terrain, although I would like to get some big ones.

Ray Jones: I do not plan on or expect to live a long life. I would like to help people gain their freedom in other places where ever I could be of service. I am prepared to fight on this soil. I am prepared to meet them head-on and try to take as many as I can. I would like to go back to the US, and take care of the oppressors there.

Shawntiki [Verna Lisa] Johnson: I would like to stay on our soil and fight. We would win the first attack, and this will then give us time to take care of the handicapped and babies. We can get on our boat and leave at the end, and I say leave at the end, because we don’t want to give up so easily. Go to some socialist country. If we reach another country after our seniors are safe and our children, I would be willing to go to the States and get rid of our enemies there.

Rennie Kice: I would like to fight in a revolutionary movement anywhere there are oppressed people, to give my life fighting so fascism does not spread its evil germ any further than it has already.

Andrea Walker: The way I want to die is taking Grace Stoen and all the mother fuckers that have caused trouble with me. I would personally like to gouge Grace’s eyes out with a knife and let her feel the pain and the torment, then set her body on fire alive. I would like to drag Tim Stoen by his heels in the car until nobody could recognize him. After I had done my job completely, I would shoot myself so nobody could ever get information out of me about this cause. At least I will die in knowing I had given something to this cause instead of receiving all the benefits from it.

Tom Smith [Tom Partak]: I would like to participate in some revolutionary activity rather than just stay in Jonestown working. I would like to be in the revolutionary struggles going on in the world. I am quite willing to go back and assassinate anyone in the conspiracy from Senator Stennis on down.

Penny Silvers [Kerns]: I would like to fight the revolution somewhere on some front. I would like to kill CIA agents, many in South America. Would like to help blow up some capitalist centers, etc., dams, etc. Would like to set up a group that could lure these people out in South America. I could track some of them down, and kill them. Put poison in their drinks. Would like to help kill chief police [Ed] Davis in LA, George Wallace. Would like to form a group to get all the traitors.

Kenny Bouvie [Bowie]: No statement.

Alfred [Albert] Touchette: [I] Do not plan my life ahead. Ready to die in a second. I only hope to live long enough to take a few with me.

Peter Wotherspoon: Says he wants to change his name to John Chiloe (Chee-Low-Way). It is a Chilean-Aurucanean name. I want that my new name can reflect a new commitment to this cause. Thank you, Dad, for your mercy and the opportunity to learn and grow. I see my life as finished by my own actions. I only remain alive by your mercies. I will have no problem removing fascists from this life or myself as I hate both. I don’t [line lost in page break] Senator Stennis. His death might take the impetus away from the conspiracy. General [Augusto] Pinochet in Chile holds tight control over the Chilean politics. His death might throw the fascist government into confusion and give some hope to the Chilean resistance movement. A third target in South Africa, white racist leader such as Ian Smith of Rhodesia (Zimbabwe). I will write up as many plans as I can think of to accomplish this.

Julius Evans: I no longer consider this my life, but the life given me. I love being alive to help others. I do not wish to suddenly die but I am prepared mentally. I do not feel happy because I can only do so much in one day. I wish the fascists were forced to give back some of what they have taken from us, even mental control. They don’t necessarily need to be killed. They need to feel what we have for so long, then I think they would kill themselves. I feel hate and disgust for anyone that would even think of destroying poor and weak people just because they may be a little stronger. I sometimes don’t even try to love. When I love I expect love. Why not do someone some good and walk away without saying anything, rather than living selfish as we do. I would like to live until I can be happy with my feelings and be able to explain what living is to someone else.

James Edwards: No personal statement.