Peoples Rally of January 1, 1978



– From Dad’s readings

Okra in some places is a substitute for coffee.
Egg shells can be used in fertilizer.
Dad asked Steering to look into this.

Announcements were read.

</>Johnny J. [John Moss Brown] said some don’t understand what course they are on. They went to Matthews Ridge and for the last couple of days, they have been short of utilities. They would have if they had the organization that Jim Jones represents. They don’t plan ahead. People were walking around saying this is the worst holiday they’ve had. They had to borrow fuel from Port Kaituma, but it didn’t work. This would have never happened with Jim Jones. They went to Port Kaituma today and they were talking to this man and he said Peoples Temple was something big in the Northwest District. He said I don’t understand it but you are big. We should be thankful, we should have an attitude of gratitude. All the people that represented us did a big job. You would have been proud. It was something else.

Dad said it’s wonderful and that we are venturing out into many places.

Songs: Garden Crew “Why do we change” – Dee Dee Macon
Reach out and touch by Dorothy Brewer
I’ll pack my grip – Bro. Moore [Edward Moore]

Plays: Hospital play
The radio – Patty C. [Cartmell]

Reading: Jann Gurvich read a letter that was smuggled out of an Argentina prison.

Dad said it’s important for us to realize our government. The CIA was directly involved in the disappearance of the Chilean people. $540 million was spent to put fascist into power, and the Green Beret. Argentina is right next to Chili [Chile] – the government there had the power to keep many Chileans from dying. They closed their borders and forced them to die there. Dad said the Argentina Government was overthrown 8 days after Henry Kissinger visited there. Alende’s daughter [Beatriz Allende] committed suicide in the US by jumping from a window. A true communist will keep on doing what he has to do. Dad said he didn’t need 5 pages from each one saying what they didn’t like. Dad said he could have had anything in the world he wanted.

Song: Patty Cartmel [Cartmell] “Anybody here seen my old friend…” The congregation and Dad were deeply touched when the word Chris was inserted. “He tried to free a lot of people, but the good they sure die young…”



Dad added – “we better not look around and find another one gone.”

Instrumental: Carver Cardel – “Joe Hill” & a reading of “Joe Hill’s Will.”

Praise: Odessa Buckley and Keith Newson [Newsome]

Learning Crew:

1. Leticia Jackson            3 days            Off
2. Regina Bowser            5 “            Off
3. Eileen Jackson            4 “            Off
4. Shabaka Baker            4 “            Off
5. Rose McKnight            1 week            Off
6. Therman Guy            3 ½ days            Off
7. Karen Harms            4 “            Off
8. Chris Newel [Newell]            3 ½ “            Off
9. Partake [Partak], Tom            7 weeks            Off/ Penny at night
10. Larry Tupper            4 days            Off
11. Derek Walker            4 “            Off
12. Alfred March            4 “            Off
13. William Klingman            1 week & 5 days
[no entry for 14]
15. Kim Rochelle            4 days            Off
16. Stan Gieg            4 days            Off
17. Keith Wade
18. Tracy Stone
19. Vincent Lopez
20. Jair Baker

Keith Wade: Complaint on Ronnie James. Ronni already wrote it up to Dad. Keith said before he got on Learning Crew, he and Ronni had a sex act one day on socialist class night after work he went to Ronni’s  cottage in the loft, he said he was dirty and he said come on up and they were laying up there and he started hugging and asked him if he hugged him what would he do and he said it just happened and when he was leaving Ronni asked him was he coming back. Keith says he always thinks about Ronni and that’s how he got on the crew. The note says he came craving sex and he got it. Problem is that neither had clearance for this Dad said. Keith is 16 – that’s a problem. Dad asked Keith what does that have to do with you being bad on the job when you got a sex act “on the house.” Keith said that was no excuse. Can’t understand why he acted so nasty the next day. Keith said Ronni called him up to have sex and they had mutual homo/sex. Dad asked Ronni what does he say. (Lee [Ingram] and Jan had talked



to Keith about his work habits and they asked why didn’t he say it when they talked with him.

Dad asked Ronni what does he have to say.

Ronni first had 3 mos and then 6 mos. relations with Yvonne. He was asked what does he feel about the effect on that. In a way he did – Dad asked him did he think he was going to keep it a secret. No he didn’t – didn’t think he would get on the floor. Yvonne had trouble understanding – Ronni had told her he only wanted to do something and didn’t tell her he did. Dad said he told her he had a long time ago. Penny said Ronni defended Keith when he had to stand on one foot. Ronni told Penny that Keith had kidney trouble. Dad asked Keith if he had kidney problems – Keith said yes. Says Joyce Lund [Rozynko] knows – she said he went to the doctor for it in the states but it hadn’t been established here.

Dad told Ronni he and Yvonne were in a 6 mos relationship with sex and asked him why did he have the need for both. Ronni wanted to try homo-sex with Keith. Dad said it’s a problem with under aged – against the law. Asked him why he didn’t try it with someone else and asked him if he was attracted to anyone else. Ronni said yes – Gary Tyler. Dad said he can speak for himself. Who else – that’s all. Dad asked Gary if he was interested in Ronni – Gary said he’d noticed him a few times but hadn’t thought about it. Dad asked Ronni if it was because Yvonne wouldn’t. Yes. Dad said he’s afraid of indulgence in times (like these) of war, but he’s sympathetic to his feelings, but afraid if everyone does this – he questions what we are really doing. Dad says he has (Ronni) a bisexual need. Asked what does he need women for – what does he think they need women for and how long would he want Keith. Says Keith wants a homo to find as a companion. Ronni said he would only have a relationship with Keith for a short while. He asked Ronni what does he tell a person to get them to come on – did he feel Keith was people’s property. Says Keith had done it before. Dad mentioned that others were doing it too so others should be more understanding as they will be up here next. Vote to see who opposes to two sex’s living together – vote all in favor.

Marie L. [Lawrence] mentioned she didn’t know whether her companion would prefer a man or her. But Dad said her companion who is in Detroit has left the church. Marie thanked Dad for telling her. Dad mentioned that he wanted socialist class test results. Dad asked how many had slipped and had sex that was not cleared. Dad asked how



many wanted to have sex w/ the opposite sex male/male etc. Don’t believe sex is what makes a revolution. Asked those who have had sex to write it up with “Tonight’s Peoples Rally” on it. Don’t tell others about it.

Dad asked how many have no concern for sex. Many raised their hands. Dad said this is where the mass is.

Dad said there are new forms of harassments – they are bringing many of our people back in [the] states up for audit. Says if people can fuck interjecticly after hearing this. Most are out to use you. Partake [Tom Partak] said the experience Penny put him through was helpful. Dad asked if Keith heard Ronni defending him. He said yes. Dad said this was out of line. Dad asked how did he think Keith would feel when Ronni dropped him – Ronni says he intends to go back to Yvonne. Asked why – said he likes Yvonne better than he does Keith. Why – Ronni said it’s to hide his homosexuality. Dad said the other is because he won’t mother you. Dad said some say they have a good relationship with their wives and if you know what I know they’ve dropped dead. Dad says he’s read their mail. He’s heard your comments and complaints. Dad told them not to try to go around the law anymore.

Ronni feels he should be on Learning Crew for 1 month. Dad said not to start letting people hold children when they’ve not shown principle. Our babies need strong hands. Dad said since Ronni was honest about it – he would have 1 week on Learning Crew. Next time someone will get beat and 30 days on Learning Crew.

Dad says no matter what law says here or anywhere – no one should be judged by sexual orientation.

Eric Baker, Vincent Lopez, Ronni James, O’dell [Odell] Rhodes, Jair Baker, Keith Wade, Wayne McCall, Tracy Stone, Ronni Dennis, Dov Lundquist, Carver Cordel, Stanley Clayton. (These stay on Learning Crew)

Jair Baker: Urinated in jar that Penny thought to be hot peppers and she inadvertently ate some and Jair was thought to have done it on purpose, but to prove his good faith he swallowed some to show her it was not intended. (No discipline issued in this situation)

Stanley Clayton: Refused to work in assigned area. Bad attitude to Jocelyn – chauvnist [chauvinist]. (Learning Crew).

Kevin Smith: Broke chain saw costs $400 wants 3 days on Learning Crew. Kevin changed it to 1 month after it was stressed how serious



[it] was. Children who stay with him says he keeps ax’s. Why did he keep ax’s and didn’t let someone know. Said ax’s were broke. Larry said he should be careful transporting equipment. (Kevin Smith on Learning Crew indefinitely)

James Johnson: Urinating sleeping quarters, leaves dirty clothes laying around and urinated in glass. (Learning Crew indefinitely)

Noya [Norya] Blair: Community Training Program problem.

Eileen Tucker: Shirley Baisy wrote up that Eileen complains and talks too much while working – works well, however. She was asked to straighten up.

Barbara Kemp – It was said that she’s falling apart. Dad told Michaeleen and Shirley to watch Eileen & Barbara’s work.

Dad asks who was dropping out of school – 10% very intelligent.

Anita March, Shawanna Harris, Poncho Johnson (says he wasn’t going to school, but like socialist classes), Darlene Ramey, Mark Wagner (Mark says he plans to go – had been on front gate. Mark Sly works with Ron Sines – likes to work with wood and likes socialist classes – Dad advised them to elect some courses.

Dad asked which ones should continue: Anita wants to be a vet – this is reasonable. Mark Wagner has a good aptitude. Shirley R. [Robinson] said he said he had no interest in her class. Mark S. dislikes biology – Tom G. [Grubbs] says Science Dept. has been changed – feels he’d like it this term. Dad said education will have to give profile. Tom said he has a lot of basic skills but will top out. Most wanted to quit school to work – some are on security.

Dad said all go back and try it for a week.

Walter Williams: Late for work – has 19 children in cottage. He says he was late only one day. Dad asked why he was late – says he failed to check in – wasn’t late just went straight out to bush.

– Man’s Right to Civilization by Jeff Carey. –

Danny Kutulas said first day Walter didn’t report – was painting and forgot. 2nd day he reported out to job site – 3rd was on time. 4th day he didn’t see him at all. Late 3 out of 4 days. Tiki says he doesn’t help with children. His work is very well. He was given a (Chance) however asked work with wood. For asking for change upon being confronted he was given 1 day on Learning Crew.

Agricultural/Livestock heads were asked to get together with Rob




Tratise [Traytease] Arterberry – Learning Crew
Mark Rhodes – Learning Crew
Hassan Smith – Learning Crew

Rule: Tractor workers start at 7 o’clock – if you don’t make it, will be on Learning Crew the next day.

Senior Citizens Drill Team approved – Requested by Marion Campbell. Will meet 7 PM tomorrow.

Celeste Ventos [Vento] – Learning Crew
Julie Runnels – Learning Crew
[Note adjacent to two names: “fighting”]

Dad is our protector – he’ll keep you through this night – Dad said he doesn’t always call out people but this is to be said by all for a reason. Dad asked those who hadn’t touched their neighbor right to do it again.

Steering Monday and Agricultural Wednesday.

By Vernetta C. [Christian]