Statement in re Custody of John Victor Stoen


To Whom It May Concern:

I, Timothy O. Stoen, declare and certify as follows:

I am the legal father of John Victor Stoen, a minor of the age of 5 years, born 25 January 1972. The legal mother of said minor is Grace Stoen. The purpose of this statement is 1) to show why Grace Stoen is unfit to be awarded the custody of said minor should be file a custody or divorce action in a Guyana court, and 2) to show to the government of Guyana that she is a dangerous reactionary who has [illegible phrase] for any socialist country.

In July 1976, Grace abandoned said minor and ran off with another man of blond hair and light skin. She indicated to me and others before she left that she wanted said minor to live in Jonestown, Northwest District, Guyana, South America under the pastoral care of Rev. James W. Jones.

The man Grace Stoen ran off with is a reactionary racist who by word and deed is totally opposed to socialism. Grace Stoen has herself become a reactionary racist who by word and deed is totally opposed to socialism. After leaving, she indicated [illegible words] she was a capitalist who didn’t want to share and would work with the U.S. Central intelligence Agency “to make things rough” for [uncompleted sentence]

In September 1976, Grace Stoen reaffirmed to me and others the desire that said minor live in Guyana under the care of Pastor Jones. Said minor came to live in Guyana in September 1976, where he has remained ever since. Grace Stoen was given a round trip air ticket to visit her said minor in Guyana.