Supply List, Undated

New List for Donations

Whitfield’s ointment
Analgesic balm – big 1 lb. jars
Safety pins – all sizes, esp. the big ones
Alarm clocks – 15 asked for by JJ personally
Batteries – C (esp. these)
Similar powder (cases)
Any bed pans people may have at home, any plastic stuff people bring home from hospitals
Baking soda – lg. size
Fine tooth combs – 36
Alcohol – 200 bottles
Gauze 2 x 2 – 30 pkgs.
Platex [Playtex] elbow length gloves – 2 pr. (3 if possible)
Ziploc bogs [bags] – small (7 boxes)
Ziploc bags – other sizes (as many as possible)
Plastic bags – all sizes
Binder paper – need 1 or 2 trunks filled
Manilla [Manila] folders – 1000
Jiffy toothache medicine (get in drug stores) 25 bottles
Glass or plastic ointment jar – 1 or 2 oz. size (as many as possible)
Plastic file folders – 2000 (to buy if necessary)
Knee length elastic support hose (2 pr. med) for Eva [Pugh]
Manual or electric juice extractors – need 1 or 2
10 pr. man’s suspenders – for seniors
Plastic urinals (like from hospitals)
Metal or plastic graduated pitchers
Plastic wash basins (like from the hospitals)
Masking tape
Bandaids – all types
Pens, pencils, pencil sharpeners, binder paper, lined paper
3 x 5 index cards
Robitussin – liquid
Paper tape (like adhesive tape, but paper)
Empty bottles (only large) pints, quarts, etc.
Hexol – need any and all germicides
Pyrinate A-200 (for ticks and lice)
Douche and enema bags with the nozzles – 10
Zinc oxide ointment
Xylocaine ointment
a&D ointment
Masse cream (breast cream)
Similac powder, Isomil powder/liquid, Soylac powder – donated
will take anything, if bought – powdered only, bulk amts.