Peoples Rally of December 20, 1977

Peoples Rally, 20-12-77

Announcements: Johnny Jones

Nurse’s office: Nurse’s office will be closed at 7:30 on meeting nights and last patient will be seen at 7 PM. On Fridays (nights) it will close at 8 PM and last patients seen at 7:30. For appointments, please see Lisa Layton in the pavilion from 11:00 – 1:00 PM.

Wash area: From 9:30 – 10:30 a.m. sinks are off-limits for cleaning – don’t go back there.

Dad came out and said anyone that doesn’t have himself removed from the list of problems is automatically on discipline. Dad said he wanted things to go fast tonight without a lot of talking. We were reminded to raise our hands and not clap as Dad’s sugar was still at the 45 point.

Noya [Noyra] Blair, Elliott Tardy, Michael Jones, Darius Wheeler and Mark Rhodes have been cutting up at school and giving their house parents (Kim & Karl [Carl] Barnett) a hard time by not minding. They are to go to learning crew.

William Klingman: Called Curtis Smith names, said no one wants your little crooked ass. The supervisor wrote him out for not cooperating. 3 days Learning Crew (Dad said three days because he’s been kind to animals).

Rhonda Page: Supervisor says Rhonda gives them a hard time when Margarita or he tells her something, except for Bea McCann. Feels it’s a race thing. Bea agrees. 3 days Learning Crew.

Nicki Lawrence: Supervisor says he’s hard to keep up with now – Learning Crew.

Love Joy: Said that we were skimpy with the meat. Dad said that $3.30 per lb. (someone said she was laughing) Dad said to her to see if she’s laughing by Friday.

Mark Sly: Hard worker – put in extra time.

Janet Tupper: Doing well.

Keith Wright: Was told to wash pots 1 week and it working good until tonight – will go back to other job.

Dad mentioned that someone else made a comment about the food.

Dad said it cost $700 to feed us tonight. Dad said you can never please some people. Dad said each person that complains their check hasn’t come in 3 months and they may die before they see another check. Dan said millionaires would be glad to have what we have and would give all their wealth for what we have. He mentioned the mericle [miracle] about Diana McKnight who was passing her kidneys. The medical care along people would gladly give a fortune for.

C.D. & L.M. were given warnings to be careful saying no more about food. Dad said next time they will find themselves on their back. Dad said when he lifts protection it takes people days and weeks to get out of it. They should be very careful.

B.C. given a warning: someone complained about the soap – said it hurts your hands. Dad said you can’t have a better soap. Dad said everyone was to use the soap when they come out of the toilet. Also B.C. wouldn’t put any on her hands. This was pointed out by Magnolia [Harris]. Says this person also works in the kitchen as well.

Someone telling stories about getting someone pregnant. Coordinator said that person needs to get their work production up.

Santiago [Rosa]: Still acts – clothes dirty: Dad said he must like the Learning Crew. Dad asked him did he love to take up our time each day.

He said he doesn’t want to take Dad’s time and just whatever he decides. Dad told him how can he possibly want to cause pain. Right in the mist [midst] of a crisis Dad ordered ribs and someone has to fuss about it. People don’t realize. He only concludes they are saddestic [sadistic]. No joy for Dad just pain. If you wheel [wield] authority people hate you. Only thing you can get is a cutles [cutlass] in your nect [neck] by a woman. Another attempt on Dad’s life. Dad said he wouldn’t want to be paralyzed for someone to take care of him. Dad asked for ideas. Santiago said he felt guilty about it. Marshall Farris said than why don’t you keep your mouth shut sometime. Some said take him to the jungle. Dad asked Nawab [Lawrence] if he thought Santiago should go. Nawab said he had to go so Santiago should go too. Jungle for Santiago.

Aleda [Santiago]: Has picked up her work – good attitude – working with some disadvantage – still wines [whines] and looks sad – but better. Off Crew back to Banana Crew.

Nawab: Work good – attitude fucked up – didn’t want to take a shower – had to be forced. Dad told him that every time he defies authority the more force he will use to equal his force. 5 children came up and socked Nawab. Dad said he should worry about the fact that each night he takes up our time. Dad said that was nothing compared to what he will get if he is up here again. He stays on Learning Crew.

David Goodman [Goodwin]: Goes to Albert’s [Albert Touchette] crew – 3 days had good report.

Ellie Beam: Work poor but last few days work was good. Good attitude. Has made an attempt to work hard and has helped clean dorm. Al said she got special treatment in living quarters. Aleda explained. Dad said good enough – She’s off crew will go back to Jan’s crew [Jan Wilsey].

Dad says something caused Tim Stoen a slight mental disturbance and he said he had been fucked by Jim Jones. Gary [Charles Garry] said he just killed himself in the legal profession for the next 50 years. Dad said in 24 hours nothing traveled faster. Everyone is laughing about it. He killed off his hopes of ever holding a responsible position anywhere. Dad asked had mother told the SF Temple about John [Victor Stoen] being his son. They said yes.

Marcus Anderson: Attitude fair. Work needs to be better. Clothes dirty and dirty underwear. He had shit in his underwear and wouldn’t say he did it until they took him to coordinators. Dad asked him why. He said he had worms. How do you know you have worms – he said because he had blood in the bowels. Penny [Kerns] said the nurse asked them to find out. Penny took him to nurse’s office. Penny didn’t follow through by bringing a stool specimen in to the nurse’s office. They asked her if she had worms would she have follow-through. Penny is to go on Learning Crew for 1 day. She will be replaced by Willie Malone.

Darren Swinney: Attitude poor – work fair. Back to the jungle. Darren said he had been trying to work hard. He said people have been talking to him and he had tried to ignore them. Said he really has tried to get off of the crew. Said he knows he could change if he wasn’t on the crew. He said it’s not a laughing matter. Said he told Wabby [Nawab Lawrence] that. He feels he is ready to come off and will work harder. Said he will work after time and will work real hard in his school work and knows he can change. Dad said if Darren works as well as he talks it would be nice. Darren says he does need some homework. Darren pleaded his case to the very end. Says he would work better if he was with Pat. He likes Pat. Dad said why didn’t you treat her nice so you wouldn’t be in this mess. Feels he would treat her nice if off the crew. Dad asked Pat and she said she can’t remember a significant change in Darren. Darren continued to talk. He feels if he was along [alone] with Pat he would do good. Feels he could learn more. Pat said some do work better along. Some are distracted easily. Darren said he and Nawab have had some conversation. Pat feels they have been in cahose [cahoots]. Pat said they are starting a halfway house as soon as possible. Just a problem with housing – some will have to move. Then there will be room available. Perhaps Joyce could say. Joyce said in a couple of days it would be ready. Dad asked Nawab should Darren take a walk. He said he didn’t know. Doesn’t know if he should. Dad said but he said Santiago should go to the jungle. Dad us why he didn’t want Darren to go. Then Nawab said he feels Darren should go to the jungle. Dad asked Nawab if he really meant that he should go. Wabby said yes – Dad asked why, Wabby said because they said Darren hasn’t been working. If they say it then he hasn’t been working. Dad asked Wabby why, Wabby said Darren talked so much and tried to get him in trouble the other day. Dad asked him why didn’t he remember earlier. Wabby told him that Sebastian [McMurry] had said he would remember. Wabby stuck to his story that Darren should go. Dad kept asking him if he were sure. Wabby said Santiago had to go and Darren got back on the crew and had been off. He [was] supposed to be working harder. Dad said that’s a point. Dad asked Wabby would he feel good about him going. Wabby said no but it will change him. Asked Wabby how does it make you feel. Wabby said he doesn’t like it – knows what it was like and said Darren will be crying when he gets back. Dad reminded him he was not to talk about it. Dad said he was testing Wabby – Dad said it was clear that Wabby has conscious [conscience]. Feels psychologists were wrong. Dad asked Darren again. Darren continued his story. Then Dad said if Darren had said yes he did wrong and Darren attempted to involve Danny Beck. Darren went to the jungle.

Partake [Partak], Tom: Still wants to go home. Works poor. He’s been on for 1 month and 1 week. Has been very self-destructive. His living area is dirty and his clothes. He’s been talking openly about homosexuality. Vincent [Lopez] challenged him to a fight when he got off the crew. Dad said Vincent was out of line for doing this. Dad asked Partake why did Vincent bother him. Doesn’t really know. Dad read something Partake had written that was difficult to understand, Partake told Dad when he was counseling with Sharon that he liked to do segments. Dad asked him how does he see himself. He said sad, self-centered and deranged. Says things come to his brain. Dad said that’s because you’re not tired enough. Dad asked Partake where he was. He said Jonestown. Where’s that? Port Kaituma. Where’s that and Partake said South America. Dad asked him how far from Venezuela he was and what kind of animals were here if you leave this protected area. Tom said crocodiles and boa constrictors, he didn’t know all of them. A Kamote is a kind of boa constrictor. Dad mentioned that that was another mericle that none of us have been bitten by a snake. Dad asked Partake if he would like for Tom Grubbs to help him with his problem. He said yes. Approved.

Garnett Johnson: Changing.

Sebastian and Ben [Robinson]: They’ve changed also.

Janet Tupper: Improving

Jair [Baker]: Doing better, good attitude – positive. Good day. Will be with Penny only at night and with workers in the day.

Dad asked if anyone had a question about anyone or anything.

Toddler workers are to get their situation resolved.

Dad asked how many felt the conspiracy will force us to a fight. Most said yes. Some said no. Dad asked why one woman didn’t feel that way but she said she didn’t quite understand what he meant. Dad explained when we first started having trouble when he was shot at with a high-powered gun. He said he had laid something on the dresser and backed off when it happened.

Santiago came back crying and said someone tried to kill him. He said “big foot” tried to put him in the water. Said he didn’t want to go back. Dad said that Santiago wasn’t acting. We don’t have Mac’s method, Dad said, but we do have something when people won’t respond.

Darren: came back and kept crying saying no over and over again. Dad said some think they are too good to work back there. Dad asks how did we feel about this way (method). James Edwards asked how does the Motons feel about it? Russell said whatever it takes and his parents said they feel whatever has to be done. Glen Moton said he didn’t know what the young men had done. He feels that they should be punished. He says it should be given out by a specific group. Judge or counsel. Johnny said, but that way it would be in the hands of a few. We want everyone involved in this kind of thing. Some might say they weren’t in that group that made the decision. Dad asked Glen if he believes in the jury system or court system in the US. He said he’d never been in no trouble with the law. He was asked again. He said he doesn’t believe in the court system. He says the court is always for the prosperous fellow. The jury can be bought. Dad said that is the same reason why you should be hesitant about 3 doing it. There will be those who will not participate. Dad said the best democracy is a people’s democracy. Dad gave an example. Do not ask him if there is any situation in which death would be called for. He said definitely so [no]. Feels that certain crimes people should be put out of society, but he doesn’t believe in capital punishment. Russell reminded his dad about the gun he used to have and how he once had a knife and said the gun has put the knife out of use. Glen said he wouldn’t use it. Dad told him if you were in the service you are taught don’t show a gun unless you intend to use it. Glen said he would use it to slow some down.

Harriet (Sarah) [Tropp] clarified a point of law for Bro. Moton regarding if someone is shot on your property – not advisable to drag person on property if shot – would entail more problems. Dad asked Glen what capitalism was. He said it means the rich own everything. What is personal property – home or your car. We do away with every personal property except our bed and clothes, but communism doesn’t take your home or car away. But we offer far more here. Dad said he wouldn’t want to own a car or a house. More worry to do so. Even in socialist countries you end up with taxes on it. Dad asked one senior what personal and private property was. Dad said that one man said he would help Dad because he had helped all political persons around the world. Dad asked what is capitalism and communism. What is the difference between socialism and communism. Sis. [Helen] Snell said socialism is when the means of production is owned by a few (wrong meaning). Communism means community (means togetherness). What’s the difference? The major means of production is in the hands of the people in socialism. Moton says he always taught his children that the US was going to be communism. Dad said but before that it will be fascist. What is the means of production? Joyce Parks said land, labor and capital. When you become communism? When you don’t have to have people watched and when everyone is good because it is right.

Dad said that a young couple’s 2 children were shot by cops for no reason. The children could have been here.

Dictatorship of the Proletariat: Means he is dictating the will of the people – if not, he is a revisionist. If he goes away then he is a demagodry [demagogue]. Dad said Lynetta [Jones] had a saying on her wall, “Where love rules, there’s no will to power.”

People should report anyone making fun of those on Learning Crew. Report anyone calling names.

Dad wants to test everything on our menu. Wants to test what they cook. Dad said he doesn’t want clicks [cliques]. If we want to put someone in the radio room we can. Some are in because of years. We have tried others but they couldn’t keep up with the codes.

Dad said he would be giving quick judgments – whether seniors, young, what ever will go 1 day on the work crew.

Karen Layton: She wrote something up to dad – she went on the work crew. It was too late to bring the matter up. 1 day.

Tim Carter gave Dad a note from Karen about Kim and Karl Barnett. For doing this he went on the work group – 1 day.

Dad collapsed due to the below 45 point sugar count. Dr. [Larry] Schacht, Nurse Practitioner [Joyce] Parks and others helped to administer oxygen and medication to Dad. Johnny asked everyone to stay seated and ask for SAT to come forward. Everyone was quiet while Dad laid there. Dad began to talk while they continued to administer to him. Shortly after that Dad got out and said Larry had explained that Dad’s was a painful stroke which causes bleeding of the brain. When Dad laid there he wanted the microphone, but it wasn’t working and he said he would know it was made by capitalists. The first thing Dad said when he go [got] out was how many are afraid of death. Dad said it’s nothing to be afraid of. Dad said he was sorry he struck out at the last two but it could have waited. Dad said the children wouldn’t be hurt by 1 day work. Everyone had their fair warning that they would be on the crew. It was stated by the teacher that Michael Jones was a hard worker in school and loves to go on work crew projects – he tries hard in school work. Karen said she doesn’t find him a difficult child to deal with at all. She feels Kim doesn’t like him and some of the other children.

Pat Grunnet says Elliot Tardy works well – finds it hard to work with a group. Teases others for attention. Has made great improvement from being here. Changed couples or halfway house to be implemented. Dad said Tim and Pat are to work on work crew during some of their work hours.

Dad mentioned that he had a great desire to get people out of service early, but it wasn’t Carter in particular that caused the problem.

Agnes Jones said Michael gave Kim a hard time. Parents don’t want Michael moved. They asked Kim if she likes Michael. Karen said she never shows warmth for him when she picks him up. Dad said she should have communicated with Kim. Fault rests on Karen for bringing it here without going to Kim.

Dad said his opinion is that we are a long way from being ready to die. Dad said that most want to take vengeance on the enemies. (The Stoens [Tim and Grace Stoen] and Myrtles [Deanna and Elmer Mertle]). In 5 weeks there have been no attempts on Dad’s life. Not sure they have been attempts on his life. You never know what a mercenary will do. Dad says the main purpose has been to harass us and counting on us being so americanized that will keep so busy taking care of our own program that we can’t expand. The shootings have not been aimed at Dad. Kidnappers came with handcuffs. The system doesn’t want to attack us because they can’t handle what they have now and can’t have the American parents fight another war. Chile is in a bad state of affairs and they can’t do anything about it. Argentina is another one they can’t do anything about. America couldn’t stop Angola and the Cubans, they let them go on and win its victory. Dad feels it would be an even longer day before they would come in and do anything with us. The prime minister [Forbes Burnham] keeps a third world view but doesn’t line up directly with a major communist party. [U.S. president Jimmy] Carter has given Guyana several billions of dollars of aid. Obviously he doesn’t want to get into a war. It would be silly to think they would want to provoke us on any act. It would embarrass the government that they have already established trade with. Two parties: PNC reserves the right to trade with all communist nations but won’t line up with any particular one. PPP is lined up with Soviets – more Soviet orientated. No right wing to work with here and even if it did, we have the people.

Dad said he’s not about to die but don’t press him. People test him to the very limit. These children won’t be hurt by 1 day’s work.

Dale Parks is on his way. He was on a mission. Sorry that that was necessary. Dad said the US will come in here and people underestimate his own power. They know they will have to deal with some form of communism. Dad said they invested $7,612 million in our land and water development. Anybody can leave, we are not worried about it. The government doesn’t want him dead because if something happens to Dad they know all hell would break loose. Some person low in government said whatever happens to Dad would depend on how the people will act.

Dad asked for questions. Dad said to kill him or to do anything against this movement would be a blood bath. There is no way to eliminate us without a hell of a lot of noise, we’ve proven that. Dad mentioned the things that happened when the leaders were out signing the Panamanian treaty.

People who raise their hand who were afraid of dying:

Barbara Davis, Santiago, Penny, Bev Livingston, Toi Vonsdale [Fonzelle], Sis. [Heloise] Hall, Lourice [Lourece] Jackson.

Dad stated that Larry said he had intracranial bleeding which is most painful kind of stroke. Dad said we are not in danger. Dad won the battle on the PA system and the front line.

Dad bought us 4 radios for communication. They want to drain Dad. They feel people will be complaining. Dad said the government will stand by him on John’s issue which shows a lot of spirit.

By: Vernetta C. [Christian]