Peoples Rally of August 1, 1978



Dad has called a joint pavilion gathering to discuss the issue at hand. Issue: Several of our people including Dad and Joyce Touchette are sought to serve papers on by the government who seems to be participating and/or cooperating with conspirators, Tim & Grace Stoen who is part of the Interpol connection in order to stop the revolutionary movement of Jim Jones.

At this point the discussions have been focused around the people’s willingness to uphold our long-standing commitments – one for all and all for one. The custody cases are what the conspirators are using to get the cooperation of the Guyana government and what [may] be cooperating capitalist in disguise positions of the PPP and PNC.

Jeff Carey brought out some important viewpoints – some like Pauline Groot feels some are focusing too much on historic recognitions through “revolutionary suicide.” Glen Moten whose views were somewhat different last evening – now says he would be for the revolution suicide. L. V. McGinnis, Jonestown Police Captain, was very undecided about taking their children’s lives if the situation arose in order to prevent our children further pain and torture. He said he would after long reasoning with him.

Carolyn Loomas [Looman] says she is against revolution suicide. Legistic emergency was called at 7:30 having been gathered in the pavilion since 1 PM.

Hazel [Hazle] Newell, Ruth Lowry [Lowery] and Chris Buckley didn’t raise their hands when Dad asked who would be willing to help in taking the lives of our children and seniors so they wouldn’t fall into the hands of the fascist.

Dad gave a summary of what has transpired. Some that were first against “revolution death” are now in accord like Glen Moten and L. V. McGinnis. Dad said we may be in for a long wait – like the police back in states do. Rob Gieg, Bob Kice, Don Fitch and others are to discuss a plan to get what we need if we have to. Dad asked for pharmacist and medical report.

Dad said we may just wait – the enemy wants to weaken our morale. Dad said we have to decide if there is a stage which we will consider revolution death. Dad said each person will be watch[ed] to see if you have bullets left. This is for everyone’s safety.

Question>: If they don’t do anything – do we proceed to make a provocative act? The best thing is for them to make a move against us – then



the socialist thing to do would be to take hostages and negotiate freedom.

>If>: If they don’t let our boat out and we are shut off…

If they arrest our people in Georgetown… then that does give us our right to move – expect that this would justify provocative action. We could move the battle to places we’ve talked about. We need to be ready to move in the course of getting what we need.

>Judging what a provocative act is>:

If they do nothing – can we live in a state of suspension every day we’re here.

What if they let things just come and go with their little papers.

And if so, how do we know they will be coming in to serve papers or make an arrest – question about coming and going.

How do we say we don’t want any guests.

Dad said children can fight at age 12 – will consider younger. Like Martin Amos who wants to fight – Dad said first see what their philosophy is.

Dad said no one is to take any mail. Rhevena [Rheavianna] Beam brought in an envelope, business type envelope, to Johnny [Moss Brown] – Dad asked her why and if she’d heard him say no mail was to be brought in. Rhevena said no – Patty Cartmell said she heard it.

[Guyana Prime Minister] Burnham previously said there was to be no service on us. Dad said he was to call us at 1 or 2 o’clock about perimeter of protection saying no one outside of Guyana would be able to touch us. Gene Chaikin feels the reason it is taking them so long is that they just haven’t come to a conclusion and that they are just that way – slow. Says they just haven’t dealt with it yet. Dad said it’s a very dangerous situation.

Dad said when Stoen came in – he can’t go out.


We should prohibit them from coming in – if they send reinforcements then we know the government is enforcing it.

Dad said it is also against the law not to let any government official in. And it still breaks the law if any of their party is refused.

Pauline G. suggested demonstrating in Georgetown saying we want to be Guyanese – Dad said if they gave us Guyanese citizenship and guarantee us in writing then we will, but until that time we won’t.



>Issue>: We don’t want folks coming out here and taking our people, Dad said.

>Katherine Dominick (senior)> says erect a double fence at gate to keep them out.

Dad mentioned that it was risky at gate – need 2 people were talking and one stay with radio.

Ways of blocking roads with equipment – Dad asked if a tree could be put down without tearing up planting area. This can be done.

It was suggested to reduce all usage of light. However Al [Touchette] says still uses fuel. We still need to get 18 barrels of fuel.

Suggested to shut off pigger [piggery] generator during the day. Jan [Wilsey] said they use to burn wicky and use reflectors to keep bats out. Al said that didn’t work. Feels it (the cattle) could be watched – depending on size of herd. Wanda says they have enough chicken wire to close pens.

>Robert Franklin> – has a plan that could be used to eliminate Stoen. Dad told him to write it up.

Mary Wotherspoon will finish cassava at 7 AM tomorrow. 80 bags can wait 3 days. Rob says it should be spread out in shade at the mill where it won’t get rained on. Jan said tent would be okay – then it was suggested to spread it out under the dorms.

Dad asked for those who would agree with Gene’s idea to take hostages.

Dad mentioned that PNC was unreasonable – they wouldn’t take Russian aid. Russia wants them to include PPP – question about PNC refusing.

Lee [Ingram] said make a show of arms – Steve [Stephan Jones] says they shouldn’t know what we have until they get in here. We have a chance with an ambush approach, but not if they already know what we have.

This would be an ideal time to make a stand on basis they refused to adhere to Russia’s offer.

Etta [Thompson] suggested seniors and others laying down in front of land rover. Penny [Kerns] feels Stoen will come in with more forces since they didn’t come today. She says we should consider getting Dad and children they want out.

Lew [Jones] asked if local enforcements could come in without the direct approval of Burnham. Gene said local official is authorized without going to Georgetown. Does he control Gaskin police to – no Benjamin in Port Kaituma. GDF has the big weapons.

Lisa [Layton] said have seniors lie down the road – Dad said but we’re dealing with fascists, we’re not fighting socialists. PPP doesn’t meet Dad’s expectations.

Tom G [Grubbs]: Would be willing to go and get Tim Stoen. Dad said should be some that are older or who has terminal illness.

Jeff offered to be burned. Bea Orsot, Najuandienne Darns [Darnes], Magnolia Farris [Harris], Selika Bordenave, Irene Mason, Richard, Etta Thomas [Thompson], DePina, Lovie – said she’s willing to fight until death. Larcy Lane, Katherine Dominick, Laura Johnson [Johnston] (she wrote what needed to be done, but Dad says she’s too young. Others Jane Owens, Carri Langston, and Dad said Theo Williams struck it – what needed to be done.

We don’t shoot unless they start something. Security was set up for showering and curfews.

>Alfred March> & >Jamal Baisy (Learning Crew)> fighting after meeting.

* * * * *


CAUTION – do not lay down this sheet. Classified…

[handwritten note] Carolyn L. [Layton] & Dad

1 August 78

Rally follow-up list

— TL [Tish Leroy]

1) Gaston, chief officer of Matakai will be here tomorrow. Wants the list of skills of our people.

2) Russell [Moton] to read his report over the radio at midday tomorrow.

3) Rum bottles to be collected from Kaituma; we have a glass cutter and can cut them into usable cups and glasses.

4) Day-off ceramics project; Tom Grubbs wants us to try making cups etc. Someone should be in charge of the volunteer project.

5) Counseling is to be done with Teddy [McMurry] and the karate team and the jury is to set in on it and act. The team is to tell him how they do not appreciate his actions and how it is a reflection on the entire team and the family.

Said the people on the job laugh at his jokes too much. Should not laugh at the jokes of people not working well. It is not helpful to socialism. Character should be first.

If guilty he should go to PSU [Public Service Unit] for a time…

6) Ava [Brown Jones] is to assign someone to be in charge of doing profiles on those to be cleared to go into town. No more last-minute requests to send people in. He is asked as late as 5 AM to send someone out at 7 AM. Not to happen in the future!

Medical and dental and any others get information to Ava immediately when you know you need to send someone into town. She is to start getting their profile collected right then and to give to Dad so he can have time to evaluate if they should be cleared to go in.

7) When Dad is on microphone, CAO’s be sure the radio does not interfere particularly when he is recording tapes. It bleeds thru [through] and it is hard enough to concentrate on so much as must be done on those. Be sure they do not interfere with his news! Tell them to be attentive when Dad is making a broadcast.

8) On next test use talk about what we got out of Carolyn Kirkendall’s letter. It is to be read again (probably after Nell leaves) across the PA system, just as she wrote it… what she wrote to Dad and about herself analysis and what it means in collective terms and in communist conscience.

9) Observe and report on any you see who are lazy or who let others do all of the shit work.

10) Dad wants the kitchen cleaned out. Wants tea for all, even if it means a night dishwasher and a senior to monitor so that the cups do not leave! Those typing and working late are to have tea… something is to be worked out.

11) If asked what we believe: we are peace loving people and believe in communal living. If asked about reincarnation, etc., we don’t talk



about our religious beliefs… that is a personal matter and we do not all have the same religious beliefs… but we do not talk about them.

12) Tony Linton to be reviewed in 3 weeks relative to becoming a regular PSU worker. He is assigned to the farm work pool at this time. Dad will entertain his request if he has an excellent record. Not to be considered a precedent… must always consider this type of thing individually. Those going on or off PSU are not to dictate what they want to do or where they want to go.

13) New Law: Anything that endangers lives will be automatic PSU… anything that can endanger her life and limb… Dad said.

14) Jury: Dad wants a place set up in each rally where the jury has permanent down-front seating so that they do not have to stand as they deliberate.

15) Norman [Ijames]: Letter given him by Edith Roller she wanted mailed in Caracas… ask him when he gets there.

Set up observers to watch him and anyone with whom he talks. He formerly spent lot of time in back kitchen area and when the plane of National Enquirer flew over, it showed concentrated interest (apparently) in that area. Best to set up a careful watch in that area.