Instructions from Jim Jones Since March 17, 1978

Dear Dad

Instructions you have given in meetings since March 17th, 1978.


  1. People on New Brigade one, two and three times can get off at anytime with good work habits it. But people on the fifth time will stay 10 weeks.
  2. Anyone with any anarchist will be suspect.
  3. People in trouble will be on the New Brigade permanently if they associate with one another and they will be living under a military type situation.
  4. Any socialism  teacher that allows the student to go to the bathroom will go on the New Brigade.
  5. If someone makes fun of others, by pass all committees and take them straight to the New Brigade.
  6. Don’t give anyone anything – turn it back into Central Supply.
  7.  Don’t make announcements on the speakers  when guests are here unless it’s cleared by JJ personally.
  8. Socialism classes: make them smaller in size, take roll and give work assignments.
  9. All bed wetters are to be moved to D-1 immediately. They will be awakened by security. Move everyone else out to the cottages so that they can have relief from the tensions there. We will define psychological bedwetters from those with physical problems.
  10. Don’t you dare say “write me up” or you will automatically go on the Red [New] Brigade.
  11. Security for Crews: each time you come in, turn in your arms so they can be used. They will be reassigned each morning.
  12. Until further notice someone in your department will be bearing arms. Wherever you are, someone will be able to protect you. (She (Michaelene) would have killed him had she been able to continue).
  13. JJ  is going to destroy thievery or the thieves.
  14. Have patience with people who have speech problems.
  15. When you are  black and oppressed, it’s treason to not want to think.
  16. I can’t leave this place…  too much security will be gone. You can’t trust people who don’t bother to know what goes on in the news.
  17. No one is going to town except entertainers.
  18. When are the benches with backs going to be finished?
  19. Tape recorders are to be checked in and recorded. No mikes are to be kept on them.
  20. Remember people who are on the New Brigade one day at a time…  if you give any shit, you will be on for a long time.
  21. Don’t you dare say “write me up”, it’s anarchy. If you say it you are in trouble.
  22. Don’t go out or local area. We have an infiltrator that will be waiting to get out …  as soon as pressures mount.
  23. Pick up all possible cats in Georgetown. The boat is not to leave without cats.
  24. Don’t project things so negative.
  25. Anyone who molests children can never be around children again.
  26. No more deprogramming.
  27. Mother wants people briefed on babies nursery at orientation.
  28. Get musicians the equipment they need.
  29. Crew members are to have Cushie  ant bait with them at all times.
  30. Our boat needs a radio.
  31. Make sure Georgetown tells people that want to come here that we have 30 – 35 people coming here daily and that we are just a poor collective – that we aren’t rich capitalists.
  32. We need a public relations class to be held Friday, 9 PM.Wesley, Patty,  Front gate (all people off duty).
  33. Get a name and stick with it so that we can know what it is.
  34. People on Steering who don’t show up will have to go [on] the New Brigade.
  35. Deal severely with all serious and chronic problems. Put them in jail.
  36. All members of the board crew are to turn in time reports.
  37. Lock up all chain saws.
  38. Get our own shell.
  39. Jim Murrell [Jim Bogue, aka Jim Morrel] is to get on with gold mining.
  40. When  JJ  starts to get excited, just get the person out of his sight. You should try to not upset him.
  41. Don’t talk about your health to a child.
  42. Lee Ingram, remind people to not talk amongst themselves or to John  (about kidnapping, etc.)
  43. Anyone cruel, soon to New Brigade.
  44. Get up fast when your name is called in warnings or you will go to the New Brigade.
  45. Tell JJ  if he says anything about not trusting someone.
  46. Anytime people are caught outside of the roof, put them on the New Brigade.
  47. A person will have to do three days for each time they have been on the New Brigade.
  48. USSR map needs to come down (Guests are coming).
  49. All people except bedwetters and handicapped and toddlers must get rid of their pee-cans.
  50. People with ringworm and sores are to take a shower before treatment.
  51. People who sleep in service go automatically to the New Brigade.
  52. Don’t walk around in night clothes.
  53. JJ wants  to see more people reading.
  54. News: JJ  Will accept what is being read from books that show principle.
  55. Classes will really have to work on teaching.
  56. People need to spend time in the library to get information. The tape can be stopped.
  57. Everyone should go over the news and discussion groups. Every cottage.
  58. All of us have to look at education. You could whisper in someone’s ear the meaning of words. Names are difficult.
  59. Order the material needed for visual films so maps can be shown.
  60. Professor Roller will have an additional class at 1 PM. She is to also have  night classes.
  61. I want them to get that boat.
  62. JJ wants a progress report. He doesn’t trust hospitals. (Baby in GT [Georgetown])
  63. JJ wants a listing of all who come to test in the rice tent. (To Tom Grubbs.)
  64. Anyone caught stealing news will be dealt with the same as anyone else.
  65. Do not empty urine cans nor urinate on the ground.
  66. Dee Lawrence, Karen Carr, Donna Briggs, break them up.
  67. See the people involved in cases to be dealt with on the floor are present.
  68. Minimum of 3 days every time you have been on the New Brigade. Each bad report add a day. Things have gotten too loose.
  69. Medical team is to see how authentic Willetta’s illness is.
  70. Willie Malone needs to be with Lee or Johnny to learn a trade on a one-to-one basis. It’s a benefit not punishment.
  71. Anyone who makes remarks (someone had called Willie dumb) it will be dealt with most severely­­ — automatic New Brigade.
  72. Get P.A.  system fixed before meetings.
  73. Learn maps, you are going to have to draw one.
  74. I want more news out of people from now on.
  75. Confer: don’t make independent decisions.
  76. Write relatives and ask for a watch. Get something out of them. Be creative.
  77. Send someone to the boat to take inventory. Equipment has been missing. We lost electrical equip[ment].
  78. We need to kill the fly population.
  79. We have to save the peanuts.
  80. Train women to fell trees. They do it in China.
  81. Insecticides: Use women over 35 years of age. Have women do three month shifts.
  82. All Supervisors attend the next Steering meeting and participate.
  83. We have to get rid of maggots. I hate the word “research”, when will we find the solution?
  84. The kitchen didn’t know that that the wheat came in and JJ  said it had better not happen again.
  85. Tell no one the formula for making soap.
  86. SAT: Keep up your observations or you will be on the New Brigade.
  87. JJ doesn’t want to see Mark Sly and Bryan Davis together.
  88. What can be done about chalkboards? (Tom Grubbs said he would make two of them).
  89. Can’t we bring in a tarp from SF?
  90.  In the future check with JJ about design layout.
  91. Primary interest that our history get written.
  92. No one else had better work without a helmet on.
  93. Alfa: Don’t ever ask again if this is a drill.
  94. Anyone who makes mistakes with poisons will get the New Brigade.
  95. William K. Jones  will lose his name (Jones) if his name if he causes any more trouble. Some have taken the name and not lived up to it.
  96. Keep Ken Norton  under medical observation.
  97. Shirley Fields is honorable for reporting herself asleep.
  98.  Teachers, get to our geography.
  99. Get the news on the boards, Teresa King and Vernetta Christian.
  100. The tool room must not be unsupervised.
  101. We have to get some enthusiasm and what we believe.
  102. When you have a Soviet map up, you have to have a map of the US.
  103. You have to get approval if leaving the kitchen area to eat. If not, you are in trouble.
  104. Someone will have to start and stop the tape. Trains people. (News.)
  105. Analysts, we have to educate. Meet with the crews.
  106.  We have to see that the news gets to Georgetown. Send a secret memo and then destroy it.
  107. Dishes caught laying around and your ass should be on the New Brigade.
  108. We can’t afford to give medications away. Give medications only in case of a baby dying.
  109. Get free medication… the economy is in bad shape. This will have to be cleared on a one-to-one basis. JJ  would never deny medication for kidney infection.
  110. Refer Pts. to Georgetown, we will take them on our boat.
  111. Break heaven and earth to get medicine tomorrow. (5-21-78)
  112. Iron deficiency is dangerous.
  113. Recommend diets to the people, Doctor.
  114. Alice Ingram  is to start in central supply immediately (5-21-78).
  115. Don’t you ever let the power go out here. It could be in the middle of a medical emergency.
  116. Therman Guy and Harris Morrison are to be separated.
  117. New law: 3-days for every time you are on the New Brigade. No way off.
  118. Don’t ever make a law retroactive. Three times for each time you have been on the crew starting now.
  119. Cheating and stealing: minimum of 2 weeks on New Brigade.
  120. There will be no class division here. (Someone was rude to someone on the New Brigade).
  121. You can’t talk about the news during work time.
  122. Anytime you see any maltreatment for anyone on the New Brigade or anyone making fun of defects, that is a Capital crime. You will be on the New Brigade court two weeks. Anyone who treat you badly, you report it. (To people on New Brigade).
  123. People standing in news test line: don’t speak out, wait in line to speak.
  124. Study on colonialism.
  125. Report safety measures not being followed.
  126. No thongs in the mud and no US heels on shoes. Will go to New Brigade.
  127. No couples are to be involved in Karati, with plans to travel.
  128. We are going to have to get away from this relationship shit  until we can get some peace.
  129. You had better give Nancy Sines  respect when she goes around asking you to do a security shift.
  130. Take cookies, candy to the police… (Sharon said they don’t turn out good.) Send pictures that Cynthia makes.
  131. Be sure to order from town part of the stuff we used today without raising any eyebrows.
  132. If we stay by the water, we can survive.
  133. If you see something flying, you will have to head for the windrows.
  134. Bring the ideas of where to get Bibles to Ava tomorrow.
  135. We should explain to Mingo  and the government that we put up a tower to watch for mercenaries and fires.
  136. Watchtower: get on with the troolie  and the slide. Make a fireman pole on it.
  137. In case of wires being cut, we have CB’s the fall back on but we can use field phones to. Get another one. A hundred dollar one.
  138. Yet another radio.
  139. Too much shit  going on to have anyone spend the night here.
  140. No problem with trading rice for herbs. You can trade anything as long as it’s a good trade.
  141. Make survival biscuits. (Shirley Fields.)
  142. Get the horn fixed tomorrow (5-26-78) and keep the communications going.
  143. You can’t assume what anyone’s going to do. It’s too late after the process gets started.
  144. Get together with Jack Barron about the caves.
  145. Restrict D.Group  to pathologist, chemist, biologist and laboratory people.
  146. Look into idea of noise diversion suggested by Darrell Keller and embolished [embellished] by Sharon Amos.
  147. Class for socialism to be held in 5-26 in Pavilion at 8 PM so that JJ  can teach and Gene can help with law.
  148. Set up cutlass training so that everyone can learn to use them… not  rall on them when they are running.
  149. Can’t give rice away at this time. Sell it for a low price.
  150. Let’s think about it mighty quick (trading with the Indians). Perhaps someone could go out on Sunday. (To build alliances).
  151. Flame thrower is a good idea. See about increasing that effect.
  152. We are going to have to build up some more and more alliances with Amerindians. Our medical care has paid off. (They don’t steal from us anymore).
  153. Write up what you think Father’s worst pains are… what you think about his suffering… what are some of the worst suffering that he happens?
  154. There are ways to stay alive in the bush.
  155. Don’t speak against the US. It’s the Trilateral Commission we don’t like.
  156. Picked up every little bit of paper as you go. That is how you show your gratitude.
  157. Each crew will be armed tomorrow.
  158. You should care about everyone as if they were your child. (Medical)
  159. All emergency cases should be told to all medical people.
  160. (4-10) Barb Walker is to be kept in “no capacity”. She has threatened to kill everyone that kept her away from Steven [Stephan Jones]. Keep her under control in the infirmary. (This was said on 4-10-78)
  161. Whatever is required of New Brigade, do it. (Work projects)