Peoples Rally of December 5, 1977

To: Dad

Minutes of PC Monday eve

Dec 5, 1977

by Tish Leroy


Customs: Keeps hassling us. Tomorrow morning meeting with official; man in charge of customs is out of country.

Debbie Evans: Needs letters especially from medical staff.

Fields: Don [Fields] has been giving Shirley [Fields] negative input about no one here will care for you; she saw movie and got liberated and reported on him to JJ. [Handwritten addition] More dependent women should see film –

History of Guyana: Harriet [Tropp] to tape it for JJ and put out on the community microphones.

PC Input on readings: Items the pc liked and recalled as very helpful:

— on the various agencies of government; what they have done; Senator Church’s committee, etc..

— Revolutionary and guerrilla warfare, techniques and experiences; units on revolutionary figures

— revolutionary personalities, Geo[rge] & Jonathan Jackson and Che Guevara.

(Snacks & coffee to be ordered for PC in future, JJ said.)

— continuing on comments…

— Atty General to investigate LA police for treatment of minorities.

— Would like to hear articles from good magazine on what is going on in Africa; news bulletins in liberation struggle. JJ commented would like someone else to get on this… it is emotionally depressing for him. Like Mozambique invaded; majority of 17-1, but still lost.

— Would like to hear Glass House Tapes portions on Geo. Jackson read. (White attorney that gave Geo. the gun never again surfaced.)

— Harriet to do something on Vietnam history, where French colonialists were in power, US got involved, etc..

— Andrew Young compared to Joe Louis and Jackie Robinson; needs to get home to our youth; a tape was not made…

— Suggested to tell “who” the revolutionary figures are when first read their names: tell “who” Andrew Young and Che Guevara are. Many don’t know all the revolutionary and other figures.

— People got insight into system when JJ read on Jonathan Jackson case, where San Quentin guard of 34 years told of orders to kill whomever was in the way but not let hostages block themselves from capturing escaping prisoners.

— Danny Kutulas commented it decreases his production between 5-5:30 when workers stopped to listen; but on other hand, Laura Johnson [Johnston] commented that where she used to get so discouraged with the discourse in fields on what people “used to do in states” etc., they now discuss revolutionary thought as she feels that production has increased because of this.

— Patrice Lumumba was a good one.

(Hitler did his indoctrination speeches at the dinner hour and around 6-7 pm; workers were home eating and their resistance was lower – to change – so easier time for change.)

Robert Johnson: Son said going to cut off his check. Have Frolich contact railroad in re to check. Letter to John Frolich from Robert J. authorizing the contact by John, his atty [attorney]. If checks have been cashed, it is theft. Contact the RR retirement board direct. Relative threatening to hold or keep checks (theft!). [Gene] Chaikin feels retirement board might be liable if checks are stolen before Robert gets them. If anyone has cashed them, prosecute JJ said. Maria K. [Katsaris] has address. Harriet will draft a letter Tues.

Eva’s granddaughter: Wanted them to return to states.

Yvette Muldrow’s relatives: “

JJ to remind publicly: Relatives may be wanting you to come home to suck you out of here and get you under a conservatorship! Like Irene Edwards’ sister. Call her again and this time get it taped for our attorney.

Motons: One of the daughters wrote a nasty letter.

  • Mr. & Mrs. do not raise hands to be willing to die for a cause;
  • Very uptight and do not laugh with others on sex jokes;
  • She is very supportive of him; weak;
  • He walks around with Elaine Balkman [Backmon]; she is very repressed; assign Patty C. [Cartmell] to find out Tuesday what is going on…
  • Motons wanted passport back when he came;
  • Mrs. stands with being here but is mealy-mouthed with him; does not stand up for JJ and Jonestown; agrees with his petty arguments.


Becky Flowers: Sullen; negative talk about Dr. Schacht; blames him for her own ineffectiveness.

Hugh [Hue] Fortson: Fucking around; Wants to stay in states, using “education” as the gimmick. JJ ordered states to send him.

Leona [Collier]: Has a strong black-white thing whipped up; even giving Marcy [Marceline Jones] trouble on it.

– Holding back Pat Martin and Andrea; they should be here.

– She is turning in good money still.

– Has fomented all of the racism; telling all youth to go out and get education, the whites have it…

Eugene Smith: – wants education; no longer working effectively; there is a passport problem. Wife gave incorrect names first, he had different mother than listed; passports are held up in Washington. Johnny Jones suggested having the individuals contact our local congressman in SF – do not go in as church on it…

Kids should be out of SF… JJ said. They are trying to take on Marcy; JJ threatened to send Johnny or Lee [Ingram] back to straighten out if they continue to fuck up.

JJ asked for Pat Martin over four months ago.

Pat Martin?: Pat Martin went out before when she got down; got an outside man; got to drinking. She is presently staying with Dolores Wilson who goes with an outside man. She is good worker. Not resolved…

Denise Purifoy: is in Georgetown; was Harold’s latest fling…

Wanda King: coming soon; does not know about Ida-trouble…

Maxine Betts: She is very depressed; eating heavily… gained much weight.

Clara Johnson: was told to get surgery on both feet then come; she did one of them – not both at once. Is prone to be racist and negative. Has a lot of free time; not good for her.

Time too free: Time too free for many; short services; a lot of excuses used. Not playing tapes as long as should be… it was thought, not presented as fact…

Leona: Getting impossible; is possessive – the worst kind. Will likely eventually lead a branch off of her own and take SF church; that is why JJ would like to get the building sold and lease it back.

Ruby [Carroll] gave list of people

Those who can sew:

Thelma Jackson • Valerie Jones • Marlene Wheeler- here

Claudia Bouquet • Doxsee Swaney

Lula Jones • Ida King

Alice Ingram

Children workers: Denise Purifoy

Andrea Martin

Beverly Mitchell – day care center experience

Vern Gospie [Gosney]

JJ said Add Maxine Betts name to list of those that should come.

Etta Thompson: Said people getting a lot of money for things to come here. JJ Said blacks getting most of it.

Leona: — Lee thought pull her key people over now to weaken her; JJ says she is still pulling and good money – we need it;

— Will be a time when no more money coming over to us;

— She was very uncomfortable here; could not give up her power and status; talk to Johnny about the flies here; was positive to Rennie Jackson; she is emotionally very ill and has been for a long time; as bursting headaches, twitching face; medications not working…

JJ said he wants to sell the SF church and get it leased back for a while…

Appraisal committee Department heads to gather – set up future $$ needs from states. What more must we get from there so we can close it down soon. Marcy says their lives are definitely in danger now! She is not to leave building at all!

— committee: Gene Chaikin, Charlie Touchette, Joyce Touchette, Johnny Jones, Tish Leroy, Tim Carter, Jan Wilsey, medical person (Schacht or Joyce Parks – possibly pharmacist) or persons. Meet immediately and plan what we will be meeting from states in the next 2-3 years…

Medics – natural remedies — Phyllis Chaikin feels in medicine we should use more of the natural remedies; felt we could use more herbs if we knew them. Tommy Johnson has herbalist friend down river; has Gota Kula, Fo Ti Tieng & other remedies we can grow ourselves… aid to brain, glands & increase energy phenomenally. Gota Kula 2-3 leaves daily…

— JJ had a committee he appointed on this; no reports; thot [thought] it was under Shirley Fields. Danny Kutulas how some local remedies [he] got from Indians… will give to nurses.

Patty to check with herbalist about coming to visit, formulas and book he has…

Herbal committee: Bea Orsot was to be on the committee. Someone was to coordinate it; Bea to push and get it organized.

Inspector: Patty Cartmell could not remember the name of the inspector (?Ropadoperi???) who had heard so many good things about us; Sgt [Sergeant] of all of Matthews Ridge very complimentary to us. Inspector wanted to come out to see us – said to tell Bishop; they are telling all of Guyana this is the model for Guyana.

Al Simon: relates to the teens on basketball; Sue Grimm still uncommunicative, squatting in every movie; Bonnie [Simon] is more devoted to cause, but flirts a lot, stay away from Al as much she can; Bonnie spending time with Odell R. [Rhodes]. JJ commented it was Odell Rhodes, Lucious Bryant and Stanley Clayton all trying to fuck Michaeleen Brady; she turned them all in! Michaeleen doing very well here, very positive and very happy to be off of the heavy medications; mind healing well.

Jair [Baker]: Acting out since off anarchy crew; wrote “Jesus saves” in class. Knows better.

Stigma good: Jeff [Carey] thought the stigma of the karate crew is best part of the discipline. It makes you think, he said.

Charles Johnson: Melvin’s brother – very negative, Tish reported he was sarcastic about spending in the “lines of Jonestown.” (Note: this A.M. he bypassed breakfast and to coffee only rather than stand in the food line of about 10 – 15 people and it was moving fast) Mary thought it might be Earnestine’s negativity – he used to be positive. Give him a chance with Earnestine gone as he has kept good track of the warehouse there.

Earnestine Blair: Mary says she is very negative. Reported she will not complain when asked what is wrong – then later brings up a lot of shit at wrong time to wrong people… spreading negativity.

Charles Johnson: staying with Don Jackson, Earl, Robert Johnson,  Tommy Anderson. Tommy Anderson does not need the negativity.

— Johnny commented Charles has been a gangster type always and this is his mentality.

Jerome Simon: Got a lady pregnant here; does not want to marry her; said Marcy said he could marry either girl here – or girl he has in states that he got pregnant.

US radio: Check out with mother if she said that!!! JJ does not think it sounds like her… he has gotten lot of girls pregnant… girl in states going with outsider?

Shawntikki: Was asked to talk to him when he got here; she did not. Jerome is on same crew with his brothers, Marcus & Carlos.

Attn Coord:: Should be off of that crew: they should not be together. JJ said change this.

: Girl is Lisa Williams, age 16, from LA, cannot come over because of age.

Becky Flowers: To be on floor in Peoples Rally Tues. night.

Olli Smith: Check on radio re Ollie & Eugene Smith; congress person to investigate it; go in as private citizen.

Memo from follow-up list of 11/27/77

  1. was to play up insanity of Tim Stoen (p3) of minutes… given to Buford … on his plotting to become Pres., etc.
  2. did anyone talk with Marie Lawrence for not putting Barb Walker on or near Ronnie?
  3. Did someone talk with Agnes re Al Simon situation? She had been talking to Sue Grimm.
  4. Johnny Jones to see all in compound of insecticides and poisons to be locked up and daily accounted for. Keys to be turned into coordinators office every night – pick up in mornings. I heard was not locked up at piggery, no hinge or padlock for the door. Johnny should check with Jim Bogue & Charlie on this.
  5. Chaikin to contact someone at Georgetown and see about costs of probating should seniors die here; how it is done – what is cost.
  6. Next PC to be in 2 weeks.

* * * * *

Follow-up memo – PC of 12/5/77

  1. medical staff to write letters to Debbie Evans (Rita)
  2. film –Shirley Fields saw how she was manipulated when saw film; JJ commented for more dependent types to also see the film.
  3. Harriet – to take some of her lectures on the history of Guyana to play for community
  4. Harriet – to take on Vietnam history; from when French colonialists were in power…
  5. Assign someone to keep up on Africa – and do appropriate tapes
  6. Assign someone to write up briefs on revolutionary figures for JJ or others to read and tape
  7. Harriet do a draft a letter from Robert Johnson to Frolich authorizing and requesting him to get his RR retirement pension transferred to Guyana. He can call there and investigate. Maria K. has address of board. Tish will enclose Roberts letter in her own to Frolich, which she is assigned to send – re publishing, etc.
  8. JJ to remind publicly. Relatives may be wanting you to come home to suck you out of here and get you under a conservatorship, like Irene Edwards’ sister.
  9. Call again Irene Edwards’ sister, and this time tape it. Attorney wants it on tape.
  10. Becky Flowers to be on floor for negativity.
  11. Someone to go over list on page 3 of minutes of 12/5 with JJ for those to be sent down here, of Leona’s people, etc.
  12. Eugene & Ollie Smith – tell on radio to go in as individuals and contact their congressperson to look into their passports.
  13. Pat Martin and many of SF kids to be pulled out before Leona ruins them. Add Maxine Betts to list.
  14. No decision on Clara Johnson in PC
  15. JJ wants to get SF church sold and leased back for time.
  16. Phillips wants to get herb remedies; get some from Danny Kutulas.
  17. Patty Cartmell to try for book and info from herbalist down river.
  18. Bear Orsot to get the committee (herbs) coordinated and pushed.
  19. Jair? On floor? Back on karate crew?
  20. Charles Johnson –? On floor for negativity, or wait [to] see how he does with Earnestine gone?
  21. Check US with Marcy re Jerome Simon; did she say he could marry either a girl here or there.
  22. Jerome should be changed from crew with Marcus and Carlos.

Next PC to be Dec. 19 – Monday –