Peoples Rally of December 21, 1977

Peoples rally, 21-12-77

Dad said it seems to be a pattern with people – it’s not easy to live without the promise of a definite future, although nothing is guaranteed. Animals are fortunate to know the dangers which exist. Humans have the same danger, but believes in divinity. That’s probably why it is said, “ignorance is bliss.” He doesn’t like living in illusion. People are living in opium – no such thing. The night has millions of eyes. This planet has nothing significant at all but through a socialist adaptation or evolution of the mind that can do some phenomenal things. All within demands of evolution of the humanoid family. Dad doesn’t like the illusions that some have. Some write things to Dad. Some say let’s get hold of Russia or China – to take our people to Canada and then move them here.

Dad said it’s an international thing but it doesn’t work that way. But we got more commitment from Russia than others. Task [Tass] (a Russian newspaper) has 38 million readers and they have said they will take some of our people. Russia’s head of immigration’s brother came to our SF Temple in support.

Dad gave some statistics about nuclear war and the number left: 233,000,000 out of 367,000,000 people. The US 1,000,000 out of its 220,000,000 (if they get on with the defense plans that they never got off the drawing board).

Dad said when we were in our crisis and the leaders of this country were out signing the Panama Treaty and the man left was pro-CIA wanted/tried to do us in. They sent in an airplane to accommodate our enemies and we awaited our death because we were pushed to the wall beyond what any human people could be expected to endure. Dad said if Charlie [Touchette] and others had not followed his suggestions very closely we wouldn’t have been here. It was all in the plan to have the leaders out signing the treaty in order to return the Panama Canal in 30 years to its rightful owners. Those who invited them knew what they were doing. Dr. Mingle [Vibert Mingo] said we made the difference for socialism because we stood and wouldn’t be pushed/moved.

US didn’t recognize [Bruce and Shanda] Oliver marriage. They wanted them delivered to Georgetown. Dad refused as always on the principle that we would rather die. An officer from the Guyana Foreign Min. Justice Dept. can come and talk to them along [alone] if they want. They will find out if they are happy and if they want to see their parents. Guyana thinks they might try to slip in on their own. We can’t let them in. If we did we would have to let all the vial [vile] trash in for the next 50 days. They even wanted us to pay their way in. We said no. The Olivers didn’t get anything out of it but a trip and a hotel room. They had $40 on their person. They have been operating with the CIA.

Edna Beaver, sister of Sister Edwards wanted to give her a message to her. Dad said that some from Guyana don’t get visas in the US because they are black.

Dad asked how many have planned their death. Some raised their hands. Dad said he didn’t see Lois’ hand. She said she planned to be blown up in a million pieces but didn’t know it would be here. Sis. Talley said she just hadn’t thought about it. Dad asked her didn’t she think it was time. She said she had some insurance once but her husband stopped paying it so she just didn’t think any more about it.

Dad said Bruce and Billy are like his own sons and he also mentioned that the attorney had said he would write a good story if we delivered them, if we didn’t want to be blasted. Dad told him to kiss my ass. Maya I. [Inghram] asked what it meant to plan your death. Dad said a person has to think through their death or they may sell out. If you are 19 you are dying anyhow. Your cells are dying at that age. Dad mentioned that he is the only one that can bring people back and give new life to dead cells. People here are in better health. When people come in from states they look bloated.

Dad said if Grace S. [Stoen] was an ordinary woman she would want her child happy, but she doesn’t care about him. Anyone can see he is an obviously happy child. All children here love animals. Dad said how miserable John was with Grace and that at the age of 2 he wanted to die. John hates capitalism and loves socialism and speaks of it with every breath.

Dad mentioned that Tim had asked him to save Grace from committing treason. Dad got Tim to be a normal homosexual. He and Grace both saw John as a sex object. They know if John dies they won’t have to remember anymore how they treated him. Dad says he doesn’t know if anyone admires him because you know he requires you to be good. Dad asked everyone to keep their eyes on him. He explained a plot he had. He said some sure get quiet when he talks about death. Dad said drowning is easiest way to die. Dad mentioned he was Lenin before and had 10 years of rest. He said not to commit suicide because he’s seen them come back.

Dad told Partake [Tom Partak] to write a letter and said he could go. Told him when he got back don’t cry to Dad. He said when he was put in jail they chained him because they thought the bars wouldn’t hold him.

Dad told us that his plan was to ask Russia to take us and since the US had provoked [revoked?] John’s papers – he didn’t know if Russia would take him, but if not he would stay here with his son and die.

Cotel [Chotile] Butler asked if you didn’t want to go to Russia could you stay here. Dad said sure. He also said would have to take in to consideration the weather for some as the temperature gets low and some seniors wouldn’t be able to stand it. [US President Jimmy] Carter is heating his swimming pool but asking others to keep their thermostats at 65°. Dad said Lisa Layton told about when she was in school how she refused to say the Hitler slogan.

Dad’s blood sugar is back to normal now. Death makes him liberated. Dad said by the time we get a quiet night someone does something.

Dad said people reject you because they won’t look on the inside but only at outward appearance. Some are so afraid of the law. He used the army band and told them he was talking now. He asks someone to give us a home or we would die here.

Dad asked what would we do if the government served us papers tomorrow?

We are supposed to get a freighter on the 29th.

The Foreign Minister said if I didn’t like you… and if our group wasn’t as productive as it is.

Dad said that some of our people are 3-day wonders, you work 3 and rest 3. He said we work we don’t play. Foreign Minister said he never had anyone tell him they are like a tree and won’t be moved. They do like our productiveness. Dad remains optimistic.

Dad said Helen Swinney said arrest a man in Georgetown he has one of our crates. The man was sold a crate by Revena [Rheaviana Beam] or Patty [Cartmell].

Dad said we had two offers on our LA Temple. One will give $175,000 down and $345,000. $150,000 and $285,000. $175,000 on church and apartments $50,000 down and $250,000 total price. If the church is sold, LA Temple will cease to exist. We also got an offer on the children’s home.

Dad said old-timers might fight it out and send the children to Russia. We built this land and we won’t give it up easy. If we fight it out no one is going anyplace.

Dad wants those who are afraid to die to be counseled. Dad said that Bruce [Oliver] had commented the time we went on front line that at first he was afraid to die, and later wished he could and before it was over, he didn’t give a shit one way or the other.

Rhonda Page: Dad said she worked hard and diligent and even pushed Penny [Kerns] when she was going slow. (Best example is for leaders to get in with the crew).

People are getting a break because tonight we are looking at death.

Santiago Rosas: Attitude much better since trip to the jungle.

Nawab [Lawrence]: Last 2 days worked on his break. Off learning crew back to school.

Santiago Rosas: Off learning crew, back to kitchen with pots.

Jair [Baker]: Attitude real good. Off crew back to Marie’s crew and will stay in area he likes at night.

Johnson, Garnett: Off crew will go to the piggery.

Dad asked that people keep after the flies. He’s ordered 200 fly swaters [swatters]. We need to do something about toilet. Something was said about getting a tank with diesel. Senior said breather was stopped up. Charlie says it isn’t stopped up. Ray Jones will make a small one on top.

Sly [Don Sly, aka Ujara]: Said to put fish guts in tank – would help kill smell.

Lucy Miller: Dad had given the initials L.M. a warning the other night. She is picky with food. However, she’s doing good work out in the fields clearing and gardening and because of that he won’t bring her up, but asked her not to make any fuss about food. She had made a remark about hair being in the food. Dad said don’t worry its protein. Dad asked them to check with Georgetown to get a movie in here. We are going to eat meat on Christmas Day, a ham. Dad asked Eva P. [Pugh] how much meat did we have. She said midlands (1 side of hog). Dad ordered 6000 lbs. of meat. Some asked about smoking the meat. Bro. [Eartis] Jeffery suggested using green wood to do it with. Rose Shelton took a sweet potato leaves and made a good smoke. LeFlora [Le Flora] Townes said don’t let pregnant women around the meat. Irene Mason suggests the same thing says they’ll mess up.