Broadcast out this major strategy in case of a final White Night

Sometimes it is impossible to know who is the enemy anymore. We have seen those who profess socialism, who are not genuine. We have seen so much hypocrisy out of some who call themselves socialists. Thus, we are taking retribution on those we have absolute knowledge are hypocrites and the basest of human beings. Many of them were terrorists who tried to suck us into violence, instead of building the nonviolent socialist society we have built. We are doing this to avoid others being hurt by their sickness; therefore they must go down. One can only know people who are complete degenerates from personal experiences. That is why we do not go for heads of state. We do not seek to cause international tensions. We have absolute documentation on these people and they are on the side of everything indecent. They tried to starve us out and otherwise destroy us by hiring mercenaries to hurt or kill harmless, gentle seniors and beautiful children.

We try to appeal to many to either return or live someplace in peace – free from the nightmare of this harassment. We have all decided in a sense as the old proverb said – “born out of due season.” We don’t expect anyone to understand and we don’t expect history to treat us fairly, but we have probed our conscience for hours and hours in many sessions. We could have been beneficial; at least, we had something to offer.

Many who wrote in our guestbook saw sincerely a peaceful socialist living cooperative, as equal as anything could ever be on earth.

At this stage we can’t be concerned about what history has to say. We have to do what is best. Like an ancient tribe just below us, we had to do what we concluded best for us. We debated in town forum in open and free discussion until the few original dissenters concluded of their own volition that this was the course to follow [handwritten addition] as even they couldn’t think of any alternatives.

We would have saved our children, if there had been any way possible, but our children became accustomed to an advanced social system of cooperative sharing. Plus, how can they live when they would be told their parents and grandparents died. But we are sure the true story could never be told – there was just no place for us. We could not hold out because too many things were being done against us. If you do research you will find that the age of conspiracy is not dead, and neither is there an end to those who find people who play unwittingly into the hands of conspirators by cynicism, apathy, or despair. They’re too willing to believe everything that is told to them. If you believe in too much goodness, that puts a burden on you. There are some who don’t want to see goodness because if they saw it they would feel too much compunction to emulate it in their own lives which they are unwilling to do.

[handwritten note] Maybe a paragraph on fascism & what we’ve been through in US & how the conspiracy followed us here.

Ideas for a last stand:

  1. To conservatives – gun control, don’t take weapons out of control of the little people, when big governments have such devastating weapons they can use against whoever they choose. The ordinary person would be left helpless if he did not retain his right to a weapon.
  2.  Two Christians – the world is corrupt, we have old, and children. We choose not to live. Use of scriptures. The world is so corrupted, etc.