Letters to Dad (Part 2)

I know what I stand for. And I stand for freedom. That is my belief. And I would not give that up!!!

We did not come here to Guyana and [unintelligible]  for the USA to send the CIA over here to fuck  with our people while we are over building a freedom land. We have spent two years of building this land and I will fight for it [till] the last drop of my breath has left my body.

And my people are free to live.

Rory Bargeman


* * * * *

February 21, 1978


I feel I don’t work as hard as I should and I feel I am lazy compared to others here that I’ve seen work. I feel as a supervisor I ain’t shit. I see alot [a lot] of shit  go on and I fail to write it or report it because I want to look good and I want people to like me. I value friendship too highly that’s why I never make any complaints on the people I associate with. I feel that I am to family oriented.

Thank you Dad,

Shirley Baisy


* * * * *

Dear Dad

I Shirley Baisy  is basing a lot of my guilt on being an unfit mother to my children. I feel that they were not brought up in the right environment. Nor did they have the right home training. I spent money selfishly on close, shoes, food, drinks, dope,  a night out on the town, money on so-called friends and relatives. One of my most treasonous guilts is the time my sister and I were living communal and went to LA. During that time we were there we got our welfare checks. Both totaled $750. We did not turn it into the commune, we spent money on the following things stated early in the letter. Also records and jewelry were bought that I know I didn’t need in the first place. I used to run around with men outside the cause to bars and nightclubs, plus I haven’t been following your rules as close as I should have and I thought many times about leaving, but now I’m glad that I am here in Jonestown.

I am going into Georgetown to help show the many talents of our people and to show the people of Guyana that we like freedom as much as they do.

Thank you Dad

Shirley Baisy.


* * * * *

September 5, ‘77


We left the US because we wanted to be free. We came here to be safe from all earthquakes, and to [be] free from concentration camps. I came here to be free from Senate Bill 1427 [1437]. Here I am safe from genocide. I came here because they would kill all black people and would have put in slavery.

Nancy Clay

Nancy Clay by Don Bower for N.C.

PS Also the drought that had come up on us no water.


* * * * *


To: Dad

From: Geraldine Bailey

Today, I overheard Vincent [Lopez] talking to Erma Winfrey.  His question to her was, “did you get any of the bacon they sent you?” Erma answered (in a very frustrated tone), “why no, they have not given me one slice of bacon.”

I felt this to be extremely cruel and inhumane. I do not understand what kind of game that Vincent is playing because Selika  said he also made ugly remarks to other seniors, such as:

1. To Oreen Poplin:  “How tall are you?” Upon answering that she didn’t know, Vincent continued, “the woodshop wants to know so they can know how long to make your casket.”

2. To Mary Ellen Cook (a cripple): “the only thing you need now is a broom because you certainly look like a witch.”

I’m sorry to bother you with this, Dad, but this in my estimation is anarchy in the worst form.

Geraldine Bailey


* * * * *

I believe if we have socialism today we wouldn’t have to go through what we are going through now. I believe strongly that what socialism do come it will change every person that who believe in a new change in life. Not for the rich man who want to control this world we live in. I believe socialism will one day will revolutionize the world and I for one who believe in socialism very  one hundred percent.

Lucious Bryant


* * * * *


Peace Father

Thank you father for saving us [illegible]  from concentration camps from starving shortage of water food earthquakes. Also from Senate bill 14 [1437]  where they will arrest boys at age 14 [illegible].  That would drop this bomb. Kill all black or white India not heard anything else around Bill 1427 [1437].

Another if you don’t answer questions like the police though you should they would arrest you.

Thank you for bringing us to such a beautiful place. Thank you father.

Mary Bailey


* * * * *


I did not turn in my news article. There is so much noise around here but I cannot concentrate. The morning starts out with the doubletalk on the radio (that seems to be taking a break now) there is always music or talking over the speakers all day long and by the end of the day my ears feel like an atomic bomb has been exploded in them. If the music is played between 8:15 AM – 11:30 AM the children does not concentrate on their lesson, they pop their fingers. Naomi Johnson does not want to teach on Monday, says she cannot be ready by Monday. So far I’ve only let her teach spelling and math. The first week she was with me she slept in class. I gave her all kind of advice on looking over the children’s lesson before coming to class. For two weeks she taught the children how to do math, division, wrong. I thought she was just nervous and would improve. She still grades the children’s paper wrong. She won’t ask questions when she doesn’t know. I think she has a very good organized mind but I don’t think she is alert enough to teach our age level. She is not doing any better now than when she first started. It’s causing me a lot of frustration and the children. She does not know enough and will not study.

Oh yes some teachers by the record player in the morning. I could get something out of the news but after a while, having to listen all day it just becomes noise. I think that I must still have slow motor reflexes because when I’m sitting and concentrating I miss a lot of the things that you say.

One other thing is I know that I can rebel against a thing for ever, even a person. And until I heard Lee talk, and sell your concern for Peter, I hated you because I did not see any goodness in your character. I could see you being courageous and bold, but goodness I had not seen. It’s awful that life hasn’t been this way. After seeing this I don’t mind becoming more like you because I believe more of the things you say. (I know now that I based my commitment on you and not Pr.)

I thought that I would live a long time because I don’t care whether I die or not, plus I thought if I died I wouldn’t have to suffer or have pains anymore. Dying would just be too good for me.

I hope the children will grow up to be whole human beings and not manipulators of  each other. I have a long ways to go building up my mind to become a communist. I do appreciate you. And other honest people like Lee, who does not let their pride keep them from being principled. I like people like that.

I’ll listen more to the news.

Thank you Dad. Dorothy Brewer


* * * * *

Dear Jim

I am guilty of molesting my own child. I know what I’m doing but I still go ahead and do it.

I not only molest my child but also any other children I come in contact with.

Please pray for me.

Rebecca Beikman


* * * * *

Dear Jim,

I would like to tell you about a thing I did in Pennsville  back in 1938.

I killed the boy and buried him behind Campbell’s barn.

I feel I have to tell you at this time to help clear my conscience.

Jack Barron


* * * * *


I really screwed up today. I lost my temper with Lula Ruben, a senior, was swearing. Not at her in the sense of name calling, but nevertheless talking loudly and unkindly to her. Such conduct on the part of a white supervisor is not excusable. Several others heard it, and I am sure it went all through. [illegible] Went away saying this was just like the USA… I apologize to her at the time. I am bringing myself up for [illegible] because it will have to be made public to clear the air… whether or not anyone [illegible] brings it to your attention.

By way of explanation, but not excuse, a flu bug has got to my stomach so I haven’t been eating much for the last day and a half, my blood sugar was off, and I just lost my self control.

I feel very guilty about the whole episode at war like to work Sunday afternoons for four weeks.

Gene [Chaikin]


* * * * *

I Jeff Carey  like very much to fuck  little boys in the ass.  Sometimes I kill them afterwards and suck them some more. Their hairless little dicks  really fascinate me.

Jeff Carey


* * * * *

I Jeffrey J. Carey on (blank date)  give my resignation as a member of People’s Temple. I know Jim Jones to be a man to the highest esteem and he  portrays great principle and character. But I wish to do my own thing and not dedicate my life to this humanitarian work.

Jeffrey J. Carey


* * * * *


I believe in Revolutionary suicide. I will take care of Kaywana  and Mark and Isaac if I’m needed to and if the need arises.

I know that it is not easy to do but under those circumstances that would be arising from would make it easier to do and fast due to getting the job done.

I figure if any of us were here at that time they wouldn’t come out until they thought it was over with.

I was thinking of cutting myself on my leg, so that the blood could throw them off, playing dead, when they enter to kill them.

My first idea to kill them was with a gun, but they are very scarce. So maybe some sort of bomb or a grenade (I hear Jair Baker  knows how to make them) could be used to blow them and me up.

This plan could be used for those of us who are mobile at the time, but the places would have to be places example: radio room, office, community building, etc.

The people doing this job would have  to time the explosives as close as possible.

As for Georgetown I agree at some point for survival some of us may have to go in and put ourselves afire.

I think it [would]  have more emphasis if there were three and they were integrated and ranged age wise.

I’m willing to go into this. I know after you have [illegible] on you and it is [illegible]. It would be over soon.

As far as Kaywana  stands, it is more important to keep you operating in myself for her sake. The love and [illegible] you give her I can never give like you can.

Thank you.

Jocelyn Carter


* * * * *


I failed you in my work. I do want to go to FL [Freedom Land] and I know I will have to work to get there. I’m willing to work right now. I will do my best to make sure I keep no one from going. I will live up to principle.  And do whatever needs to be done from me. And I will set a good example for others to follow.

Candace Cordell


* * * * *

To: Jim Jones

From: Marylou Clancey

Re: questions asked in security meeting 7/4/78


1. What would be the reaction if you were to suddenly be assassinated or die?

My gut immediate response is “revenge”. Revenge first most those immediately responsible for your assassination/ death. Then avenge all those who attempted to crush Peoples Temple, i.e.  Grace Stoen, Tim Stoen, the Mertles, Linda Swaney, Jim Cobb,  etc…. This would have to be done under the direct instructions of a leadership group or person for effectiveness of plot. These “avenging acts” it seems could lead inevitably to a tour confrontation involving our whole family. However, I can visualize the possibility of a vanguard group performing these avenging acts “underground” and still secure Jonestown. The continuation of Jonestown would be the hard part. Because it has been your total commitment and strategies that have kept our organization going in a positive strain. Every day I become more thoroughly convinced and disgusted of the total shallowness and self-centeredness of the human race (myself included). This realization increases my respect for your untiring efforts to help a degenerate human  race. I know myself that I could do  my best to maintain under a new leadership and continue to aid the work by following the principles and guidelines you have so carefully and thoroughly set. If this would be the collective decision, I would help. This may mean “putting under the gun” many so-called followers who could not maintain in your absence. So be it. This causes the vanguard and most solid functioning union of communism in existence. It has come too far to go down too soon. If it does it must be with a shot of rage  her world round. Shit–  There is nothing worth living for. The grip of imperialism and fascism (CIA – Odessa) is so enmeshed in the world. There is only the battle to further the progress in the development of the Communist Third World. Jonestown – by mere existence has aided the battle. Today – tomorrow – 20 years from now – you – we, have not failed.

My fears: dying? No. My first confrontation with death was the P.C.  experience in SF a year or so ago.  I was totally convinced yet I was not sad or regretful – grateful yes. Second time was the first major crisis here on the front line. The tears of you and your son Jimmy convinced me the end was near, as it was. I was afraid, he yet anxious for the fight. I get nervous sometimes when I am in a situation with John and Kimo  such is the other night at the house when all the lights went and we were there alone. After  comforting them, I grabbed for a gun. It was reaction mixed with fear for their safety.

Torture: after reading “The Question” I am more confident with my capability to withstand torture. He gave me good insight and stimulated some inside of my own. I can’t say I wouldn’t be apprehensive of pain – but afraid of dying – no.


* * * * *


Dear Dad,

I was so happy to know that I could die at ease, although Dad, I was at death’s door on the time in Barstow, which I lost lots of blood. I was going to Omaha, Nebraska on vacation also Denver Colorado, the police took one look at me and said this is the end for me but I know you were with me. I was satisfied to know that I could die with all of my comrades without a struggle. Dad,  I do love you very much.

Thank you Dad.

Marion Campbell


* * * * *

Dear Dad,

I used someone else’s sheet and did not return it for a while, but now it has been returned.

The House supervisor let me use it as she  saw no name on it, but I did and did not tell her. (It was returned in our laundry by mistake) I should’ve returned it sooner.

Joicy E. Clark


* * * * *

25-1-78 (January 25, 1978)

To: Dad

From: Loretta Coomer

Being with you for as many years as I have been with you, I should have a lot more conscientiousness and guilt that I do have. Many times I have thought about the black people in our congregation who have been through so much, suffered so much injustice as a result of being black, and yet somehow managed to avoid the issue. Oh! Yes! I have felt guilty for being the same color of skin as their oppressors and have cried about it because I’m sure I have reminded some beautiful black person of someone they hated. I have lived without ever since I’ve known you. So much so that he used to irritate me (and still does) when I see some of our lighter skinned people continuously sitting together or more than 2 or 3 sitting together with a room full of black people. You have made me that observant.

I often feel bad because I have to scold or be forceful with black seniors a lot in the food serving line, but also realize they too have been conditioned and sometimes respond only to “white” authority – and that makes me very angry. The black sisters serving can tell some people something and that person gets mad. Then I’ll say the same thing and they are very nice and accept it and go on their way. This happens 2 or 3 times a day and it causes some hostility from the other servers.


* * * * *

25-1-78 (January 25, 1978)

To: Dad

From: Loretta Coomer

Regarding your request for those who have stolen since they’ve been here in this beautiful Jonestown, I am writing my apologies for taking advantage of the people and  falling into the category of the elitist.

I have not taken anything from any one person in particular, but I have taken what I needed while being trusted to work in the people’s warehouse.

I sneaked out a blouse sleeves, one pair of panties, ½ cup Clorox, and a bra. I will not ever do it again because I realize now why we have the problem of so much stealing here and will carry out my part to have it all stopped someday. If I need anything in the future, I will go through the normal procedures which are set up for the benefit of everyone.

Thank you, Dad, for stirring up our conscientiousness.

Loretta Coomer