Rep. Tom Lantos Tribute to Leo Ryan

On November 17, 2003 – the eve of the twenty-fifth anniversary of the deaths in Guyana – Rep. Tom Lantos (D-California) offered a tribute to Leo Ryan, whose congressional seat Mr. Lantos held for most of the intervening quarter century. The tribute highlights many of the actions in Mr. Ryan’s life, but focuses on his role in investigating Jonestown, an investigation which resulted in his death.

Mr. Lantos died in February 2008. The seat is now held by Rep. Jackie Speier, the aide to Mr. Ryan who herself was severely wounded at the Port Kaituma airstrip on November 18, 1978.

Twenty-Fifth Anniversary of Jonestown and the Death of Congressman Leo Ryan, Congressional Record, 2003, vol. 149, p. 11190-1

Originally posted on February 17th, 2013.

Last modified on March 27th, 2013.
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