Peoples Rally of January 19, 1978

To: Dad

From: Tish

P.C. Minutes

19 Jan 1978


Films: Johnny [Moss Brown Jones] asked about the films; said it was noted; did not make any commitment. Linda and doctor to be sure “there” next time.

Self Respect Comm. PNC – Lee [Ingram] and John J. on advisory board; have prog. started for making money. Sold thru Guyana Marketing Corp. Isaac (from trees felled) got 3100# sacks coal Ministry of Economics, Foreign & Cooperatives helped him export.

Kiln: Starting with same type of wood we have – trees will be planted meeting of 25-26 Feb. $700 must be raised for our area. Will start selling “Nation” newspaper. Do not know whom coal sold to getting it to Cuba.

Billy Watkins : JJ mentioned Billy Watkins; child has feet too big for body; shoes not fitting him – JJ noticed he was not walking right, were way too big. So many children in their house – lives with Sebastian [McMurry] and Dorothy. Debbie Blakey to talk to Penny on this. Debbie assigned to see what is going on in the home that this was not noticed.

Warehouse: Not checking that the shoes fit. Hereafter the teachers are to check the children’s feet. Will take care of this in the school in the morning.

Mingo : Got word to us. Obviously it was good we let all of them know what we would do. The Ambassador went to Stoen and got him to admit lying. TOS denied it happened – when it had! Wills said, “You people have a well organized intelligence…”

Wants the papers canceled; we get it from 2 different sources that TOS lied. US consul warned him not to do anything else to us.

Lee: Mentioned taking bakery things up with him (to Ridge?) J agreed it should be done.

Sylvia Grubbs: Liz asked Sylvia if she was on PC. Sylvia said, “No, you have to be trusted to be on PC.” JJ said, “she didn’t want to be trusted…” Agreed she works hard. Dad said let it go. Tim did not want to be with her. He was tending back towards Wanda.

Machinery: Cleve’s lathe rusting, Cleve told Tish. J said issued be out of the field and in what he could work on it – asked Mike and Charlie to get it in.

Valium: Larry gave Don Fields Valium for nerves. Later some Valium 10 replaced by another drug; we believe Don responsible, said medical people. He asked Larry for 20 and Larry only gave him 10. Could also be Sylvia, it was agreed. Day of alert, Don Fields missed about 10 people’s antibiotics. JJ felt Shirley’s write-up was very stoic. It was mentioned that when a ball came towards Don, he pulled his little son Mark in front of him. J said to bring him up.

Darvon etc.: These tranquilizers, as well as other drugs to be counted and locked up. All agreed. Phyllis will see to it. Lois mentioned that in case of Juanita Green, Larry had ordered 50 u a day; Juanita said Don told her Larry didn’t want her on it.

Shirley told Karen Layton Don had told her not to turn in her drugs. Shirley is talking a lot about she is being put upon… today said nobody would share resp. with her.

He gave vaginal cream up ass for worms; Gave Nancy Sines double dose of worm medicine; is very careless;

Phillips said in fairness, when he works, everyone is yelling at him and it is very hard to concentrate. Hard to handle medications under these conditions.

JJ – Don’t leave him alone when medical team visits. Phyllis Chaikin said okay.

Dad instructed not to pressure Larry so do not ask him how many he sees. Is doing a lot for JJ. Lois felt Larry should get reports on the patients that others see – felt he does not have time. He sees all information that is critical now.

Larry feels that others could sew up “simple” things. Feels pressured, because J is pressing on him to do things vital to our security. J said other med people need to be under more responsibility. Phyllis said Larry won’t delegate to the practitioners.

Joyce Lund: Judy Ijames said Joyce Lund acting crazy; out of hormones; goes berserk; slams things around, undermines Larry all the time – takes all her time off.

J – She talks rational in pavilion in time of war, so is obviously a manipulation.

Joyce said to Darrell Devers when angry, “I hope your head gets cut off.” Darrell told Joyce Parks. She wanted to go way out in cottages.

Disposition of this not clear. Floor or not?