Checklist for Permanent Residents

  1. Physical exam
  2. Blood work
  3. Other –
  4. Dentist
  5. Optometrist
  6. Passport
  7. Shot card
  8. Documents
  9. Membership card
  10. List of items to take
  11. Medic Alert bracelet?

Instruction for packing to go over

  1. Do not take candy or gum – this is by order of the office [Jim Jones]!
  2. You may take with you a total of three pieces on the plane:
    1. one small piece measuring not more than 45 inches in its combined dimensions (to be carried to your seat with you.)
    2. two larger ones no bigger than our footlockers (which measure 61” in their combined dimensions). These will be checked under the plane.
  1. If you may also take more personal effects with you than you can get into these three pieces, but they will have to go by surface and will not reach you for at least two months. Do not pack things to go by surface in the wooden footlockers. These were made especially to be taken as airline luggage and are not to be used for for things to be sent by surface.
  2. When you bring your personal effects to the temple in SF, be sure they are well packed and sealed and that they are clearly marked with your name and the word “surface”. Give them to Dennis Allen and explain that they are to go by surface.
  3. Remember that it is almost always in the 80’s there. You will not use American style jackets or suitcoats there because of the heat, so do not take them. Also, do not take ties with you for the same reason. Keep your dress clothes to the recommended minimum because you will not use them much.
  4. Do not take “No Doz” or caffeine in any form with you. This is a prescription drug in the F.L. [Freedom Land].
  5. Young men should have their hair cut or worked into French braids before going over.