Undated, unsigned letter to Gordon Lindsay

Dear Mr. Lindsey [Lindsay],

I have been advised by Peoples Temple that you contemplate writing an article about the Temple which will be published in the National Enquirer. They have been contacted by several people who you have already interviewed who have indicated that you attempted to switch their answers to your questions so that it would suit your purposes to create a sensational article. I should explain that I am not their attorney. I have never actually represented Peoples Temple in any litigation. They have referred many of the poorer members of the church to my office when those people have legal problems and could not afford regular legal fees. All of my clients form [from] the church without exception state in glowing terms about the church and about Pastor Jim Jones. Further, not one of the members of the church ever lied to me about any facts in connection with their cases, whether civil or criminal. When one has been practicing law for over 30 years as I have, this in itself is a glowing recommendation for the type of church Peoples Temple is and the type of Pastor Jim Jones is. By the way, I agreed to help and represent the poor people of PT at the request of Tim Stoen.

In conclusion, I wish to make it clear that if an article is published in the National Enquirer, or any other publication, that I feel is libelous or untrue, regarding Peoples Temple, I shall represent them and file suit against you and the publisher. You are no doubt aware that the only defense would be the truth, and, under the recent case of Dr. X in New Jersey, the court has held that the writer of such article, and the publisher, must produce their files when properly subpoenaed or face charges of contempt of court.

Very truly yours,