Peoples Rally of January 14, 1978



Before rally – Dad read us the news.

Announcements: Johnny Jones

All supervisors must turn in the names of their crews to Maria McCann. This is to be turned in Saturday night before Peoples Rally.

Song: “Keeps on doing great things for me”

“Garden Crew” Don’t Forget – when the revolution comes

Song: No, we don’t mind dying, we will never say a word. Hell may be around red as fire, but socialism, it came for me and now it speaks, you see. This is a revolution and it will never know defeat.

Dad asked for questions:

Debbie asked about Lenin – how he died and about Stalin (means Dad said Stalin means man of Steel. Stalin inherited a revolution that was started in Russia. He fought his way to success from an impovished [impoverished] background. His mother tried to draw him to the priesthood. In 1917 he fought a revolution, he became leader of Russia in 1923. Barely 6 years after the revolution. Capitalist ambitions didn’t die easy. Marx and Engels proclaimed capitalism was a superior system. It was advance to all systems before it. It gave some form of representation but it would not be satisfactory because of the class system – no equality. Love or lust of money would lead to its destruction. A few would have all the wealth. Two classes – wager & the ones who owned it. First when the theory of Marx was tried in Russia they had capitalist ambitions. Stalin had to lead the people through conspiracy and the major power of Germany – the conspiracy was funded by leading industries of the USA. In World War II, Rockefeller was making money on both sides – he owned factories in Germany. Stalin had a progressive government until the late 1929. He established communal and agricultural production. Imperialist agents bought off some of his generals in his army and his staff. It almost brought destruction. He arrested them and had some killed. He began a great purge. Some were put in camps, institutions or slain. When Hitler invaded them they were only 16 years removed from feudalism. They resisted until they committed suicide rather than let them take them – they held out 3 years and never surrendered. They wouldn’t have been able to resist if Stalin had been a bad man. They made circle around their city like we do and had to eat their own dead.



The capitalist could not break through. Moscow fought off Germany as Stalin was being fired on. Stalin wore used clothes and left no inheritance. His daughter left and went to the US. America didn’t win it. It was won in Stalingrad, the city named after their leader. The seniors fought with pitch forks and they kept on marching. When the middle aged went forth – the enemy never saw such a fate [feat] of heroism – with astonishment the enemy general got under his tank. They turned back the Nazi army.

Diane Lundquist asked about Leon Troski [Trotsky]:

Dad said Troski never believed in building anything. He caused bush fires everywhere. He wanted to venture out into Russia, China and Cuba with infiltration. He probably would have made a good leader, believed you should export into other nations first. Should get those established presently in international revolution. Believed in no national boundaries. It doesn’t work. He thought it should take place immediately – wanted to start fires all over. He wanted funds from Russia. (Not sure Russia had him killed) – probably because he was no longer reactionary. (Marx has been right in predictions about capitalists – it will fail). But thought it would take place in an industrial country, but instead in an agricultural setting. We believe Marx theory was the best theory of economics to go by. We don’t say Lenin was perfect and neither was Stalin. (Sebalina—Stalin’s daughter). Stalin died of a cerebral accident – he had maintained life for some days then died. It was said that people worshipped him too much. Sebalina was a strong supporter of her dad. He was not forced to retire – they removed him. Stalin had to be tough.

Dad said he’s tired of gossip – Dad said he has two children one person had to be trained to fuck. Kimo [Prokes] is Dad’s son. He knows how to teach people. It’s a burden to have sex with people you love. If you really need pleasure you could get out and find it in the night. Dad said he only has two sons. One is little and one very tall. Dad believes in general love – doesn’t love one more than the other. Dad mentioned how Grace [Stoen] had wanted him to marry her. Dad said we ought not to be moved by physical appearance. We should like people out of character.




Dad said people take special rights and will come into services – should not be in back. Some continue to take special privileges and insist on working with those you like. Dad said he had to fuck all night once with someone he hated. This made him holier than Jesus. The end justifies the means. Dad said people have no right to think they’re close to him because they have a special knowledge. Said no one is indispensable. Some will never change unless he slaps them down. Dad said he was sick of playing. His sugar is 45 – should be 90. He mentioned how they went through one winter with no food, his Dad threw him off a bridge, and ice used to form on his cover. Psychologically that would make him very mean, but he is very caring. To be unified it takes discipline. We would have an almost spartan society producing.

Some people refuse to be kind to people. Many leaders are that way. We have some that are kind, but very few. Dad said some people are not heard. Dad said he’s given his children more than if he had been a capitalist parent. We are supposed to be –o– [unintelligible?]. We should think about black children starving to death in Africa. We are all guilty as it was our dollars that paid them.

Someone took Dad’s pants from the crates. Inspection Committee should look into this. Some didn’t show up for the water brigade. Laziness doesn’t go in socialism. Some would starve to death. Some have accidents all the time to keep out of work.

Joyce Lund [Rozynko] asked about the term Marxist/Leninist – Marxist is the theory and Lenin – put it in to practice – adopted it to condition/established it.




Asked how to be a –o–. Dad said to imagine thinking less of yourself as some have had more pain than others. Dad told her to think of people that were being beat to death in Africa by our tax dollars.

Jack Barron ask about Troski again: Dad said he was too idealistic. He didn’t think – his concept was to start a national revolution – it wouldn’t work no more than if we tried to take over Port Kaituma. We should produce so we can bring people in. If we produce enough we can override the problem. Dad said as long as we produce they will be hesitant to come in, as long as we stay strong. The govt. kicked [Tim] Stoen out – US threatens to kick out Guyanese in the US – we have been paying a price all the days of our lives. Did we think we would have a beautiful land and wouldn’t have to fight for it. Dad mentioned the Mitchell’s saying that they have found something to die for. Dad said some complained about there wasn’t enough meat. Some have been ill and too out of jails. People are not grateful enough. Some should quick [quit] taking all of these breaks.

Warnings: Supervisors – should be able to take criticisms. Some are bothered by consultation. One supervisor/coordinator gets pist [pissed]. Slow to admit they have been forgetting things. We won’t tolerate it. She works well and fast, but this must be changed.

Praises from Marie Lawrence: Barbara Walker, Tarik Baker and Nicki L. [Lawrence]. Dad said he is suspicious of crew writing all praises.

Laura Johnson [Johnston] crew: Guy Mitchell – good attitude – Betty Fitch – good worker. Jerome Anderson – cooperates, cut hand and kept working. (Extra cookies) Other praises: Jocelyn Carter, Diane Lundquist are doing good. Mary Wotherspoon – good. Teresa King, Joan Johnson, Diane McKnight and Diana Marshall.

Rhonda Page: Defensive – (Last warning)

Netra [Tinetra] Fain – talks too much.




Elli Beam – Always getting assignments that will take her off the job (warning)

Earnestine March – good worker – talks too much – pouts when things don’t go her way. (From Becky Flowers)

Elli Beam – Told Shirley all the chicks were broken up including she and Jocelyn, Stan & Tanya. Elli aaid that was her understanding why Jan broke up all the crews. (Learning Crew)

Julie Cordell – Learning Crew

Willie Malone – Learning Crew

Karen Carr – off

Jim Bogue wants to change name to Murrall – Approved.

Linda Sadler – hard to get a hold of – didn’t return to children – feels she should be warned (Learning Crew)

Jocelyn’s crew: Stanley Clayton – Dad told him he should be thankful – they had a contract out on him. Dad asked him who was after him. He said he didn’t know. (His work is good – talks too much) Leslie [Wagner] supports him. Leslie feels Jocelyn sometimes doesn’t work that hard.

Leslie Wagner said she feels she should be on learning (Learning Crew). Shirley Hicks feels Stanley has straightened up lately. Dad asks Stan if he knew how Cris [Chris Lewis] died – he was killed with different weapons. He walked a block 1/2 with holes in him tried to tell who did it. Police killed him. They immediately took the car away. His body was riddled with holes. Stan was given a chance.

Vicki Marshall – needs to improve.

Darlene Newman – works well.

Someone feels John has been late for school. Bea Orsot wrote it. Bea says Becky told her. Dad said it’s not wise to cause alienation in a child with all that is going on. Bea & Becky given (warning). Dad says he felt it was hostilities directed towards him.

Lue Ester [Lewis] said Bea didn’t write herself up when she let the dog eat out of her plate. Tom Grubbs says he was also responsible – he should have known what the child was going through. Other children have been late too.

Need more Learning Crew supervisors – Ava Ingram asked to be teaching crew supervisor.

Parents and relatives are not to ask when their child is to get off.



Ronnie Dennis – off, Wayne McCall – 3 more days, threw fit. Vincent Lopez off, James Ford – off, Tyrone Cartmell – off, (works better when not with Mark Rhodes), Trinidet Baisy – off, Jair Baker – off (w/ Penny [Kerns] at night and back to Jocelyn’s crew). Rose McKnight – off, Odell R. [Rhodes] – not working hard enough.

Mealnie [Melanie] Briedenbach – Lazy – doesn’t take confrontation in bakery. (warning)

* People need to drink more water. People are getting lot of infections from not drinking enough water. Should drink 16 glasses a day.

Mealnie Briedenbach: Dad asked her if she had any letters from Grace Stoen – some said she did and reads them all the time. She said she doesn’t have any – says she would kill her if she had a chance. Says she and Ellen doesn’t get along well (chance). Dad told her she should have that guilt. She used money that Grace had stolen. If we had known – we could have made some difference.

Warning: No learning crew members.

Pancho [Poncho Johnson] talked to learning crew and laughed – his companion says he does tease people. (warning)

SAT clothes are needed – some are wearing them for work clothes.

Radio: Order more fatigues. Bob Davis and Tommy Walker has some.

Marthea Hicks: Says people shouldn’t be discussing physical problems with others outside of the doctor or nurses. Says it’s very out of order. They should be turned into gratitudes.

ODELL RHODES: Request a job change – injury giving him a problem. Dad said be grateful. Wanting to get out of something so bad to get a disease you don’t want.

People are to write special letters – letters protesting Stoens being able to come here.

By: Vernetta Christian