1978 Guyana Memorandum and Articles of Association

In June 1978, members of Peoples Temple living in Jonestown signed Articles of Association and Memorandum which incorporated the organization within Guyana.

The document is more detailed and specific than other filings with the government of Guyana – including the legislation to incorporate proposed more than three years earlier or the Guyana land lease more than two years earlier – and there are no indications that this document superceded previous agreements or proposals. In addition to projects associated with an agricultural mission – dairy operations, fruit farming, milling and manufacture of cereal products, timber harvesting, and raising of livestock and poultry – the articles specify that the community will establish schools and hospitals, and that it will host conventions and lectures.

The document also has extensive provisions of financial liabilities of Temple members, governance of the incorporated entity, proceedings of general meetings, and appointment of the board of directors.

Unlike other documents filed with the Guyana government, it refers to Jonestown by name.

The memorandum was signed by Paula Adams, Debbie Touchette, Phillip Blakey, Tommy Johnson, and Jan Wilsey, and witnessed by Joyce Touchette and Ava Jones. No other names of Temple members – including that of Jim Jones – appear in the 15-page document.

1978 Guyana Memorandum and Articles of Association, RYMUR 89-4286-A-31-a-23a – A-31-a-23q