Peoples Rally of December 25, 1977

Peoples Rally Notes 25-12-77


Inspection Committee brought up a situation regarding Revena [Rheaviana] Beam and Tish Leroy. Tish and Revena had hostile attitude toward inspectors – Revena and Tish received 1 day on Learning Crew.

Rose McKnight – made the remark that if she had known all this was going on she wouldn’t have come. She went to Learning Crew.

Marcus Anderson got off Learning Crew today.

Night Service:

Meeting started with giving gratitudes. Johnny Jones opened the meeting.

Songs: “I was glad when they said unto me” – congregation
“You have a Friend” – Connie Fitch
“We have a Savior on our side” – Ollie Harrington
“Precious Savior” – Katharine Dominick
Johnny said it’s not Christmas – it’s Revolution Day.

Song: “Power” – Senior Citizen

Play & Song: The Becky Kids – Song/play acted out by Becky Biekman’s class about the hunter and the birds.

Song: “Reach out and Touch” – Garden Crew – Dorothy Brewer – lead
“Don’t Forget” – Garden Crew – Dee Macon

Play: Capitalist Society

Reading: Martin Amos

Song: “Socialist Holiday”


Partake [Tom Partak]: Still a problem – He thought Dad had sent his letter requesting to go back. He was upset when he found out Dad hadn’t sent his letter. During his confrontation – harshness was applied and Partake answered that he would talk against the cause if he went back. Partake remains on Learning Crew.