Peoples Rally of August 4, 1978


[Handwritten heading: “Dad”]

Minutes from Peoples Rally
4 August 78
— tl [Tish Leroy]

Herbal: Shirley Fields reported on benefits of Collards, they are helpful in correcting obeisity [obesity], drug poisoning and should be grown in great abundance for the many helpful properties.

Note: Dad had a commentary on the pineapples. Some people are picking them without authorization. He wants the stopped. IS should be notified and some arrangements made for securing them.

Citrus: Should hereafter be off limits – automatic PSU [Public Service Unit] offense.

Shirley continued with her report. ½ cup of beef liver contains 45,000 units of A, 3 ½ oz. sweet potatoes contains about 7000 units of A. It is very nutritious and all should eat this wholesome vegetable.

Truck: Discussion arose as to bringing out the truck from town. Ujara [Don Sly] was making $50 per day when he was in there on one contract he had arranged – there are other jobs. Said could look in construction, hauling fertilizer, Rice for Guyana Rice Board to the docks and ships. Someone needed to follow this up. He pointed out that once you have proved yourself reputable, you will be trusted with more and more jobs.

Someone commented on the Peoples Temple sign on the door of the truck – draws hostility from locals who feel we are taking work from the Guyanese, even though there is more truck work than there are trucks to do it. Touchette’s pointed out this condition has persisted from the start and will continue – to some, we are Yankee foreigners and will remain so…

In discussing which would be the better truck for town, Ujara felt the stake truck best – take sides off and use for the rice, etc. Out here, we need the dump truck – we have a lot of rocks and fines, etc., to haul. It will also relieve the tractors so they can be used in agriculture as they should be for the most part.

It was pointed out that by using tractors to do truck work in the wet, then, when it is dry and we need the tractors on the land, they are broken down and in need of repairs… from abuse.

Abuse in town: Hugh [Hue] Fortson mentioned that the trucks in town are being shabbily maintained. Trash left in them, and [illegible] then up like we have done the pickup out here. This should be stopped!

Dad said that money can be made on the trucks, and that someone should be deciding to go when and make that money. Ujara will have to go in and get it set up – then [Eddie] Crenshaw alternate with him.

Ujara said he had contacts with the rice board, with John Fernandez and with some of the trucks that haul containers. You get $100 per container for hauling them. It was mentioned a survey should be done.



Gene [Chaikin] commented that the ability to put the tractors on our land makes the difference – for instance, without tractors we can plant 50 banana trees a day… with tractors, we can plant 50 an hour with the aid of 2 tractors. This is a major production difference. Considering the value of what has been produced by the machines in the time, taking a load of something somewhere, and planting 50 trees, is a significant monetary consideration.

Dad in reading from analysts notes – commented that Carol Dennis [Carol McCoy] should put thru [through] follow-up with Georgetown. They are to be checking on draft animals for us. What is available in the very heavy draft animals? such as oxen, jackasses and donkeys, heavy-duty horses. Look also for pair of horses that are the same size for hauling carts and trailers.

Reading Jan’s report – Dad commented that she should proceed to get the pineapples that were offered. Wants her to try it soon, this from the analysts meeting of last week. Decided yes on the peanuts to be traded for other variety.

Movies: Dad wants the Hollywood movies returned – must get them back.

Do’s and don’ts …when we have visitors.

In addition to list given last week… We don’t believe in suicide.
No one censors our mail…
Are eliminating illiteracy; down to 4-5 from several dozen.
Have protein in every meal. Balanced diet with fresh vegetables.
Don’t whip, spank and certainly do not bury in boxes.
Plays band musical.
DAD WANTS THE BAND TO PLAY SUNDAY, must keep in practice.
Dad doesn’t preach here – gives us news from all stations.
We are not pro-anything, not pro-Soviet nor pro-Chinese.
Are open, and realize that peaceful coexistence and détente are important; live peacefully with each other.
Have a deep regard for life.
We don’t tease, make fun; there is no ageism, sexism.
Women are not stereotyped in careers – none are stereotyped.
No elitism or special privileges.
Jim is the administrator. Believes in strong physical work in which everyone helps.
Our people keep neat and clean.

Music: Dad wants music to be played in the library.

Gold: With the money situation going as it is, Dad commented that he wants information on turning our money into gold and get it done. Tish to follow up on this. (Note – sent word to [Teri] Buford in radio room – will follow up Saturday)

Compost: Russell [Moton] gave part of his compost report. Dad wants a given again and take form on the radio tomorrow.

Parallax View: Dad mentioned guest is coming. Parallax View mandatory for all.

Road: Must get it done quickly, said Dad. [Bob] Christian said it will take a week and a half, depending on how fast they bring in the logs. Stephen [Stephan Jones] is cutting them. We are short on that kind of timber right around here. Stephen has the # of logs needed



and Mike T. [Touchette] says that we can get them in okay. Stephen said it is rough cutting when it rains, because he has trees falling on him, etc. But will try to get it done.

Farm report: Darrell [Devers] reported:

Grass was cut for horse and bull and 16 sows. The #1 and #2 litter piglets are let out daily for exercise and sunlight. They are being totally trough fed with sugar added to the feed for more consumption. It works – they eat more food.

The inspectors checked the baby pigs and report that they look healthy.

The baby chicks were getting out of their pen; [Tommie] Keaton reported he would get right on it and put clay up around the door. Chicks are doing well on the pig feed.

Slaughter: There were four pigs slaughtered Wednesday and that night. Also during the night the generator went out. We have lost 2 piglets because the sow sat on them. Now we have 47 piglets. Rob also had some problems due to the generator going out. We have assigned Garnet [Garnett] Johnson and Danny Moton to check the generator. End of report.

Model cottages: From the follow up we learned that the six model cottages are not yet ready for the guests to look at. These must be completed within one week.

Dad said both the logs must be in and the cottages completed within this one week. Try to finish the road because the Enquirer used that against us in their article.

Rice fields: We have another field that is heading up now and the youth going in and making noise have been able to keep the crows away fairly successfully.

Macramé & paintings: Dad had wanted these up. Someone is to see that these are hung about for beauty when the guests arrive. (?Ava [Jones]) (Shonda [James]?) (Ruby [Carroll]?) Peter [Wotherspoon] and Nancy [Sines] could be on this.

Landscaping: Chaikin is nearly complete with what Dad requested. Said with a weather allowing, he will be finished this week, including the vegetable area.

Rum bottles?: Johnny and Lee are the only ones that mostly go in – PNC people might look and see what is available if any. However the bamboo cups might be a better way to go. Ask Ken Norton and Tom Grubbs to get together on this. Committee to help on their own time: Bob Davis, Pat, Brenda Jones, Alfreda March, Arlondo Robinson, Edward Ford, Anthony Hicks, Patty Dennis [Patty McCoy], Chris Morrell, William Jones, Maurice Anderson, Steve Addison, Louise Shavers, Nicki Mitchell, and James Ford.

Profiles: Ava has assigned someone to handle these.

Tea: Joyce T. [Touchette] says she needs some help. Dad asked for a group



to volunteer not to work full night shift, but part-time shifts all through the night, serving and washing cups. Dad wants the cups signed out and back in!

Volunteers: Ollie Smith, Rose Shelton, Marcus Anderson, Maurice, Constance Jones, Toni James, Marionetta, Birdy Arnold, Lou Esther Louis, Alfred James, Dorothy Rawlins [Rollins].

Dad went over analysts minutes. He noted they talked of not planting the beans and was very upset at the idea. Gene said it was a matter of the weather and timing. (Johnny [Moss Brown] should perhaps check further on this. This was relative to the Cuban black beans.)

Smiling: All are to smile constantly and be friendly. It is our socialist duty! Moodiness is a manipulation for attention. Dad also wants plants around the walls of the 6 model cottages.

To Guests: More on what to say to guests.

Our families live together, strong nuclear family.

We encourage husbands and wives to share in the responsibility.
Have all sorts of sports, chess, cards, movies, band, etc.
We don’t drink and don’t believe in smoking – not for moral reasons, but for health reasons first, and second cannot see spending our collective funds on such items.
There is no crime in our community.
We believe in the principle of cooperative living as in the days of the New Testament.
We correct by denying privileges when people do wrong.
We don’t believe in suicide. It is a selfish act, makes others feel rejected, and leaves whatever job you are doing for someone else.
Rule about smiling. All are to smile.

The chair is to be shown along with a broom when our guests come in.

Cleve and Helen [Swinney]  are to go to town. Cleve has to go to the boat. Richard is preoccupied with Janaro. Cleve and Helen get in there. Dad want something done – trained Philip [Blakey] for Captain and [Dorrus] Solomon for Engineer. Lost $40,000 but can get some and another contract. Breakdown on boat due to carelessness and Richard too lenient. Cleve went on board and declared he was the owner and got them to hustling. He is to get the part repaired and get it back to town.

Dad wants black cat caught and castrated – picks on the other Toms.

Get the map of sight [site] plan upon the wall.

100 crates coming in; must work all night to build a warehouse, Dad said.